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Staying Cheap. (Dollarbie & Cheapies).

I must say I used to visit the Loordes of London shop almost as often as I used to visit S@bbia but it has been a long time so I was very happy that she, Coleen Macarthur, still has the hunt prizes on the wall for you to simply buy for just a couple of Lindens.

This Jacket is the”Naughty or Nice” price and costs only 1Ld.prize.

This longer coat is the “Banquet Hall” prize and it costs 2Lds.

Love the colours of both items and even though black and white checks are one of my least fav patterns I think the contrast works really well.

To find these are the other hunt prizes just check out the wall at the bottom of the staircase. As for sizing, the hunt prizes even though they look modern in their style and texturing do only come in old mesh fits. In the top picture my bum is poking through a bit. I could have worn the next size up but I simply didn’t care. Its just a small thing in the end.

PS. Don’t worry if you do buy these and think you’ve scored just some hunt hints or a pretty candle decor set. The candles are the delivery box and the hunt hints are exactly that.

Loordes of London.

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Its Weekend Sales Time!


I’m all behind schedule ! Haven’t even started my traditional Saturday SL shopping yet as I’ve been wrapping Christmas gifts & writing cards. Anyway I’ll probably see you in the stores, heres the list that Im doing today

Happy Shopping ❤

The Saturday Sale

Wanderlust Weekend


30L Saturday

Role Play Fashion Addicts – NEW SALE items $50L – $75L

Energy Weekend Price

Miix Weekend

7 Days Sale

Manly Weekend

Happy Weekend Sale

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Christmas, Sexy or Kawaii. (Freebie(s)).

This dress has that perfect level of sheerness that hints at what’s underneath without showing too much.

Some real nice detailing and a colour hud makes this for a very sexy outfit.

It comes from the MeHoney (sic) shop. As for the title, there are three gifts which are “Christmas, Sexy or Kawaii” in style. I have shown you the Kawaii one previously so I will leave that and the other new Christmas one as nice surprises.


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Time for coffee & mooching. (Bargains & Freebies).

StephaneL isn’t a free group but for only 15Lds there are a lot of shoes and boots for group members. These ankle boots are just the newest gift and so I’m just going to show you these and let you check out the rest.

BTW don’t worry if tartan isn’t your fave pattern as these do also come with a hud.

There are some freebies and cheapie gifts for other groups as well and I do remember showing you at least 2 of them previously.

When you TP to the shop the door to your right is for the StephaneL gifts and the door straight ahead of you is for the freebies/cheapies.


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Just like eBay, buy or bid.(From Her to Me, Event).

This isn’t a freebie post as it’s all about spending Lindens.

Basically, I was at a shop checking out their Black Fridays Sale and spotted a sign, one-click later I ended up at a fundraising event.

This is to raise money for Dash Lionheart who has or is transitioning and I won’t say any more as it’s his story to tell so I’ve put the link in at the end and I too will watch it later when I have more time to pay the attention it deserves.

What I will tell you is that many of the big SL shops are here and have been so generous not just with the Auction items but also there are a lot of stalls where 100% of the sale is added to the fundraiser.

It’s going to be easy for me to find something to buy as there is a great mix of clothing, male & female, decor and since I stopped halfway through to do this post I did spot in the distance a Belle Epoque stall as well as some backdrops and poses so getting “spendy” will be no problem for me and in fact later I may tack on to the end of this post what I did buy.

If you don’t want to buy anything and only have a few Lindens to spare then you can just use one of the donating points. It may just be a few Lindens to you but the fact you cared enough is a great morale boost. Even if you can’t donate then follow the link to hear his story in his own words because in the end life is too damned short to be unhappy.

PS. This event goes on for quite a while (and yeah that means I forgot the date lol) so be prepared for a “reblog” nearer to the end date.

As promised an UPDATE which actually also includes a Dollarbie.

This is one of the backdrops from the Synnergy stall. Only 138Lds and as you can see this is a Big A**’d build. 170 prims in total. Thinking outside of the box, if you rent or want to rent a winter home for Christmas you can do no wrong in rezzing this cube in the sky and even though it’s 170 prims you don’t need that many to rezz a campfire, tent, low prim house etc. OH I’ve just remembered this build also comes with a snow hud and fireworks but I didn’t check those out.

The second purchase is this vase of Calla Lilies or known by their other name of Peace Lily.

This cost me 99Lds. You get this vase version, 2 prim, and a lovely choice of colours for the pot. You also get the same flowers minus the pot. I must say in RL I own one of these lovely shade-loving plants which is why I had to get this.

Last is not a purchase as there are 4 Dollarbies, 2 cute stuffed animals and 2 items of clothing.

YASSS lol. The funny thing is as I was writing this post I was waiting on an eBay bid to finish and literally as I clicked to update I WON my eBay bid lol.

“From her to me event”.

Dash Lionheart. (His story, Flickr Video).

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Feeling “Flirt”ty & Hangry. (Cheap & Mention of Freebie).

I came across a fab negligee that I’d kept in my inventory as a reminder to visit the “Flirt” shop which I did and it paid off pretty well. Although the Flirt is a paid-for group (100Lds) in front of the wall of group gifts is 2 plain boxes and one of them contains the negligee and the other a nice dress.

This is not the dress, negligee or free as it will cost but only 5Lds.

Before I left Flirt I did a quick check of their marketplace shop and found this outfit is called “Zoi”. Lots of fits and some basic and quality shades in a hud.

I’ve taken the inworld link from the Flirt marketplace link as I am HANGRY! Once I’ve fed my RL face I will log in to make sure that it’s a valid inworld LM as sometimes they change but the seller forgets to update the LM.


It turned out that the marketplace Lm given for the inworld shop was wrong and it was a bit of an eye-opener where you TP to so if you don’t want to be surprised then use my updated LM.

I also spotted that outside of the Flirt shop it has been landscaped/designed to look like a lovely winter garden and street so a perfect background for anyone wanting a winter picture and for me to show you a bit more of a close up of this outfit.

Flirt. (Marketplace).

Flirt. (Inworld?).

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Nothing to see here. (Mention of gifts, hunt, lucky board,cheapies & Lesson 101).

Today I’m going to do the “The Fallen Leaves & Frost Hunt”, Faith did a post on it not too long again, and now I’ve seen some of the prizes I need those prizes which is how I ended up at the Kathleen’s shop as there are 3 prizes to be found. Each costs but only 5Ld’s.

I’ve been a Kaithleen shop group member for a long, long time as for only 99Lds you have some stunning gifts and now I’m using my legacy body as my go-to body I’m finding that I can wear more of them. Also on the back of the wall behind the reception desk is a whole load of lucky boards and the gold bodysuit I’m wearing in the picture is one of the prizes.

As I mentioned there are also hunt prizes to be found, 3 in total. I will put the link to the hunt pictures, hints and LM’s at the end so you can check them out. In this case, the prizes are only 5Lds each.

Now for “Lesson 101”.

I typed in “card” & “gift card” into my invent and oops I didn’t realise how many unused gift cards I had that I’ve picked up along the way from events and special offers. Some turned out to be out of date, some I manage to pass on to others and some were still valid but non-trans which meant I was forced to treat myself lol. .

So basically, check your invent, make sure you’ve not got a random gift/credit card you’ve forgotten and you never know you may be able to have a spend free shopping trip.


The Fallen Leaves and Frost Hunt.(Pictures, Lm’s & Hints).