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Why? (50Ld Offer & Mention of Freebies). UPDATE: Go…NOW!

I have TOO many homes of all styles, from penthouses in the sky to gipsy caravans and yet I had to buy this one from Trompe Loeil shop because at only 50Lds how could I not!

Only 95 prims so it was safe to slap it down on my field zoom back and take a snap and this is how it looks exactly as it comes.

Drat I’ve lost a couple of the pictures I took so here is a bit more detail, you get 2 fireplaces, a built-in cupboard, a backdoor and finally steps up to a very generous sized balcony bedroom area.

It’s a big house, even the balcony area is big enough for a bedroom, bath and lounging area.

Lots of windows and a click make them opaque from the inside and on the outside, it looks like shutters have been pulled shut.

I do believe you have to be in the free group to get it at this price, it’s right at the front door of the main shop, on the right pillar and on the left pillar is I do believe a FLF offer.

PS. There are freebies inside, they have been blogged before but I may just show you the lamps again. To find them and the other gifts go inside, and they’re on the left.

As I was mooching around SL a notice came through from the Trompe Loeil (free) “superfans” group that these are regular/weekly discounted items which is the first I’ve heard of it. So I’m staying in the group as I can’t wait to see what the next discounted items are. If you want this house (Knoxland Cottage) I think today is it’s last day so goooo now.

Trompe Loeil.

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Free & Cheap for Friday

FREE Short & top - Synnergy Backdrop $69L

New-to-me store Klubb has a few really decent free gifts for us – group is free to join. This is the “Melanie” tube and shorts set – you get a great Hud with plenty of colour choices in it too. As you walk into the store turn right and you’ll find the group gifts plus lucky boards – which seemed to contain a lot of totally cool sunnies. My backdrop is by Synnergy – my totally fav backdrop maker! This is the Paris Rooftop scene, dead cute and useful – this weekend only $69L.



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I’m sorry, it’s another cheeky MP offer. (5Ld Top).

I really wasn’t going to do another Marketplace offer today at least but I have a problem in that when I find something great I have zero patience and I want to show it to you straight away so instead of saving this for a post tomorrow here it is.

A simple strapped top and yet look at the oh-so cheeky lace insert which hides nothing. There is a black version and both are a non-cheeky 5Lds.

There are some other 5Lds offers and you may recognise the “Zoi, Overalls” as I have blogged them previously. I’m not 100% sure but I do believe the Flirt Group isn’t free…and since I’m not sure I’m going to give you the inworld link so you can check it out for yourself because I ain’t moving from where I took this photo. Faith has nicely landscaped her half on the field my half on the other hand is rezzed random junk and even worse basic building prims! So it’s time I got my act together and landscaped my half. A nice way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon.

Flirt. (Marketplace).

Flirt. (Inworld).

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Its Time – Weekend Sales! (And a Freebie)


So ok the free t-shirt above has nothing to do with the weekend sales – BUT – I really love it ! Comes with a Hud giving four designs – mesh body fits. I nabbed this at the OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL that’s just opened as a free gift – no group to join just wander around and you’ll find pressies as its the 10 year anniversary round – this is from the Zoom stand.

Onto the Sales !

The Saturday Sale

Happy Weekend Sale

Wanderlust Weekend


30L Saturday


Evoshop 60L Weekend

Manly Weekend

Hot Weekend Sale

7 Days Sale

60 Special Weekly

Kinky 69

Shoppe BLK (new!)

SOS Sale

Secret Sale – Web Hud Gallery

Miix Weekend

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Dollarbies on the MP’s. (Dollarbies).

I was bored and since I’m poor instead of logging into eBay I logged into the Marketplace instead and Voila…

The top and skirt are two separate dollarbies from the Casadel shop. You only get them in this blue shade and I ain’t mad at it! Just in case you’re not sure you can get the Demo to try out first.

Some interesting uses of belts and strips of leather in a lot of their designs.

PS. Thats not a deformed boobie, it’s the way the top has been designed lol.

Casadel. (Marketplace Only).

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Don’t Wait/I’ll Update.(Freebie(ssssss)).

I’ve taken this picture as you like me may actually miss ALL of the Freebies in the The Annex shop.

If you look closely you will see 4 piles of gift boxes and all of them are freebies for us. I know that the pile/picture of the gifts on the smaller platform to the right are ones I’ve shown before and I don’t think they’ve really changed but the other pile on that small platform are new freebies and then I checked out the sale/discounted items on the larger platform and then I just clicked on one of the black gift boxes and yup even more gifts!

I didn’t get the gifts I know I’ve blogged before and still walked away with a total of 20 gifts and from a brief look they all look like fatpacks! So my work is cut out for me this afternoon to sit on my platform and work my way through them all. I will add a picture of at least one of the items BUT since I don’t know how long all those gifts are out for us so go…now!

As promised an update picture.

There wasn’t any legacy fits in the gift packs but plenty of fit forgiving designs. A nice mix of tops, skirts, dresses and yes everything inc this top will be trashed but it was fun and there are some interesting designs so I really enjoyed trying them all on.

Now I have to go to work(RL)…MEH!

The Annex.

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NO! (Sale & Mention of Freebies).

This is me desperately trying not to be tempted to buy this fantastically shiny dress at a fantastically cheap price (99Lds).

Just look at that shine on the demo it’s blinding! The fact you get a fat pack of colours for only 99Lds is just too much and even worse is there are even more temptations as the LRD shop is having a summer sale going.

The sign says “everything 99Ld inc the fatpacks” but that’s not the case as some items are priced at 75Lds such as the “Moon” outfit (3 tops, 3 skirts & 2 shoes) but why not pay a few Lindens more to get the fatpack of colours. I’m also tempted by the Jolene jeans as….well just go and have a look for yourself you won’t regret it.

As for the “freebies” they have been well blogged by me before so I’m not doing them again, you will find those on the wall at the bottom of the staircase.

PS. Click the poster to get the demo’s.

LRD. (loud Rebel Design).