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80% Discount ! Hurry

80 discount sale Dress $80L

Dash to Salt & Pepper as their 80% discount sale ends on the 20th of March! Certain items are included, the ones with big blue sale sticker on them – not hard to see. I grabbed this gorgeous dress for just $80L, several colours to choose from. Three colours for the belt, three colours for the petals and five tones for the metal. Fits for: Maitreya, Hourglass, Freya & Legacy. My cute umbrella is from Tentacio in the FLF sale – love it ❤

80 Discount sale - Jeans $60L

Also bought a couple of pairs of these sweet Capri jeans with optional belt. There was also an option to wear without the floral embroidery – just $60L! I didn’t notice any shoes in the sale, but plenty of glamorous dresses, a few bits of lingerie and casual wear.

Happy Shopping ❤

Salt & Pepper


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“Powerful Cr*p Hands”. (Lots of VIP Gifts for 50Lds).

Una has added new stuff to its VIP group gifts and for the 50Ld joining fee, I had to have these claws.

This outfit is called Elle and this is the rare colour and it also includes these claws which are called “Powerful Cr*p Hands” which did make me giggle.

As for the other gifts I already knew a lot would be for Maitreya but the newer ones do have more fits. So make sure to zoom in on the posters and boxes to check the details.

A lot of the gifts are old Gacha’ Fatpacks inc the rares and I also spotted some Lookbox gifts. Most of these are NOT trans but a couple of them are. Don’t buy anything thinking you will be able to pass them on.

PS. Just in case you think it includes the coat the newest gift on the wall opposite the older ones is only for the scarf…I did know this and it’s really good so I wasn’t disappointed. Just thought I’d mention it in case you thought it did include the coat.


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I could have lied! (20Ld Promo).

Petre Model has a lot of seriously discounted items on the boards outside of the shop and some of you may remember them as I did blog about a few of those bargains previously.

This is a new bargain.

I did grab the demo first and it looks like it’s one of those timed demos so I could have been sneaky and just did a quick photo before it vanished but that top is so freaking pretty and only 20Lds I snagged it. Some quality detailing in the lace work. The shorts and panties are also included, no hud though, and can be worn as separates.

Also, some of you may remember this shop if you visit as the boards outside have some really excellent bargains to be had, from as little as 10Ld. Make sure to check out both sides of the board as some items come with a tiny increase in price but you get more…ie the jogger’s fatpack is 20Ld but on the back of the board you can buy the joggers and matching tops fatpack for 24Lds and I could be a bit off with the pricing but just something to check.

Also, again, there are group gifts for a mix of free and cheap groups and I didn’t spot anything new but it maybe new to you.

Petry Model.

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Weekend Sales – Oo

Cyber Factory 30L, Synnergy back drop 75L

I’m off to a flying start with the weekend sales – saw this brilliant cyber catsuit from Cyber Factory for just 30L ! Its got bright shiny Patches and looks uber cool – Sizes for Maitreya & Legacy. My backdrop is by Synnergy and is also in the w/e sales – just 75L and only 25Li – sadly I already owned this one but they have quite a few out on offer from 50L upwards.


Cyber Factory

30L Saturday Gallery –

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Cheap like me. (Dollarbie).

I picked this Halloween dress up from the Eternus Marketplace shop and although its pattern is all things Halloweeny I loved the shape of it and so for 1Ld, it was worth a try. I’ve just spotted another Dollarbie Halloween top on the Marketplace shop which I already have and I’d forgotten about.

UPDATE: I must have had a BRAIN FART or SL went all screwy because the Eternus group isn’t the price I thought it was. Thankfully Faith went to treat herself to the shoes and picked up the mistake as I HATE it when I get something wrong, not that I’m bothered in the sense that sometimes mistakes are made or things change without you realising it.

So this post has just been changed to the Marketplace Dollarbie only.

Eternus. (Marketplace).

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I suck(ed). (Dollarbie).

Drat, what a shame that this dollarbie outfit from Varitii doesn’t come in a Legacy fit.

Normally I can get away with a Maitreya fit but in this case, even working my way through my poses this was the best I could get.

You get a big hud, 20, for both the top and shorts which can be worn as separates.

PS. The bodies are Maitreya, eBody, Kupra and Classic Mesh Body.

Varitii. (On the reception desk).

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All the small things. (Dollarbie).

Yes I’m back with a bang and a rather a ill fitting Dollarbie…let me explain.

This sparkling outfit comes from the “Busra-tr” marketplace shop. A hud of 10 lovely colours and a QUALITY sparkle/shine to it.

The sad face is for a couple of reasons, only ebody-reborn, mesh body classic and SLink Hourglass fits and that’s a shame. I don’t think the split sides of the bottom part help as it looks like I’m really breaking though it when for my Legacy body its mainly that my bum is breaking though.

If you do have one of the fits listed then get this, you won’t be disappointed and maybe even if you don’t then for 1Ld worth a try but deffo not a Legacy fit.

I’m going to have a look and see if there is an inworld shop as there is literally just this one outfit on their marketplace shop.

Busra-tr. (Marketplace).