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I saw it, I bought it, I regret it.(75Ld Gown).

As soon as I saw this Belle Epoque Saturday offer I knew I was going to buy it and the only reason I regret it is that I know I will rarely get to wear it.

If you follow the link to the seraphim blog then you can see pictures of this dress in the different colours you can buy and you will also see a mens matching suit. So if you have an SL partner/friend who likes to swan around like a Duke/Dutchess then drag them over as well.

It comes in the usual Maitreya fit and I’m 99% sure also a Legacy fit, what I do know is it was a pretty great fit for my SLink but of course always try the demo out for yourself. The hat isn’t in the demo but it is included and it’s editable.

PS. Just spotted that this looks like a collab between Belle Epoque and Harshlands. I know Harshlands which is more of a landscaping/decor shop and it’s worth a check out if you have some land to landscape.

Belle Epoque & Harshlands.

Seraphim Blog. The Saturday Sale. Pictures and LM’s

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Snuggly Buggly $50L !

As soon as I saw this coat by Belle Époque at the latest round of The Arcade I knew it was for me. BUT I am a pauper at the moment so sadly I didn’t visit the Arcade – Id have poured my meagre funds into gacha machines like I always do! There was only one colour I loved which was this glorious soft buttermilk beige so I shopped on the market place – cheating I know ! As you can see its one of those “alpha” out your hands and arms kinda deals – don’t forget to remove your rings & bracelets or they will float in front of you ! At $50L per play and So many colours to win – its worth a pop if you have more restraint than me. (Maitreya fit only)

The Arcade

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It’s your second chance.(25Ld Tue).

I’m so pleased that this gorgeous coat and short set from Belle Epoque has been put out as a 25Ld Tuesday offer.

I already had this coat so my remaining 92Ld budget is safe.

Don’t worry if you’re not keen on this natural colour she has some lovely bright or pastel shades on offer. I will say that if I wasn’t on a budget I would have snapped up the blue and pink summery coats.

If you’ve not worked it out this is the sort of design where you alpha your arms/hands out and you keep this hands in pocket pose.

I’ve also popped one of Mina’s “beanie” hairs on just to show you one of the other styles she has. “Sira” (not a 100% sure I have the name right) comes with a large colour palette for the hair and the style hud inc in the 300Ld price.

Belle Epoque.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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Fast or slow. (New Belle Epoque Gift(10Ld) & Other Stuff).

(NOT the dress).

I’ve usually logged out of SL by this time then I’d remembered I’d not checked the 30Ld Sat list and so I checked the Seraphim blog and as soon as I saw both the 30Ld & Saturday Sales offer I had to log in to try them out. I didn’t end up buying any of them, I’m still working on my 500Ld limited spend for this month, and I was going to just TP out when I spotted a NEW Group Gift.

It’s this very dramatic veil. I dug out this Junbug one as I know the skirt is big so it was a test to see if the veil fits over it and it does.

As always I’ve put the link to both posts on the Seraphim blog so you can see the excellent offers and rush inworld to buy them but if you just want to treat yourself to this veil then there is no rush as it’s now on the wall with the other Group Gifts.

PS. Remember there is a BIG Anniversary Event going on at Belle Epoque and every hidden Birthday cake is FREE!! You have till the 30th so plenty of time if you’ve not got them as yet.

Belle Epoque

Seraphim blog. (Pictures of the 30Ld Saturday Offer).

Seraphim Blog. (Pictures of the Saturday Sales Offers).

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Cos I look pretty. (Freebie Belle Epoque Hunt, again).

I know that I’ve just done a post about the Belle Epoque BirthdayHunt and Sale and that there is no way you won’t be going over to Belle Epoque to grab yourself some quality gifts and discounts but I just look soooo pretty I wanted to show off the dress I will be keeping.

Sadly for me since the Belle Epoque clothing caters for Maitreya and now Legacy fits it limits what I can wear. So I did end up binning everything apart from this dress however they really are such great gifts and I will also say I love how the gifts from the other shops are a nice mix of items from the pose I’m using to the shoes I’m not wearing lol.

So start your SL day off nice and easy and go grab the cakes and discount.

Belle Epoque.

Blogging SL

“It’s time to say Hello to 25Ld Tue”. (Cheapie & Freebie(s))

I just love hats, never wear them but I still can’t resist them so when I saw this one which is one of the 25Lds offers out in the shop. The other 25Ld offer is a dress but not the one I’m wearing.

I was so happy that I didn’t need to faff on with trying to get a hair to fit under it so the only difficulty was chosing which colour to buy.

I will put the link to the Seraphim blog so you can see everything thats on offer as it can be much quicker looking on their blog as you can see all the offers on the one page and also use the links to TP direct to the shop.

Now for one of the freebies.

A most interesting style with that macrame effect and bamboo heels. The other freeie is a dress with a very good hud. Both of these are Group Gifts from the Hilly Haalan shop.


Belle Epoque

Hilly Haalan

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Lady of the Manor. (Belle Epoque gift & Dollarbie).

I swear it’s been that long since I last wore make-up because of wearing masks that when I can go maskless I’m going to look/feel like Pennywise!

The outfit consists of skirt, top, stole and a lovely floral headdress artfully splattered with THE BLOOD OF MINE ENEMIES!!!!

As you can see from my “muffin tops” this isn’t an SLink fit and of course, we all know that Belle Epoque only does Maitreya.  Still pretty good and wearing the stole covers up any breakthroughs.

It also gives me a good excuse to finally wear one of Mina’s bloody hair from Mina’s.  I’m glad I checked as this hair is now NOT a Group Gift but never fear as she’s now got 2 bloody hairs out in the Group Gift area.  I have the unbloodied version of Arwen which is just such a cute shorter hair.  I think the other is called “Alison” and she has a very retro 80ties vibe.  There are other Group Gifts which are not bloodied and of course some men’s hair which is basically unisex so if you do pay the 200Lds to join the Mina group there are some very seasonal hair as well as plenty of others and a brand new one so you get a heck of a lot for your Lindens.

The make-up is a Dollarbie that I’d picked up from the Marketplace.  I do know that there is an inworld shop for “Pout” so it may be free inworld.  I will have to check that out for you later and will do an update or you can check out the “Pout” shop either in the MP or you may already have the LM.

UPDATE: As promised I’ve found the Marketplace shop where you can pick the Pennywise make up from however you will see that there are a LOT of Dollarbies

Belle Epoque

Mina’s Main shop.

Pout. (Marketplace).