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Dollarbie Dress & 69% Discount!

Oh my days ! Pure Poison have a 69% discount sale throughout the store for ONE day – and that’s today the 14th Feb. Pay the vendor and the discount is refunded to you straight away. Sooo I hopped over straight away as Id seen a pair of shoes I just HAD to have and with the discount they were going to be allllll mine.

$1L Dress multu colours inc. Pure Poison

I also noted that this extremely beautiful gown was advertised at the landing point for just a single Linden Dollar – you need to follow the link to the market place to get it. It comes with a Hud giving a nine colours – I was really torn between pink or red – but its V-day sooooo red it was. Absolutely stunning dress ! Fits for Maitreya, Legacy inc. feminine and petite and Maitreya petite. 

69 discount throughout the store @ Pure Poison

The shoes are called “Ariana” and I’ve wanted them for an age – just old style Hollywood glam. These cost with just $78L with the discount. You get a Hud with more colours for both the body of the shoe and the furry trim.

Happy Valentines Day ❤

Pure Poison Store

Pure Poison Gown

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Oh its Free For Me !

FREE Gown & accesories

Ohhhhh a gown and I’m wearing it ! Its not often I get this glammed up but I found this gown at Irrisistable for free and HAD to get it. You get a Hud offering both the red & green options, plus a belt, head dress and waist flowers (floral pieces are optional). There are a huge amount of fits included – from standard av mesh, to a zillion mesh body fits – something for everyone. Walk into the store and look around behind you to the right – high up on the wall are the group gifts – group is free to join also.


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Christmas 2022

Christmas 2022 From Faithless 3

We have finally reached the big day – its Christmas here in England! Just for this occasion – I decided to wear the final advent gift from Celestina’s which is this gown, gloves, jewels & heels. Plus my hair gift from Truth (group fee $250L) SO much has happened this year – the good, the bad AND the ugly. Next year is already promising to be heaps better.

I hope whatever type of Christmas you’re going to have, it works for you and you look forward to 2023 with renewed hope in your heart, healthy & happy ❤

Going to leave you with one of my favourite Christmas time stories, read by some rather special people.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

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Belle of The Ball – For Free

FREE gown mesh body & standard mesh sizes

Its not often you’re going to see me wearing a gown – that’s more Zan’s thing. But here I am flouncing around in a gown. It just really caught my eye. Designed by LUXE Paris and its totally free for you at The Free Dove. Stunning bright pink with heaps of silver thread embroidery – its divine. Standard mesh fits and mesh body fits included – sleeves are optional.

The Free Dove

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I saw it, I bought it, I regret it.(75Ld Gown).

As soon as I saw this Belle Epoque Saturday offer I knew I was going to buy it and the only reason I regret it is that I know I will rarely get to wear it.

If you follow the link to the seraphim blog then you can see pictures of this dress in the different colours you can buy and you will also see a mens matching suit. So if you have an SL partner/friend who likes to swan around like a Duke/Dutchess then drag them over as well.

It comes in the usual Maitreya fit and I’m 99% sure also a Legacy fit, what I do know is it was a pretty great fit for my SLink but of course always try the demo out for yourself. The hat isn’t in the demo but it is included and it’s editable.

PS. Just spotted that this looks like a collab between Belle Epoque and Harshlands. I know Harshlands which is more of a landscaping/decor shop and it’s worth a check out if you have some land to landscape.

Belle Epoque & Harshlands.

Seraphim Blog. The Saturday Sale. Pictures and LM’s

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Free For New Years Eve

I did a lovely little hunt yesterday at Poets Heart. Totally free to complete, youre looking for a small green elves hat. Not as simple as it seems, youre gonna have to search hard. However, even I managed to find four dresses ! My favourite was the Aurelia gown above, you get a fatpack with SO many colours and patterns, youd be able to wear this alllll year round.

Fat pack Hud above, the colour wash options are really cute. Maitreya & hourglass fits included . Hunt ends on 3rd January.

Poets Heart

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Yes it is!!! (30Ld Sat).

A sweet and charming dress very “Jane Eyre” in style.

Although you can see a bit of gapping at the shoulder in this second picture it’s both the angle and the fact that Belle Epoque only does Maitreya fits.  Which is why I always try on the demo and I think this will be fittable(sic) for most bodies.

I naturally assumed that the hats above the dresses, which was not included in the demo of the dress, were just out to tempt us to spend more Lindens so I was really happy when I bought my dress to see that YES the hat is included!

So freaking gorgeous. I’m tempted on my return visit to buy another colour option of this dress just to get the matching hat as I’ve been drooling over these hats for a long time.

I’ve just started working my way through the 30Ld list and I’ve already spotted my next purchase which is a fern pack.

Belle Epoque.