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Little bit naughty

Strippable trench coat $49L

I was looking at the Pure Poison market place store – and all their gear seems to be discounted. from around $5L – $50L. Lots of boots, shoes, dresses and outfits to be had very cheaply. I plumped for this trench coat @ $49L. Perfectly respectable look to naughty kitten in under two clicks of a button! It has a script in the belt section that allows you to strip, slightly open, fully open , you can also add people to the allowed to strip you list or even entire groups of people.

Strippable trench coat Hud

You also get a Hud with it, giving you SO much flexibility. My leg bracer is also from the store and only $9L complete with a Hud that gives heaps of colours for each part – rigged mesh, resizable also.

Pure Poison Market Place Store

Lingerie by Glitzz

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Free Boots For Monday

Free fat pack boots

Happy Monday ! Zan posted about some lovely stockings & shoes a few days ago from Pure Poison . I had gone to grab them and spotted that for a limited time there are also a few pairs of dollarbie boots ! All of them come in a fatpack with colour options for multiple parts – snap them up ! Fits for:  Isis, Freya, Maitreya, and Slink Hourglass

Left to right

Emma Boots

Scarlett Boots

Feli Boots

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A change of pose. (Freebie(s)).

I’ve done too many standing poses so here I am sat down….and I don’t like it.

But the sun is out and it’s so mild outside and since I do have the luxury of a garden once I click “publish” I’m off out to enjoy it.

Those super reflective leggings are a gift from Pure Poison, but it’s one of the BIG freebie groups you do have to join to get it.  The Pure Poison Group is free to join and there maybe freebies in the shop but I just grabbed these and ran over to the G&D shop to make sure these shoes were still freebies and they are if you didn’t get them when I did the first post about them, then shame on you, go get them now lol.

PS.  Shoes come with generous hud.

Pure Poison

G&D The Italian Style

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Last one.(10Lds & Freebies)

I was rummaging on the MP and found some great Gacha prizes and these (not Gacha prizes).

These will cost you a piddling 10Lds but only on the Marketplace shop because inworld these beauties are full priced and you would WEEP if you bought them for that price tag.

I can’t remember how many colours you get in the hud but they’re good earthy/autumnal shades.  You get the 3 main mesh fits as well.

For FREENESS you will have to pop into the main shop.  Some nice black strappy classy shoes.  I’m not inworld so I’m going by my p*ss poor memory but when you walk in, on the entrance wall to your left is one or two group gifts but ahead of you on the wall next to the entrance to the main shop on the right is not just another pair of shoes but a very stylish pair of black shorts which were brought out as a gift a long time ago but I bet everyone who grabbed it then will still have it, I know I still have them.

Sound complicated but when you go to check them out you will see it’s not.

You might also want to check out the FLF offer, I resisted but only because I own too many shoes but it did hurt not to buy them as they’re really good then when I spotted yet another pair which only had a price tag of 88Lds I decided it was time I logged out lol.  I will admit I didn’t go back for the boots I mentioned in one of my recent posts because I’ve decided that I’m going to keep in budget this month.  So I have enough Lds to cover the cost of my FLF, Gacha and Discount/Special Offer addiction and I’m not going to buy any more Lds till at least the end of the month….. it’s not going to be easy!

UPDATE:  No I didn’t cave in and buy those shoes but what I did is when I logged back inworld I walked outside of the Pure Poison shop because I noticed the OUTLET sign.  Lots of bargains lots of temptation just one lucky chair and you may notice as you walk across there is a very stylish and unique little build called “Yesterdays house” and it’s been designed to perch on a slope. I took a peek inside and love it…didn’t buy that either lol.

Pure Poison (Marketplace)

Pure Poison (Inworld)

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The girl can’t help it! (Inc Freebie).

I got a note off Faith yesterday and all it said  was “Go buy the Pure Poison FLF Boots” and she even sent me the 50Lds LOL.  So, of course, I had to go get em but I’m not showing them to you.


They do give me the perfect excuse to remind you that Pure Poison is a great free group to join because not only do you get exc quality shoes but all of the old GG’s are in a courtyard in the back of the shop.  The shoes haven’t changed since I last blogged them but if you’re new to this blog or you’ve not tried out the Free stuff at Pure Poison go on check em out and you may also find that the FLF (fifty linden boots) are still out to tempt you as well.

Remember this group is slightly different in that the Group Gift is actually in a Gacha so make sure you chose the Group Gacha and are wearing your tag.  The shoes generally come with a fit for all mesh feet.

I’m 99% sure I’ve not shown you these short shorts before but I could be wrong but since they’re perfect for this season here they are, again?


A great basic pair of shorts just waiting to be teamed up with tights/stockings/leggings and a woolly, perfect for the season.  This is a shop with a lot of random stuff in it and that inc lucky chairs/boards and quite a few other Group Gifts.  For this particular one go straight ahead and then turn to your right and it’s there with a lot of other stuff and then check out the rest of the shop as I did spot other GG’s.  These shorts seem to come in ALL the standard mesh and mesh body sizing.

It’s BONFIRE NIGHT in the UK which means a lot of fireworks, comfort food, time with family and or friends or if you’re on your own find a local event and just go to enjoy sights, sounds and smells that come with a lot of gunpowder going off but mainly remember to keep your furbabies indoors and safe.

PS as I was at Pure Poison grabbing the LM I spotted that there is a New Subscription Board so slap that and you do get a gift sent to you.  I’m logged out now so I can’t tell you what it is as I didn’t unpack it and I don’t think it is shoes, I could be wrong, but whatever it is I bet it’s goooooood.

Pure Poison

Sin Origional

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Pure Poison(Freebie).

A Sunday morning goodie.


Pure Poison is the shop they come from and you may remember if you’ve been there before Poison has an interesting way of making their GG’s a bit more fun in that you have to buy them from the Gacha.  They still cost you zero Lindens but you don’t have a choice over the colour you get and in my case I got “Leo”.  And even better is you still stand a chance of winning the “Rare” and I did once and the rare turned out to be a full pack of all the colours.

As always 100% top quality and you have if I remember correctly 4 or 3 mesh feet options so of course I’m wearing my SLink High but you should be able to find a pair to fit your feet.

PS Remember to walk deeper into the shop because there is a middle courtyard and all of the old Gacha’s with Group Gifts are STILL there for you to top up your invent.

Pure Poison

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A change of light(Freebies).

I’m going to keep this post sweet and simple, that makes a change from my usual rambling on lol.


Although this is a very nice picture I decided to pop back inworld and take a “full frontal”.


I hope you weren’t expecting anything rude!  I have to say that I always appreciate quality body suits mainly to use for when I want to show off a new skin and this body suit is perfect.  This white one was in fact a lucky board win in the LePunk shop but if you don’t have the patience to wait then I also grabbed the same body suit but in black which has been set out for SLF&O (Second life free’s and offers) Group members.  The lucky boards are just to the left as you go in the shop and the SLF&O’s group is at the reception desk.


I wish I hadn’t played around with the pictures now as I don’t think I’ve shown off the shop quality standard of both the body suit or these shoes but since they were both freebies it won’t cost you a penny to go try them out for yourself.


I had accidentally rezzed a pair on the ground thinking they were going to be boxed and they’re not and they’re ONLY 2 prims! Great items of decor for your home.  At this low prim you could rezz a shelf full.

The body suit comes from Le Punk and the shoes from Pure Poison.  The Pure Poison Group Gift is in the Gacha and I’m going to assume that because it’s a Gacha you take a chance on the colour you will get.  Actually I’ve just remembered from previous GG’s from here I did once win the Rare, that was a fully packed colour hud, so yes I would say that you do take your chances on the shade.  Be careful as it’s right next to a paid for non group Gacha but both are clearly marked.

PS The body suit comes with system layers and also Appliers for SLink, Maitreya, Belleza, TMP  & Omega

UPDATE! So I popped back inworld to LM grab and decided to have a quick wander around Pure Poison and OMG they still have ALL of the old Group Gifts out to be grabbed and there is OOODLES of them.  To find the older GG’s just walk through the shop and you will come to a courtyard with Gacha’s all around it and the Group ones are marked very clearly.  I know from the few I’ve snagged in the past that these are all 100% top quality so what an amazing and generous thing to do to keep all the old GG’s.  I’m having a personal struggle here not to return to grab, grab and grab them all.

LePunk (New Landmark)

Pure Poison