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Free @ Neve

FREE @ Neve Merry in four colours

I managed to get over to the Shop & Hop and plucked a few of the free gifts up – of course I grabbed the present from Neve ! This is the “merry” pinafore & sweater – its an all-in-one kinda deal. You get four plaids and four plains in the pack with sizes for Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy & Legacy Perky.

Link below listing all the stores @ The Shop & Hop – no group to join for the gifts. Highlights for me are as follows: Jian wearable pet, gift card from Addams, Neve dress !

Links to all stores @ The Shop & Hop

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Neve @ The Black Fair

Neve @ The Black Fair Nov 2021

Another batch of Winter goodies from Neve this time at the latest round of The Black Fair. The “cici” top is just the perfect snuggly tee to layer up with and comes in a range of four packs with four versions in each.

Neve - Cici Top - Black Fair

Darks, lights, striped and logos – great with the pants but will also work with all your existing wardrobe favs. Lovely detailing on the collar and optional thumb hole.

Neve - Mimi Pant - Black Fair

What can I say – you knowww I adore plaids !! I also loved the more neutral packs to make an outfit POP ❤ Fits for both items in Lara, Lara Petite, Legacy and Legacy Perky – thanks Neve team ❤

The Black Fair

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Neve’s Solutions to The Windchill <3

Neve @ IBTC Nov 2021

Yessss its time to get cosy, temp is wayyy down this week and I’m all about layering ! At the latest round of IBTC Neve have gone alllll out for the layered look – brilliant for me. A jacket “Salutations”, a tee “Girlfriend” and some really neato pants “Boyfriend”.

Neve - Boyfriend Pant - IBTC

First up lets talk about those pants – gawd I love them!! via the Hud you can wear them with the cutesy Logos (several choices of logo) or without. The four packs have something for everyone. Love the rolled hem.

Neve - Girlfriend Top - IBTC

The girlfriend top really is a wardrobe staple, fling it on with anything! Fits perfectly under the Salutations shirt obviously. Four packs, four colours in each pack. I’ll be rocking the Logo pack later today .

Neve - Salutations Jacket - IBTC

You will have to pry this shirt from my cold dead hands – seriously ! Lovely to layer over tee’s (its designed to go with the girlfriend & also the Shanti tops) Four stunning packs of colours and patterns – as always – Im loving the plaids ! Thanks Neve team ❤


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Neve @ Uber !

New for Uber Neve have the “Grind” jacket with shirt and the “Gear” skirt. Have really been enjoying wearing these versatile pieces. The jacket & tee has so many options – such as fur trim on the lapels, shirt cropped or full length, double layer at the bottom. Packs with logo shirts, plain darks & lights. You can have differing colours for the lower shirt too ! The skirt is just SO pretty, again with the option for one full colour or multiple layers, sheer or not.

The jacket has a few different fabrics, such as denim, cord or leather look – this outfit could take you through the whole range of seasons ! Thanks neve team ❤


Uber Cam Sim 1

Uber Cam Sim 2

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Neve @ The Black Fair

Ahh yes! More of the Winter collection from Neve. This is the “Fiona” outfit that’s out today at the Black Fair. Soft jersey look cardigan and tee with a sweet soft fold skirt. Its so easy to wear. I’ve gone for the classic Mary janes & woolly tights look but it would look equally as good with boots or heels. You can also remove the skirt via the Hud so great for slipping over jeans & leggings.

Check out the various packs, you can get plaids for the skirts, cute slogan tee’s, stripes on the cardigan etc – if you grab a fatpack the world is your oyster! Fits for: Lara, Lara petite, Legacy & Legacy perky.

Snapped up this delicious backdrop from Minimal today, its in The Saturday Sale for just $75L ! There is another option with books in the background rather than frames.

Black Fair


The Saturday Sale @ Seraphim

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Here we go @ Fameshed

Neve has their latest release out at the new round of Fameshed ! Always look forward to their winter coats. This one is called “raven” and is a shorty coat, overlong sleeves with a t-shirt insert just peeking out at the top. Heaps of choices for the packs including plaids and plains, plains with a plaid collar (as above) You don’t need to be all dark & dreary as there are plenty of lighter tone packs to look at – yay! (You can change the tee insert via the Hud) Thanks Neve team ❤


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Get Your Jimmy Jammies On !

Creeping about trying to find my Christmas pressies – BUSTED! Doing it in style wearing the new release from Neve @ Uber. The “jimmy” & “jams” are out and come in a brilliant selection of traditional festive prints, winter prints, spots and plains. The awesomesauce thing is that the socks are built right in and automatically alpha out whatever feet you’re wearing! Super snuggly and soft – Thanks Neve team ❤


Uber Cam Sim