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The countdown has started. (Sorta Mention of Freebie/Reblog).

Urk!! Yet another morning, when the freebie finds have been thin on the ground and now I have to do RL stuff.

What was even worse is that I logged off last night thinking I’d scored an excellent gift from Hilly Haalan only to have second thoughts this morning when I logged in that I have already shown you this off the shoulder pant set.

So if it looks familiar that’s because it is and if it looks new then it’s new to you.

The “Countdown” in my title is because yesterday with a THUNK my Visa bill hit the doormat!  When you see in black and white all those Second Life payments it’s a bit OMGERD!  So tomorrow I’m starting the month off with a 500Ld limit spend for the whole month but it’s not tomorrow yet and already I’m being sorely tempted!

I’d gone to the Cosmopolitan event and on one of the stands is some amazing bamboo plants so I followed the link to the Konoha shop and that is where this picture was taken.

It’s a new shop, I think, although I suspect the designer is an old hand at creating as the quality can’t be bettered.  There isn’t much stock at the moment it’s really just a small platform but even so I have added to my list that tree, those grasses and the bamboo set at the Cosmopolitan event and a Silver Birch Tree set from another top class designer. So before I gird my loins and stick to my budget it’s spend, spend and then spend some more.


Silly me there IS a New Freebie at the Cosmopolitan Event.  I’d spotted the Lipsticks but it was only on my return visit to buy the Bamboo set that I spotted on the other easel is this grey top.

It only comes in a Legacy and Maitreya fit so my crossed arm pose has come in handy.

PS.  As for the random background, some are the delivery systems for the 3 sets of landscaping I bought from Konoha.  They on their own make for very interesting decor but I’m so excited to start unpacking and placing all my new stuff.

Hilly Haalan

Cosmopolitan Event.

Konoha(Updated to the right LM, Thank You, Imp).


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Hilly Haalan – Group gifts

After my Tuesday splurge I popped over to the Hilly Haalan main store just to scope out the group gifts – group is free to join. I came away with two that were new to me , this is “calypso” skirt, top & panties included in most mesh body fits.

Andddd this set called “Alexa” – really like the soft beige tone and the fact that its two separate pieces – so extra flexibility! Again most mesh body fits included. Group gifts are on the landing point outside.

Hilly Haalan main store

Hair by Magika “Willow”

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Hello Tuesday – What did I buy?

Great round of Hello Tuesday this week – heaps of goodies to tempt you! I bought the complete outfit above “Adrian” by Hilly Haalan for $99L. Everything is included, boots, shades, outfit – and a bag – which I properly screwed up trying to fit it to my left shoulder (its rigged for your right shoulder) Durrrr – hence its not in the pic – but it is a fantastic bag!

Hilly Haalan

Hair by Truth “Eternity” past group gift

Necklace by Avaway “Florence” – Maitreya rigged

Bangles FREE from Earthstones @ Fameshed

All Hello Tuesday vendors pics

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No skills needed.(Freebies & Stunning Sim).

The new Group Gift from Hilly Haalan is this dress.

As you can see it’s dark grey with a bit of a pinstripe to it.  I was hoping that the scarf it comes with was an add-on rather than attached as I also wanted to show off this sh*t scary mask completely but the scarf can’t be removed.

The mask is a great gift from Amias. The group is free to join and there are other Gifts but since I don’t really do jewelry I will leave them for you to check out.

As for the LM if you look behind me you will see the sign, Pendle Hill.

I literally TPed in and just from the LM zoomed and clicked and that’s all you need to do to take some amazing atmospheric shots.  The use of light, texturing and effects is outstanding.

Pendle Hill isn’t just for Halloween it’s open all year round as well as the other sims created by Lauren Bentham.  At the LM are boards giving you the TPs to only 4 of them but if you check out her profile you will see a whole list of sims.  Some I believe are now owned by others BUT are kept as they were created. I’m not really sure about the details because I just don’t keep up as much as I should but they’re all still open for visitors.

Her LM’s will take you everywhere from the sunniest of beaches to a classic countryside sim.

PS.  The boots I’m wearing are the other very recent Group Gift from Hilly Haalans, I only did the post about them recently but if you’ve not got them yet it’s time.

Hilly Haalan


Pendle Hill

When you TP

Pendle Hill.

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Look to your right and behind you.(Freebie(S)).

Hilly Haalan as we all know always have great group gifts out for us so I don’t blog them as often because you should already have them on your regular must-visit list but when I saw this top I had to go get it.

This isn’t my fav colour it was the white one which had more of the crochet top look but I wasn’t happy with the picture I’d taken and I can’t log back in just yet so I’m going with this much better picture. Not only do you get lots of fits but 4 texture choices, the white one I’ve mentioned this bright yellow, a subtle floral pattern and a subtle tropical pattern.  And of course, those beads are a great finishing touch.  I know that there was a pair of flat shoes and I think the other new GG was a dress(?).

Once you’ve grabbed this and the other newer freebies scan a bit to the right along the row of new/discounted items to a gown which is pretty unique and will make you stand out but that does come with a. not unreasonable, price tag but for a Cheap B* like me too much plus I already own a lot of gowns.

Then turn around because although most of us know that there is a small room behind the LM where the old gifts are stored and I did pop in to see if there was a pair of shorts to go with the top and oddly enough even though there is a lot of gifts in there, there are no shorts so I’ve used my own.

Hilly Haalan

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No skill needed.(Freebies).

I finally took off my massive feet, I did enjoy stomping around but it was hard to keep on taking them off to put on shoes.

So I changed into a pair of Uggs which I do believe were an old hunt gift from Hilly Halaan so I TPed over just to check out to see out of if they had hopefully been moved to the small building/room that contains all the old Hilly Halaan group gifts and they’re not there but this outfit and a pair of heels are new GG’s.

Obviously, this is now a “classic” SL design but it is in Hilly Haalan quality and that means a nice hud of colours and textures so I ain’t complaining.  I didn’t grab the heels though.

So if you’ve not done so yet, where you TP in turn around and you will see that little build/room and check out some damned good quality gifts.

This Santa hat/hair is the only one so far that I have been happy to blog but then again this is an Argrace gift.  I cannot remember the last time I bought a hair from Argrace so I can’t tell you much about the size of the hud, prices etc but the hair with this Santa hat does come with a big hud of colour options and of course is free.

Last bit is my background.  I occasionally use backdrops and one of the shops I love is called “Backdrop City” and just for us, they have this absolutely stunning sim set up.

Check this out.

The whole sim is idiot proof, if you want to take a stunning Christmas picture then this is the place for you not just because it’s so pretty but they have used some of the best props and landscaping in SL, they have the windlight set perfectly but mainly because you have REZZING RIGHTS!  Obviously keep your rezzed stuff to PG rated, low prim and of course clean your sh*t up after you but of course there is more than anyone could need without having to rezz anything out of their invent.

Right next to the snowman is a TP to the ground where there is a Christmas Market going on.  I did confess a couple of posts ago that I caved in and treated myself to some Lindens and I’m now at that Christmas market buying backdrop after backdrop as lots of them are really bargain priced.  I’ve had to log out but I can’t wait to log back in.

Hilly Haalan


Backdrop City & Christmas Market

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OMG although I knew that there is an SL Frees and Offers hunt going on I had NO idea of how many amazing shops have put out a freebie for us.  When it comes to hunts I usually just scroll through the pictures and grab one or two items but you’re NOT going to see a post off me for days as the list of shops involved in this hunt is not only vast but I am going to visit each and every one of them!

This is just a prime example of one of the gifts but then again the Hilly Haalan shop is and has always been extremely generous with the GG’s and offers so in this case you not only get this coat in 4 colours and this bonus Olive colour but also the hair I’m wearing.  You and I know I am totally spoilt when it comes to Mina’s hairs but I’m loving this super shiny hair.  And yes you also get a choice of colours which I haven’t tried yet but this is the “ginger”.  Hold up there is more because you also get boots to match but I didn’t spot them till after I took this picture but wait! there is MORE because inc in the gift is 2 dresses and a pair of Uggs!  Not tried them on yet but by the time the weekend comes I will have a folder stuff with prizes and I can sit and relax as I work my way through the hoard.

The Link is to the SL frees and offers blog and there is a whole list of LMs and hints and what you’re looking for is an Autumn leaf.

A BIG FAT THANK YOU ♥ should go to the shops who have thrown themselves into this hunt but of course the team behind SL Frees and Offers because I know all too well how much time and effort it takes out of your daily lives to do this sort of thing and their dedication to the cause of cheapness lol means that we all benefit so greatly.  BTW from my quick scan of the list, it’s nice to see there are items for men and decor so something for everyone.

PS. Check out the Special Offers at the Hilly Haalan LM, there is a really lovely skater skirt/top combo which I think is 99Ld but I’m loving the textures and can see this is a perfect “go to” outfit.

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