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The Underwater Hunt

FREE Jelly lights - 1Li

I did a little of the Underwater Hunt this morning – very relaxing ! Drop into the water off the pier and swim around looking for treasure chests. Have to say this is probably one of my all time fav hunts this year – swimming around in a beautiful underwater area with fish, plants and rocky outcrops. You’re looking for wooden chests – and there’s all sorts of items to be won. Clothing, jet ski, some awesome platform flip flops (from Belzebubble) and above the wonderfully beautiful Jelly lights by Steelhead. Just 1 Li each, you get 4 versions.

FREE fatpack of shells (Fundati)

I also found this fat pack of shells from Fundati. High and Low LOD, a mixed array all joined and individual shells. SO pretty and very useful if you’ve got a beach.

Head down the track to the pier, try the demo out of the swimming Hud thats right on the boardwalk if you wish and SWIM!

The Underwater Hunt

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I don’t wanna adult anymore! (Free Hunt).

What a morning! Just KAK, just a whole load of small irritating KAKINESS.

So I’ve logged out of work, pulled the blinds down, grabbed a Magnum ice cream and logged into SL.

Hunting for poop really just sums up my life this past year

The link takes you to the Second Life Syndicate blog for the LM’s and a bit more details as it looks like there is a shopping event as well as scooping poop prizes?

PS. “Kak” is slang for poop etc

UPDATE: I had a good time hunting down the poop and thought I was doing so well until I checked the list of shop names and how many gifts they have out for us and I’ve only scratched the surface of poopy gifts.

I did find three out of the four ChiMia gifts and the chair and plant are just two of them. Excellent texturing and poses in the chair and yet still only 1 prim each. The picture on the wall is a gift from the “RnR” (Rhyme or Reason) shop.

So far I’ve not spotted any items of clothing but don’t let that put you off as I was pretty happy with the gifts I did find and it now looks as though I’ve only scratched the surface of poopy prizes because even though the poop is easy to find I’ve only found 8 out of the 109(+) gifts!

This event is on all month so when I log in I’m going to pull on some “goto” clothes and check out the “Scoop ‘n’ poop” sale which is a classic cart sale before I head on back to the sewers.

Scoop ‘n’ Score Blog for info.

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Call me stoopid. (15Ld Ricielli Easter Hunt).

Ricielli has changed its hunt to an Easter themed hunt and as you can see from this picture you have a great choice of lots of lovely shop quality clothing in pretty pastel shades for just 15Lds each.

Since I own a lot of previous hunt items the only thing I was going to buy to show you was No9 and like a right numpty, I bought No10 by mistake. Then as I was trying to take a close up of this poster in the Ricielli shop too many people were standing in front of it and by this time I was annoyed…with myself. So that’s my excuse for this lazy Sunday morning post.

PS. Pay attention to the colour code as each different fit has its own colour.


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Fabulous & Fun Hunt (Free)

FREE Hunt Prize Dove Cote

Head over to Dench Designs for a fantastic free hunt .

The Easter Bunny has been around the store and placed 15 Eggs with gifts in them.

They will be there from 14th – 19th April. So no time to waste! I’m showing two of my favourite items that I found – kitties!!! The Dove cote is rather splendid and now sits in my garden.

FREE Hunt prize

If you hit the hunt board up it will give you the clues. If you are a devotee of Amanda Dench’s pieces it makes it dead simple to find them all! I wont spoil the surprise but one of the gifts is a new item and ohmydays its SO lovely! Thanks Amanda ❤

Dench Designs

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$500L Store Credit – but there’s a catch!

Vision FREE Credit

Head over to Vision today and you can win yourself $500 store credits. You do need to be in the group which costs $18L – I think that’s a pretty good deal ! Now for the bit that meant I only won approx $300L store credit – I’m rubbish at hunts, you all know this, to get all the credits you do need to hunt down some teeny Easter eggs from around the store – sounds simple doesn’t it ! Those little eggs are super hard to find ! I know some people were using their bragging rights to say that they had found all twelve eggs – however I did find enough to be able to buy the dress above (which I love) anddd a pair of shoes ❤

Vision Store

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Spring Fantasies Hunt

Spring Fantasies Hunt FREE

I did this lovely hunt yesterday, its located on the Wind Struck sim. You are looking for Easter eggs ! I found this brilliant retro complete outfit, includes hair, glasses and outfit – (There are shoes also but I’m not wearing them).

FREE Statue

You’ll find a great mix of clothing (for guys also) and home & garden plus Eastery treats! Love this statue I found – copy & mod so you can resize to save prims – its 11Li as it is. The eggs are just waiting to be found, they are all hidden with you finding them in mind. Check in the stores and around the whole sim , all free of charge.

Happy Hunting ❤

Spring Fantasies Hunt Starting Location


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Hunt & Freebies

Hunt @ Petite Mort & Oubliette

There’s a lovely Easter hunt on @ Petite Mort & Oubliette – hunt prizes range from $10L – $20L . Its a lovely sim that the two stores are situated on so very easy to roam around outside and inside the stores to find the little white Easter Bunny. There is a key at the landing point & a notecard listing hints for each item, just scroll to the bottom of the note to get them. Dead chuffed with my dress & shoes ❤ I’m also wearing one of the many free gifts at the Crystal store – terrific Spring basket ! You will find the group gifts on the upper floor, wearables for posing etc – group is free to join.

Petite Mort & Oubliette

Crystal Store