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Don’t trash before you’ve checked! (Dollarbie Hunt Prize).

At first, I almost binned this prize straight away as I could see just from the folder that it came in that it’s an Omega applier and a flexi bit. So I suspected that most would not be that interested but curiosity got me and I tried it on and I’m now so pleased I did. The flexi is so light and floaty I actually had to find somewhere dark to be able to show it off.

The body part is fine but the flexi part is the one I consider to be a keeper and I will add it to the folder I have which contains all my ballet items because I would love to float and pirouette like a fairy and not clomp around like a drunk hippo when I dance and in SL I can do just that.

This outfit is a DLS hunt prize from the Meander shop, I spotted one other hunt gift, 25Lds for that one and I do believe it contains shoes. What you’re looking for is a black gift bag and I do believe they cost either 1Ld or 25Ld they could be priced between 1Ld and 25Ld. I can see that there are also a decent amount of links for hunt prizes for men as well.

PS. Shoes not included, they come from Mosquito’s Way….thats my next visit inworld lol.

Meander & Sooty Wings.

DLS Sin City Hunt Blog. (LM’s and Hints).

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January Hunt

Found this sweet little outfit at The Cat’s n Kittens Boutique as their gift in the January Hunt. Great jeans with the added detail of metal links down the side of the legs, cute short top and a pair of denim flats – such a lovely gift. Fits inc: Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique, Belleza & Venus. The clue is “With this hunt prize you’ll find its easy to recover from winter” – Pro tip is look higher !

Cats n Kittens boutique.

Chop Zeuy bracelet – Free @ The Free Dove

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Inspirational Free gifts & Hunts @ The Bold Llama!

I’ve been trying to find ways to revive and cheer myself along during this lock down in the UK. Of course its a little harder to find ways to do this when you’re flat broke. However, I’ve been enjoying some Free Tai Chi courtesy of You Tube and walks are always free as a bird ! I was dead chuffed when I found this cracking T-shirt from The Bold Llama in the Brighter Beginnings Hunt – mesh body and standard mesh fits included.

I then realised that there were a few hunts happening in the store so managed to score  a couple more brill shirts.

If you join the group (it costs just $5L) there are two more shirts for you behind the front desk. (My pics aren’t in any particular order btw!) Look to the right of the reception desk and there are all the hunts listed for you – enjoy! ❤

The Bold Llama

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Spooky Hunt @ Masoom

Oh wow I went to the Spooky Hunt & Haunted House at Masoom – brilliant ! The house is dead creepy and as you wander about look out for the little white ghosts. They are dotted about everywhere and are free to collect. I found most of my prizes inside the house but there may be some outside too.

I wanted to show you these two gifts I found from one of my fav stores Nerido. The roller skates are in black with a Hud to colour change the laces and toe cap, you also get a fantastic roller skate AO to wear – LOVE IT ! I also stumbled across another gift from Nerdio, these black leggings. V. nice and perfect to wear with the skates. My cup was another hunt gift (I found quite a few of them) by Dark Secrets, all have fun mottos on them and a good hold pose.


Spirit Bra Top Aiza

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Its all happenin @ Melt (Freebies)

Melt Hunt FREE

I cant recall how I rocked up at Melt but I am glad I did. So much happening there at the moment. If you look to the left side of the building you’ll see a maze – head on in and find the pumpkins to win prizes – all free. I love this dress that I found – top notch quality. I’m standing in front of the maze in the photo above – so just look for the kitties !

To the right of the building you will see a big sign to go visit the Halloween submarine ride. Do it ! Totally free and really cool – I was getting a bit jaded about haunted houses – have you ever been on a spooky submarine? Places for four people in each sub – grab some mates and enjoy the ride – did make me jump when…Oh Im not gonna tell you !


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Its That Time Again ! (Freebies)

I hadn’t noticed that a hunt was running at Kiyomizu shopping mall ! Whizzed over there straight away as I always love their hunts. You’re looking for little black cats, just touch them and your gift is delivered. The stores with the hunt poster are the ones you’re looking for – some give you a landmark to their main store, however these two gifts I am going to show you were at the hunt itself. Above is the gift from M*Motion – its an all in one outfit – the whole shebang – Maitreya fit only. Totally love it. Slouchy soft cardigan, little white camisole and the long pleated skirt – divine.

I also liked this woolly shirt dress by milky*way – Maitreya fit only. Chunky knit with collar and buttons to the neck – great with a pair of boots or sneakers. On your way around the centre (its huge and sprawling with many levels!) there are many many lucky boards to play also – always some unique stores to find. Have fun !

Kiyomizu shopping mall

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Fall Fox Hunt

Spent a happy hour wandering around “Swing Town” finding a few hunt items to show you. Its a lovely place to explore and great for photos . Each item is $20L , some stores have a sign to show what the gift is (thank you!) and some don’t. Above is the dress from Prism, really liked this soft knitted look and gorgeous Autumnal tone – all mesh bodies catered for.

Then just out of curiosity I picked up this men’s suit from K&F – isn’t it beautiful? Two pieces and mesh body and fitmesh sizes – I just couldn’t get away with wearing so had to show it like this.

Kastle Rock Couture’s item had a women’s dress (Very lovely) and this men’s bath robe – I WANTED it ! I think I just got away with it in the xs size – standard mesh sizes included. I’m going to slump around in it until lunch time its super snuggly. You’re looking for a little fox with a leaf in its mouth, most stores on the sim seem to be participating, if you touch one of the hunt signs it will give you a notecard listing them all with their landmarks. Have fun ❤

Starting Location