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Sorted. (Belle Epoque 1oLd Hunt).

I suspect the notice has just gone out as it was pretty nice and quiet at Belle Epoque. That of course will change as more people log in and read the note/notice.

What greets you is a big poster as there are actually 2 hunts going on. So I snapped one side of the poster and then the other.

This is my hunt list, from the Summer hunt I want #7,13,20,25 & 26. Then from the Birthday hunt I want #4,5,7 & 10. Yes I do buy bags/accessories etc and yes often I run out of steam and don’t get everything on my list.

PS. I have noticed no indication of the body fits so I will assume they’re Maitreya and maybe Legacy/Legacy Perky. I will add an update once I’ve picked up a few of the clothes.

UPDATE: I thought so but I wasn’t sure and I am now and yes these are old hunt prizes. NO SHADE on that because it give people a chance to pick up items they’ve never seen or didn’t get the first time around. I will say at one stage I didn’t think I’d find any of the Cupcakes but I did.

I repurchased this floral headdress as I know I already have it in my invent but couldn’t be bothered to try to find it and at 10Lds I just picked up another one. The dress only comes in 1 fit so I will assume it’s a Maitreya, still fits me perfectly though. So that’s a couple of things to look out for, check your invent first just to make sure you don’t already own the gift and also the design of the clothing to see if you stand a good chance of it still fitting your body type.

Belle Epoque.

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Flowers Time Hunt

Clock (working & transfer) Hunt gift

I just scanned this hunt quickly and came a cross this beautiful working clock from Gallerie Meara as their the gift – its adorable. Loads of time zones to set, as you can see I set mine to London ❤ Its just 2Li and is also transferable so if you are a sweet friend you could pass it along to someone to brighten their day. All gifts cost 3L.

Flowers Time Hunt Blog all landmarks, hints and photos of prizes.

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Enchantment Dark Academia Hunt

Free decor bunny plate

Really enjoyed doing this hunt – getting around all the stores, seeing new to me things – brilliant fun! Now it is a hunt that gives you the landmark to the next store kinda deal – always great until one store isn’t fully set up yet etc. however I used the hunt web site instead which is far easier (linked below) The Bunny plate above is 1Li and is the gift from MeadowWorks – absolutely lovely and has a place in my home.

Free Top & Skirt

Ok gowns are just not my thing – Zan does them brilliantly – but even I liked this one and could appreciate the details. This is the gift from Web Dew, fits for: Erika, Kupra, Kupra Kups, Legacy & Perky, Maitreya & Petite, Reborn. All prizes are totally free and there is no requirement to join a group to enter into the fun. Hunt object is an open little book btw.

Happy Hunting ❤

Enchantment Hunt Blog, all stores and hints listed

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Hello Tuesday Discounts Plus a Hunt Freebie

NEW RELEASE @ The Home Store $50L

THS have a really fab discounted Mothers day set for this weeks round of Hello Tuesday. All that you see in the photo: Buffet table with pink cloth & rose floral runner, Jug of flowers, tea set, candles, blackboard, cake (yumm) and a three tier cup cake stand – all food and drink items give out wearables. I cant believe this entire set is just 9Li !!! You can also separate out items also. Discounted to $225L that’s a massive 50% saving

NEW RELEASE @ The Home Store $50L

All the yummies for a close up shot ❤

$1L Jumpsuit Cheeky Monkey Hunt Adore Amore

Cheeky Monkey have a hunt on at the moment “A few of my favourite things” above is the stunning jumpsuit by Adore amore, this prize is 1L. Fits for: Freya, Isis, Venus, Legacy, Maitreya, Ocacin standard & voluptuous, Tonic curvy & fine. The clue to find is “Just hanging out at the back” , landmark below.


Cheeky Monkey Hunt Blog

Adore Amore

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Mean Girls Hunt

FREE Pink short, top & sandals

Breeze on over to The Mean Girls event and do the hunt – epic amount of gifts to be found and its free. Above is the shorts set in pink from Allure Couture, includes a pair of shoes also. Fits for: Freya, Kupra, Kups, Maitreya & Petite, Legacy, Perky, Hourglass.

FREE Fatpack dress

I’m allll about the sundresses atm – love love love this one as the gift from Tastic – super cute and is a fatpack ! Fits for: Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya & Petite, Perky.

Mean Girls Spring Hunt

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Elm Scavenger Hunt

Elm Scavenger Hunt

Elm has a scavenger hunt on and its SO much fun to do. I will preface this with the group costs 50L to join but seriously worth it not just for allllll the many gifts in this hunt but also there seems to be regular group gifts and sales etc. At the landing point go to the big hunt poster in front of the reception and fetch your sweet hunting basket – then wander around the whole area to find gold, blue & pink eggs in a little nest. The poster explains how many of each colour egg you need to get which prize. I think I actually found them all ! This swing was one of my fav prizes, the ribbons are texture change and its stuffed with poses – just 6Li (two wood textures for the seat also) It was relaxing wandering around and the eggs really a rent that hard to find – even for me. Event ends on the 20th April.

BTW the dress and shoes are what I spent my store credit on at Fake Society .

Happy Hunting ❤


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I took a chance. (15Ld Ricielli Hunt).

As I was, unsuccessfully, trying to find a hunt prize from my last post I realised I’d not been to the Ricielli shop for a while, and it’s well known for its bargain-priced “hunts” and I just had to head on over and it hasn’t disappointed me at all.

Look at the choices you have and at only 15Lds a prize you can go wild.

I’m wearing No 7 & 15. Just look at the details, especially on the belt and chain of the trousers.

Make sure to check the posters first as you need to make sure the item comes in your preferred fit.