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Cold Melons

Drat I missed the Secret Wednesday offer but the name of the shop, Vextra Fashion, rang a bell and a rummage through my invent dug up this cute and sweet little bather deccorated with juicy melon slices, hence the bad pun, AND it’s still on for a special offer of 1ld.  You have to go upstairs and on the windowsill is pile of items on offer and this little sweetheart is there.  However I never just grab the goodies and run I always have a good look around and this is a shop with a bit of everything from clothes to AOs and I have to say I’m impressed with the artwork.  I’m glad I had a good look around as I saw a smoking gift box which has one the the Banadage dresses in it so that was a real nice suprise.

Vextra Fashion

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Sn@tch(ed) Giftie

Sneaking another Sn@tch in, trust me the jokes could be never ending with this one, but I did this photo weeks ago and when I went back to check the offer was still out it had disapeared which was such a shame as this little “swag bag” offer is so retro.  What you get is a beige bra and knickers that have the white control panelling details beloved by our Mums and Grandmas I wonder if they ever thought their undies were as sexy as we think they are now? But alas it was gone,although I did manage to snag the new swag bag offer and scored myself some Capris, and I shoved the photo back in Flickr however much to my pleasure the lovely Sn@tch Lady (ivey.deschanel) was so please with my last blogg and this photo that she’s put the offer BACK OUT! How nice was that?  I’m not sure how long she will have them back out this time so make sure you grab em before they’re gone but then again she always has something thats shop quality on offer so it’s always worth popping in just to see whats there and of course the usual excellent LBs, Riot boards, 7 Seas Fishing, Bargain area and so many other ways to win yourself a snazzy set of new clothes but then again her prices are not only so reasonable but her clothes usually come in Fat Packs as standard!  As it happens I scored myself the Fat Pack of the Maisey Lingerie Undies for only 225lds and you get a total of 8 colours in different layers and as always they’re trans so great pressies for the lady in your life or your BBF. OH NO I went and looked and they have the same sexy undies with Frilly knickers right next to them.  Guess what I’ll be blogging soon.

Sn@tch inworld

Sn@tch Marketpace

No 9 Nylons

Special mention to No 9 Nyons as this is the best shop for stocking afficanados in SL and RL. They’re sheer, sexy, well fitting, abundant choices and so reasonably priced.  As it happens at this very moment they have 3 free gift bags placed around the shop with goodies inside of them.  I selected this garter and used a pair of their stockings I already had and that cost a mere 39lds just to make this outfit look so complete.

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Big “N” Busty “N” Bloomers

No sighing because I’m wearing yet another corset (be warned I have about a dozen in my invent and I might show you them ALL) so why this one?  Well it comes from a shop called Etchaflesh which is packed to the rafters with the tightest, cheekiest corsets you’d want your AV to be squeezed into but what makes them difference is the sizing.  Now believe it or not in SL terms I’m almost flat chested because of course what is popular is big, bigger and BIGGEST and this is the corset shop for those who think Big is best, personally I’m still waiting for pert and petit.  So for those of you with bosoms that enter a room before your body does then this is the shop for you, actually this is the shop for us all because how good does this look on me!!! This one is called “someday” and it’s a sweet retro duck blue floral pattern (in my photo it looks more greenblue but thats because I fiddled with the lightening).  However you MUST check out the Market Place first as they have this lovely at a lovely 99ld Promo price and sadly for my bank balance they have a massive 164 items for 99LDS!


Etchaflesh shop

Now for the  frillies.  I love Sn@tch thats the shop of course.  When you buy an item of clothing off them you don’t just get the one colour you get a whole set of colours the whole clothes layers and then the icing on the cake they’re Trans! So basically any colour you don’t care for you can give away to friends who will I’m sure love you even more.  They have such great texture to their clothes you really can see the fabric they are made of.  Couldn’t resist this sweet, sexy, naughty Miss Maverick.  Now in this case you only get the single colour but at a sweet 50lds I still think it’s a bargain.

This is through the Marketplace however I’m giving the LM for the main shop as they have generous LBs and you can even fish for an outfit but I bet once you start scanning the shop you will end up buying something.

Sn@tch marketplace

Sn@tch inworld

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Orange for Summer

I took a look through Amarelo Manga’s latest Summer releases…and came up with a couple of outfits ..I totally love the new capris, I’m showing them in Tobacco brown..they’ve got a few wrinkles in they don’t look *sprayed* on and are a much more natural fit…slipped one of the new mini blouses on in orange..simple..but classic styling…

For something a slightly more dramatic, I chose this long flowing maxi dress…I like this shade of orange, it’s so wearable, and not a colour Id usually go for…adorable deep curved back on this..with a loose tie at the neck…Musnt forget to also note the glorious skin I’ve got on…its from a new-to-me designer, store called “Mirror’s Enigma”, this skin is named Socordia (in the medium tone) I headed over to check the store out…and gosh…these skins are in a pack ,complete with eyes,cleavage – no cleavage,teeth tattoo etc..for just 300L ! definitely worth scooping up a few demo’s and giving them a go…this ones a keeper for me.

Btw…my awesome pose a group gift from Bent…called “Le.Cube”…

its soooooper fabulous, the store is packed with some unique poses…go take a peek.

Amarelo Manga

Mirror’s Enigma


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Fashion that wont break the bank

Im always on the look out for some good quality inexpensive items to show you..and was stoked to find a bag full yesterday..the outfit above I pulled together from a market place store, designer called Yumi Chiuh…some really top gear for around 1-5L…Ive got the pink ruffled mesh blouse on, white mesh shorts andddd the darling mesh pink sneakers….each item is only 5L…15L for the whole look! (other colours available)

I couldnt resist snapping up the matching pink mesh skirt either for sandals are this months group gift from SF Design….very birkenstock ! (theres a few changes for this group so please take note. There will be , from now on, a small join fee for the group of 100L…members will be rewarded with regular discounted items in the future that will only be available to them.)

The sandals are just awesome…as a group member I got the colour change pair as a gift..heaps of colour options for the straps….lotsa pedicures…and a really easy HUD to fit them…there is a standard pair out in black for non group members also, but only for this month…if you want the monthly group gift in future, join up!

michi Yuu Market place store

SF Design

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Yes I know a truly bad title to this great  outfit, chances are Faith will pull it, but I love Ducknipple and the one thing it proves is that if you have a brand name that stick in a persons mind then thats a good thing until someone like me tries to make a bad joke.  What isn’t a joke is this whole outfit, not just the mesh jeans, mesh shoes and mesh top but the whole outfit for….95lds!  and I didn’t even include the excellent geeky glasses and great necklace that come in the pack, 3 Alpha layer choices so you can wear each piece on it’s own and even a ref shape inc.  You get this outfit from the MP and the first thing you will see is that this isn’t the only great pack they have because they have various full outfits on offer for the same great price and undoubtedly they will all also be the same great quality and everything I can imagine is very mix and matchable.  I can also highly reccomend you visit inworld as they have a health discount section but apart from that a really lovely and well laid out shopping area.


Ducknipple inworld

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Whole Lotta Dresses

I’m in dress heaven…CandyMetal have released SO many pretty new things , I’ve got head spin ! Ok so onto the pretties BUT…dont forget, I’m showing one of the range..which means there are a heap of colour options to see in the store…plusss..demo’s to try before you buy ! First up is “Greta”….nice play on a style I’ve seen around lately…lace effect..pretty swirl to the hem…would take you from day to evening easily. I’ve worn my CandyMetal vintage pumps…love these…and SO reasonably priced…more colour options instore.

Then we have the “denim & cake animal print” mesh dress……same style but a totally different look. Cute-as-a-button day time wear….

Last for me today from CandyMetal is “Sumire”…liked this sooo much I’m gonna show you two versions…dark wash denim, with a tan natural belt….for me its a tiny bit retro lookin , which I adore..

and the slightly lighter shade here, dress them up..dress them down…..great frock for summer ! Get yourself over to the store….grab up some treats, and keep a beady eye out for those fahhhbulous group gifts ! Thanks Emychan ❤