I love riding in my car !

windsong - horseless carriage 15L !

There has been talk of arranging a mainland tour over at the SL Universe forums, so in preparation I followed a few links to the market place that were handed out and bought myself a new vehicle ! This is the “Horseless Carriage”, its made by Windsong. You’ll have a lot of fun looking through the store, its jam packed with low cost goodies to play with. This little car is so handsome and has ooodles of  toys onboard, sounds, animations, even a pair of goggles and a hatt ! all for the princely sum of 15L !  (its also wearable, so no prims taken up, no need to find a rez place and easier sim crossings) I bought another car from Windsong that comes with a chauffeur (called George ) who talks and burps and breaks wind – it’s just SO much awesome for 15 L !

ArisAris NEW! Indyra Tote bag

Onto some new releases from ArisAris (it’s a mixed bag I know I know) Totally love this suit, Chanel inspired jacket sits over a pair of leather look pants. You can get the jacket in various colours but the pants are always black. Lovely details at the ankle with a zipper placed at the side. Making yet another appearance is my tote bag from Indyra, this time in a scrummy woodbine tone.

ArisAris NEW! (complete with boots)

Another bundle of newness from ArisAris is this dress and boots affair…its crazzzzzylegs delicious huh?!  Semi sheer top to the dress is edgy without being trashy and the boots are almost edibly good.

ArisAris NEW! rear detail view

Check out the intricate details on the back, beautiful tiny buttons at the centre really set the look off and as always you find the ArisAris label hidden away – a sign of quality !

ArisAris mainstore

ArisAris market place store

Windsong market place store

Indyra mainstore

Indyra market place store

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Quiff UPDATED (Free hair).

LipstickAnalogue Dog has certainly upped it’s game, loads of new hair, new colours, new huds means a lot of new temptation.  Fortunately for my ever dwindling funds this hair is FREE.  MirrorYou get a full hud of colours from darkest blue to bright pink to and then even more as there are also 13 ombre selection AND a bit which looks like you can change the tints which I haven’t had time to fiddle with but I’m going to assume that it gives you even more choices.  What this free hair doesn’t give you is the more natural colours such as browns and blondes but I like a bit of colour and I think this exaggerated roll/quiff really looks great with the colours.  I also tried on all the new hair demos and omg my “want list” has increased.  All the new hair is right at the landing spot and the old hairs at a now discounted price are tucked away.

A BIG Thank you to Carensia, one of our readers, because I forgot!! to say that the Free hair is found in the glassy globes dotted around the sim (hint look behind the New Hair board).  So sorry for anyone that looked and couldn’t find it I hate making such simple mistakes but so appreciate it when people like the item so much they contact me for more details.

Then check out the table.  Lovely lady clutter, lip sticks, perfume atomiser, tissue box, brushes, mirror etc and all that clutter only comes in at 11Prims, the matching chair which of course comes with it is only 2 prims but unlike a lot of Follow Us items this is 100% female, in fact I think Laurent83 Waco has got some new ones.  Now I love his poses, I think they’re unisex, unfussy and so useable and sometimes unashamedly male, even as a non smoker I appreciate the smoking poses but this is feminine and so needs feminine poses and he’s got em. The lipstick one is so realistic you even test the lippy on the back of your hand before you put it on your lips, a little adjustment of the lippy and it’s one of the best AOs for that I’ve tried out. You get a total of 9 animations which are smooth and again feminine.  Some lovely oooo just look at me ones like in the next picture.  Display models are out in the shop, they’re near to the entrance which is a timely reminder that when you land at the shop don’t forget to go left through the door into the “Haunted Barn” for some last minute Halloween Horrors inc a 10Ld bench for some outdoor decor.

PoseThe poses are in the chair so that makes it handy if you don’t want to use the dressing table so I turned the chair around and using the very simple adjust option moved me a bit forward so I could oo and ahh at my new AnnA shape.  That black shadow under the table is a discarded LBD (Little black dress) I however never cash a shadow it’s not because I’m a vampire but sadly I crash when I try to cast a shadow so I shall remain shadowless, unlike the furniture, for the moment.

SPECIAL MENTION. Check out Follow Us Marketplace shop because he has 30 items set out from as little as 1Ld to 10Ld and some real brilliant stuff.  Trays of food, pumpkins, home decor,promo items, seasonal items, christmas items and all TOP CLASS texturing.

Analogue Dog

Follow Us!

Follow Us Marketplace

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Free & Newness

Strawberry Jame group gift sweater FREE!

I fell in love with a sweater – so so so cute and so so so sweet ! This is by Strawberry Jam, a lovely little store with so many adorables in I got dizzy . The sweater above is the current group gift – group is free to join also.

Strawberry Jam sweater 5L !

If you pop over to a different location you can score this version for just 5L ! Covered in candies and treats, scrumptious.

Voxxi highwaist Linnet pants blue NEW!

If you’re wondering about my deeelicious new pants, they are from Voxxi, the Linet highwaist trousers. The blue is almost a denim so it’s really versatile, check out the rear, some lovely detailing on the seams !

voxxie FREE !

Voxxi is a market place based designer, so no in world place to mooch – but do check it out as there are a number of gifts for you ! This dress is one of them, isn’t it a darling? It comes in a pack, this pinky red and a black.


Strawberry Jam mainstore

Strawberry jam labirynth location

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Almost free boots !

London Woo boots coldlogic dress SF Design scarf new!

I found these scrummy boots by [K’s K]for just 10L on the market place, aren’t they gorgeous?! It’s a limited time deal for 7 days and I’m not sure when that began. Sooo if you want them get them NOW ! (After the promo they go to 100L which is still a steal I reckon)

London Woo boots coldlogic dress SF Design scarf

I wore my boots with one of the releases from coldlogic called “zane”, which is a sweet lightweight knit dress, underneath a pair of  the piggies wooly tights from Jane. Dont forget the Jane sale that on at the moment, go grab some amazing deals .

coldLogic mainstore

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

[K’s K]


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Stars in my eyes and a free prop to enjoy

StarsFashion Rainbow wave complete outfit PROMO 99L !

Stars Fashion has a load more outfits this week on special promotion ! I think I counted six, all at just 99L ! Above is an outfit called rainbow, it’s a traditional chunky woolen knit with a huge cosy cowl neck that I adore. Fat ribbed hem keeps it all nice and clingy around your thighs. It also comes with the fabbo  leather beige boots andddd the bag – steal for 99L huh?!

StarsFashion Aztec night PROMO 99L includes bag,boots bracelet etc

Totally love this Aztec night outfit, snug knit dress with a really lovely stone covered necklace to set the neckline off just right. It also comes with a colour change HUD, so you get FIVE dresses in one huzzah!

StarsFashion Aztec night - PROMO 99L! Complete outfit, necklace, boots & bag included - Diesel Works Pumpkin Prop FREE!

There is also a pair of ankle boots in the pack plus a bag with options for hand hold or should carrying and some bracelets ! My smashing pumpkin prop is out as a free gift at Diesel Works, suits my mood today ! Ohhhh musnt forget, my wooly tights are from Jane, there is a HUGE sale on everything at the moment , pack of tights for just 25L hurry!

Stars Fashion

Diesel Works


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Smashing Pumpkins (Freebies,Gachas and Spooks).

HangStart at the bottom of this sim and work your way up.  Loads of great spooky places to hang around in (boom boom) lots of props and poses and great settings and Pumpkins. When you see a pumpkin, and there are many of them dotted all around the sim, sit on it (best turn off your AO for this) and you get to punch it’s lights out and you will either get a pressie, a LM to a pressie or strike out and get nothing but a puff of green smoke.  Then half way up you come to the Redrum and Death Row Design Halloween Gacha event.  Lots of in theme gacha items from some great SL shops but more than that again some more great posing potential, stalls and freak shows to simply enjoy.

Next to this prop is a cage with freeness which inc this skeleton (there was also a couple of outfits but if I remember correctly they were women s so I didn’t open them).  I didn’t grab all the freebies but got this and the Redrum stuff which inc bullet wounds and an autopsy set up.

Snapshot_075This is half way up but if you walk all the way to the top of the hill you will find a sign post one way is Redrum and even further down what looks like a small village made up of small shops, and the other way is DRD (Death Row Design).  I did notice that Redrum has a whole row of LCs and MM boards so when I log in to get LMs and other things I will be plonking myself in front of them to see what I can get although most items do seem to for women there is a couple of male items.


Redrum and Death Row Design (DRD) Gacha

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Hunting Pumpkins and a spooky free home !

Paradisis Hunt Gift !

Paradisis and friends on the same sim are having a pumpkin hunt – some great gifts to be scored ! I’m showing the selection of gifts to be found at Paradisis that make up this superb halloween outfit. You get the sweetest little mesh dress, that comes in bloody and clean versions, stockings, boots and a cute bow for the front of the bodice. My hair is a free group gift from D!VA , free to join the group also…while youre there at D!VA …

D!VA FREE Halloween hair - wings optional

why not grab up this Halloween hair do too ! You can wear it with or without the wings, sooper pretty….oh and btw…

Paradisis Hunt Gift - RC-Cluster bat on a string (black,brown & grey bats included) D!va free hair!

RC CLuster is back on the grid with a small store over at Floorplan yay! This gives me a great excuse to break out some of my toys from there, such as these “bats on a string”, 25L for a pack of three bats to wear on your finger – they boing uppppp and dowwwwwn.

Linus Humphreys the deserted House FREE (also comes with a winter version)

The delectable house I took these photos in and around is actually a freebie…I know right?! By Linus Humphreys and such a great build. As its mod I did lighten it up a little as it comes in a VERY dark, like pitch black colour and it didn’t show too well in the photos. However for Halloween its perfect. Lovely details inside, such as a flickering television, mop & buckets etc, plus the eery sounds of crows circling from above is played. There is a handy sculpted ground cover and the garden is part of the set, complete with trees, wood pile at the rear. Not only that but you do get a winter version included , quite the deal.


Paradisis blog for hunt info

Free deserted house

D!VA hair

RC Cluster