KissKissBangBang ooo shoessss

You know sometimes on a Friday I move slowwww, sometimes-like today– I move fassssssst…the difference? Well its simple dimple..the owner of KKBB Delia Linette..sent a note out about this LICKABUBBLE pair of shoes shed been working on..thats always gonna make my bones jump into action!! They are truly scrummmmmmy…check them out…click the pic for a closer view!

Strapped Heels - Tan Leather&Cream Suede 10L

The purrrfect shade for summer..Im totally into beiges & tan right now so I almost fainted with desire…my  little paws couldnt pay the vendor fast enough lol yay! Theres a HUD for skin tone & nail colour..you can also re-size…I lurrrrve them

Taxi to go: KKBB


And now..for something completely different..

mmhmm latex..havent any gooood latex fixes for a LONG time…sadly this one is because Dark Matter is closing …the owner says it might be temporary..but..everything is marked down to 10l that’s made by her (some vendors are not…be careful!) I chose this slitheryyyyy outfit called “double dare” 2 different skirt styles…or without…click the pics for a closer view!

Double Dare Crimson-part of whole outfit for 10L
Double Dare Crimson-part of outfit for 10L
Double Dare Crimson-part of whole outfit for 10L

The outfit comes in a range of colours…and the store is VAST…go mooch…thanks to Obasa Matova for the tip off !


taxi to go : Dark Matter


shiki shiki shiki !

Following on from my visit to Shiki with Steve earlier…of course I snaffled up some more of the gifts I havent shown previously to show you! Theres a whole HEAP of gear…heres a few of my favourites..they are certainly keepers..less yap..on with the gear..click the pics for a closer view !

The “black winter dress” is simply devine…I wouldnt say it was super wintery..just classy…the skirt is outrageously floaty and pretty..

Shiki-Black winter dress group gift

Next the “geometric lines” ensemble..gawd I adore this…so different and fresh..great prims !

Shiki geometric lines group gift

Last but SO not least..this cuter than cute jumpsuit ..dress up..or down..beautiful prim cuffs on the shorts…

Shiki purple jumpsuit group gift

 The store is massive..and the clothes are sooo unique…take a good look around, you’re sure to find something fahhhbulous!

Limo to go: Shiki


I could’ve dancedddd all night *beams*

Ahhh you know what>? Im SO not  a gown girly…but Im getting more & more now and…well….*fidgets* Im actually liking them more..I found this fantastic one from L.C Fashion..click the pic for a closer view !

LC FashionDesert Rose II. blue 1L

It moves so delicately…gorgeous layering…I even like the gloves ! Such  a beautiful shade of blue…adorable..

Get it here : https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=2514827

Go visit the store, lots of lulliness : L.C Fashion


Swimmin’ with Shiki

Shiki Swimwear Group Gifts - L$0

Shiki are absolutely brilliant when it comes to group gifts, they always have something new regularly available so tonight Faith and I ran down to pick up the swimwear group gifts you can grab at the moment.

For the guys there is a pair of swim trunks or boardshorts, whatever you call them, they are a wicked looking pair of shorts though. I love the design and the blue, white and grey colouring of them. They can be worn either on the underpants or trousers layers. They come with prim cuffs and a little prim lace in the front. They did have to be edited a little, but not much and they’re good looking enough to be worth it anyway.

For the girls, Faith grabbed the purple print bikini. That came with prim laces for the top as well. It’s a very simple but well made and very cute bikini, though be warned, it is a little on the small side if you don’t like that kind of thing 🙂

Shiki also have a load of their previous group gifts available, a whole roomful actually, plus a huge store filled with colourful, fun clothes for guys and girls.

Grab the gear here:


Hello my little love crumpets..

Im feeling so loved up today…life is gooood…and what better way to spend 15 mins than to go a’ huntin! nonono not those weasly wiley wabbits! TKO has a seaside hunt yiippeee! Youre looking for little buckets of varying colours all around the sim & in the store.each bucket is 10L and thats MEGA value for Kirsty’s gear…such fantabulous detail and freshly funkeh!..I found most yay! REALLY awesome stuffage..heres a few to wet your whistles…click on each pic for a larger view! (I DARE you, its a big boobie day hurrrah lol)

First up is a dress…Willow..nice un-zipped front…slitheryyyyyy

TKO Willow black dress

Next the gorjuss PINK honey top in starburst pink..it almost looks velvety…yumm

Honey top-starburst pink

Another top,this time with a fahbulous sculpted prim body..The Erin top

Erin top green

Now for my favvv…The LBD butterfly dress…I lubs butterflies ❤

LBD Butterfly dress

Skimpy tank in a really delicate shade…its boobalicious…

Hayley top in salmon

I also found the addiction hunt gift- not sure how long this will be there…so dashhhh…a great tube top ..

Gemma tube addiction hunt 0L

Good luck in finding all those buckets!!!…I noticed theres a LOT more gear out also have a good wander around this is sooper good gear!, plus the July dollarbie item is still out !

Taxi to Total Knock Out : TKO

Credits: Hair by Truth, poses by Diesel works & Miu