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A Happy FAIL(A lovely hangout place).

So I unpacked today’s finds and then binned the lot of them.  I honestly am not ungrateful for every gift that is set out for us but I always like to either show top quality items or good basics that every invent could use.  So once I’d worked my way through that lot I started to LM hop and WOAH found not just a fantastic place for me to use as a backdrop BUT what a gorgeous well designed, laid out and packed place for EVERYONE to use.

This is what greeted me as I walked around the corner from a small shopping area and although I’ve added a frame to the picture I’ve only used the sim setting so what you see is what you get.


Called Paradise in Paradise, and it is and it’s PACKED with top quality seating areas, pools, childrens playgrounds, beaches etc and although this is a no fly place it’s all compacted in a relatively walkable area, as it happens it’s all just on a quarter sim but it seems to much bigger.

XXXParadice Paradice3use

So many different styles of seating and lounging areas to choose from and even fully packed I bet you wouldn’t find it a hardship to either find a place to sit and chat with friends or lovers or in my case just use this as an amazing backdrop for some super sunny bikini posing piccies


As I mentioned there is a few small children’s playgrounds but don’t let that put you off as this is an adult oriented meeting area and by “adult” I don’t mean Pixel Slappin sort of adult! Nudity is not allowed!  This means a lot of SL families will find this a great place but for us singletons we won’t find child AV’s a problem as there is space here for everyone and I have a feeling that if anyone flashed their “attachments” they will be shown the door.


For this last piccie I changed the Windlight setting to a cooler evening one and of course you to inworld can change the windlight setting to make it either a blazing hot day or a sultry evening.

This will shock you but often when I come across a sim that has outdone itself and opened it’s doors to everyone I actually make a donation to the sims.  I only came across one donation box on my wanderings but there will be more.  Sims cost money and although it may not be as much as you think it’s still cost REAL money and when a sim has been as landscaped and decorated to this quality the people who have done it need to be given a show of gratitude even if that means a few Lindens towards the next Tier fee.

PS if you want to drop a Thank You note then a lady called Charlie Angel (charliefairgiver) is the one to send it to.

Paradise in Paradise 

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I’ll leave it up to you (Freebies n Dollarbies).

I was just rummaging through some old LMs and came across this one for “Freebiesowa”, a small skybox high in the sky with the Good, Bad and Ugly BUT also the Redeemable.


A selection of Freebies and Dollarbies, this is one of the Dollarbies, some hair accessories and jewels etc I was particularly taken with the button earrings but I forgot to put them back on and outside is a small washing line with some of the well-known !go gifts hanging there.

I also spotted a wall of dresses which were as old as SL is and quite a blast from the past I might even go back to snag one of them and wear it just for the Heck of it lol.


Will be honest and admit I’ve binned everything apart from these rugs, you get 3 of the same texture but with different wrinkles in them, very pleased with them and I can see them already in my home.

But special mention to the shoes there, there is only 1 pair there, as they come with the mesh feet already in them and OMG they matched my PumeC to perfection! Of course this doesn’t mean they will match your skin but they also come with a handy hud to change the skin and toenail colours so for those of you who don’t own mesh feet a good chance to try out a pair and see what you think.

So basically quite a mix and I think some of us old timers will recognise and will have at one stage owned a few of these now classic SL pieces.  So why blog this place?  Simple, if you can’t find something to tempt you then make sure to LM this place and when you come across a lost and lonely Noob this is a perfect place to get them started off at.


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In all day!(freebies).

Rain rain GO AWAY and don’t come back another bloody day! It is after all supposed to be SUMMER! We’re not even talking about gentle Summer showers were talking about downpours which have not only caused flooding but seem to have washed away all the plants I planted.

OK that’s enough ranting.  I just picked these up this morning and decided since I haven’t had anything to eat and it’s almost lunch time I’d do a quickie and then go eat the contents of my fridge and treat myself to some new nail polishes from eBay, it’s the small things that please the most.


I grabbed this and other Free GG’s from DRD (Death Row Design) but since I was wearing a butt ugly dress, no I won’t be blogging it and it didn’t come from DRD, I won’t be showing you the wearable intravenous stand from DRD.  There is a small selection of GG’s here some freaky like the stand and horrible masks and some like this chair and table set very simple and very usable for most. The table on its own even with all those items on top, linked, comes to just a single prim!

Word of caution as there are 2 groups, the freebie and the VIP one which costs I believe 150Lds but if you like this table set and the intravenous stand then the VIP group gives you the same items but MORE of them.

PS Click on one of the group gifts and you will be sent the invite to join the group.



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Get a Third Life, (Freebie Group).

I’m only in 2 Freebie Groups in SL as TBH they’re so busy and active it’s hard to keep up with all the super freebies and offers that come out all the time. SL Free’s & Offers is one and the other is called “Third Life”.

Often you will find that when a shop has out a gift for one of the groups they will also have one out for the other free group and that’s the case with this shop, ALTER , as it has 2 gifts out but I’m just showing you the Third Life gift but the SL Free’s & Offers gift is right next to this one so you can grab both at the same time.  It’s also handy that the Group Joining Boards are also right there next to the gift so it makes it super easy.


OK enough chat and yup I’m wearing a light flooding face/body light because I wanted to “commit a nuisance” geddit??? LOL Yeah OK I was just having fun but obviously the editing has changed the overall texture/colour of the outfit but the colours, apart from the black, are pretty bold and yes that means you get a colour changing Hud as well.


Make sure to either “wear” or “attach” rather than rezz the gift as it’s a pop up on your screen and you just click that and accept your gift then detach/delete the pop will know what I mean.  Comes in, from what I can remember, all the standard mesh sizes plus a couple of mesh bod ones so a fit for all.

So I missed it last week but I am determined not to miss it this week and I’m talking about the 25Ld Tuesday offer.  Most of the shops involved in the 25Ld Tuesday lean towards the RP/Gorean/Pheasant/Medieval SLers DO NOT let that put you off!  I have found some amazing, excellent decor and clothes for just this token price and it’s the weekly offer I hate missing so I’m logging  back inworld now to LM grab and then hunt me down some cheap goodies.



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Ease on in, (Freebie).

I’m back but I bet you didn’t even notice I was missing LOL.  A lovely weekender away which even the MASSIVE downpours we have been having in the UK didn’t manage to spoil….actually I LOVED it but then I am a bit weird.


On friday I had popped over to Jian to check to see if their 25Ld Tues item was still out but I had missed it however I managed to console myself with this new to me Freebie.


Although even on the stands these were pretty low primmed, 1 or 2 prims only but for my home the stands wouldn’t fit in.  However as soon as I saw the 2 magic words “Copy” & “Modifiable” it took nothing for me to separate them.


And I ended up with a handy easel stand if I needed one but even better this 1 prim wreath which can now hang on my wall.


I remember a long time ago when people used to grab freebies simply to take them apart and see how they were built, many a SL builder learned their trade doing this.  The rules have changed with Mesh though but I have many a good memory of standing in a sandbox taking things apart to put them back again.

PS other gifts there as well which are well worth picking up but I’m pretty sure I’ve shown you them before.


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Happy Birthday Seraphim !

Seraphim gifts!

My most used portal to all things shopping is the Seraphim website – if you haven’t tried it you’re really missing out. Seraphim has just launched their own HUD too, so now its gonna be even easier to locate and get to all those yummy events. You can pick a HUD up at their birthday celebrations, haven’t tried it yet but took a peek and it looks pretty simple dimple to operate. Anywayyyy I popped over to the partay, it was packed to the rafters yay! I landed right by a whole load of gifts, no group to join and free of charge. It would’ve been rude to ignore them? There are housey gifts,fashion gifts,hair gifts all sorts ! Above Im stood by the terrific pressie from Goose, just 5 Li and stuffed full of poses, skirt and shoes are also gifts, as is the hair (HUD with some cute colours) Brilliant ! Thank you Seraphim ❤

Skirt – Just Because

Hair – Ayashi

Shoes – Essenz

Wall and pillows – Goose

Seraphim party place & gifts

Seraphim blog

Bound top by Neve

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Free for you

Clawtooth FREE hair (3 shades included)

Always so happy to receive a gift, especially a free one ! Clawtooth have this sweet hair-do out for the next few days, it comes in three shades. Lovely ! Totally wearable style for the summer and fits my Catwa mesh head a treat. Also, two brand new finger lickin styles are on offer with a 50% reduction! Head over and don’t miss out.

June Trenkins freebie - Clawtooth FREE hair!

I found this pressie from June Trenkins on the market place, you all know I adore a wearable item, brilliant for when you want to go AFK or BRB or or or just anytime ! The clouds actually come in pure white, but its modify so I fiddled with mine (naturally) No unpacking required, just wear it et voila you’re swinging in the clouds.

Free cloud swing

Clawtooth FREE hair & offer

All clothing by Neve