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Super Shiny People. (Freebie(s)).

This outfit is a very nice and interesting start to the week

This is it full lenght, doesn’t include the boots. I’m not 100% keen on the matching pants, it’s the top which made me go “ooo”.

This outfit has that shiny leather or even plastic sheen to it. There is nothing wrong with the pants at all and because they can be worn seperately I’d team them up with something else, or bin them, as it’s this top I’m loving.

From the rufflles to the cheeky nipness I think it stands out.

This isn’t the only freebie in the “Cherry shop”. I was thinking it was going to be the dress I was going to show you until I unpacked this one.

Also make sure to check out the “MiCro”shop which shares the same platform. There is a single gift in there and I will give you a hint as to what it’s for..your legs.

Cherry & MicRo

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Worth every Linden.

The only reason I was hesitant about changing my side of the sim to full snowy winteriness(sic) was because it meant I had to either cover up my beloved Skye Zen Garden or even worse pack it up!

So when I checked the Syke Marketplace shop and couldn’t believe my luck that now you can buy a “4 seasons bolt on pack” for the Zen garden. This means not only do I get to go full snow with a couple of clicks I can change my beloved garden to whatever season I want and keep it out as a permament fixture.

My only concern was that in this case it’s drop in scripts you get and I’m just so unteccie. So I was worried I wouldn’t be able to do it and at first I did struggle…then I reread the instructions and understood where I was going wrong and once I’d worked it out it was so easy! Just a bit time consuming as you do have to do each individual part of the build which is a shame as the actual Zen Garden comes in an easy to rezz rezzer…but if I could do it you can as well.

I took a break and you can see that half of the garden has been changed to snow and the other half is still green.

Sorry as usual the Zen garden and seasonal bolt on are seperates purchases. I paid 899Lds for the garden and 499Ld for the bold on season pack. I save money on so many things so I can spend it on the things which bring me visual joy such as this.

I will put the LM for the Skye inworld sim but you all know the Skye builds/landscaping as its used extensively however to buy the items you do have to buy them from the Marketplace shop.

Skye Marketplace.

Skye Inworld.

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Patience pays! (Super Bargains & Mention of Freebies).

Woo Hoo, I’m so glad I didn’t rush back to Hisa to buy the snowpack I’d mention in a recent post as Hisa is now offering a 50% discount on all of it’s builds including the very same snowpack I was going to pay full price for and now I’ve saved myself some money!

This is what my house will look like once I start to snowified(sic) my side of the sim so I’ve just used the example that is out on the snow platform at the Hisa shop for us to see how it would look and you can also buy both the house and snow addon there and then if you want

You DO pay full price and the discount is sent right back to you.

Now for for what I didn’t buy.

These 2 homes are NOT being sold with a 50% discount, even better as they’re being sold for just 100Lds!

Yup I kid you not just 100Lds for either property.

The icing on the cake is that you can also buy the snow addon packs for these bargain-priced homes! You can see these 2 homes with the snow on the winter platform as well and I’ve checked they are priced at 100Lds and the snow pack will be 50% odd.

As brilliant as these builds are and for just such a low price I’m going to have to resist! Usual moan, I am a house/home/build hoarder and I just can’t afford to hoard more homes even ones as tempting as these ones are.

PS. There are Group Gifts which you will have seen before in many blogs inc ours.

Hisa Mainshop.

Hisa (Snow Add Ons).

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Gotta Getcha Gacha – New Round

A new round of the gacha event you don’t want to miss. My outfit is from Noble Creations – I think I look a lot like a Storm Trooper ! Being serious its called ” Thunder Suit” and comes in this white and also black. Each pull costs only $37L. Fits for Maitreya, Physique & Hourglass. See the link below for all participating stores.

GGG Gallery

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Mina’s as well! (Mina FLF Offer).

I went to Mina’s to see if she too was having a sale and SHE IS!

A 50% storewide sale, you pay full price and get the 50% refunded back to you. This big sale goes on till Monday which is good as the place is heaving so you will have plenty of time to try those demo’s out and treat yourself to some really fine hair.

But I’d rush for this FLF offer.

This is “Leslie” and she’s is my pearly princess hair.

A piled on top classy hair with the addition of those pearls just makes this the perfect dressy up hair.

You do get a style hud with this hair and if you want you can lower the piled up look and remove the pearls or make the pearls more irridecent etc

I’ve put the link to the Seraphim blog so you can see the other FLF offers as well as an extensive list of all the shops holding sales and it’s a big list!

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim Blog for all the FLF pictures and LM’s.

Seraphim Blogg for all the Black Friday Sales.

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This is going to BLOW my budget! (Freebie(s) & 50% Sale).

I just knew I shouldn’t have looked at the Nutmeg shop but I did and it’s going to cost me as at 50% off there are a couple of items I’ve wanted for a long time and the time is now to buy them,

Till then check out the NEW Freebie which although is in the entrance of the Nutmeg shop is a Reka gift.

The gift is the lovely cookie and milk board. You get 2 options, with or without shadow. This is the newest gift and I suspect a bike which is leaning against the stall is also new and you will find that and so many other amazing gifts just behind the stand with the new one on it.

The Nutmeg sale includes the Gacha’s so I treated myself to a play on one and won the little cup/pear and chocolate decor item and although I can’t remember how much I paid for it it was half the usual price.

Now I’m logging back in to LM grab and get SL spendy!

Dayum! That was quick, from the looks of it this excellent gift must have hit other blogs as the Nutmeg shop has gone from very quiet to not enough space for me to TP in.


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Feeling Fuzzy.(New Amiable Gift).

I knew it, Amiable is also having a 50% sale going on

It also has this new Group Gift out for us. It does have that fuzzy slightly blurred look which is suggestive a angora wool. This isn’t my fav gift from Amiable so it’s lucky that they do keep them all out so there is a whole wall of gifts to be found.

PS. The shop has had a little bit of an update and the shelves of Group Gifts have moved but are still in roughly the same area.