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Celtic Celebration Hunt 6!

Free shorts & shirt Celtic Celebration Hunt 6

Nice little hunt going on atm and I found the prize at Emerald Couture. You can always be sure of some top notch detailing from EC – and this little shorts & shirt combo is no different. Big range of mesh body fits plus some standard mesh sizing too. Each prize is just $2L – time to get your hunting goggles on.

Celtic Celebration Hunt 6 Blog

Emerald Couture – Hint is “what’s up Fiona”

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60 Special Go – $6L outfit

$6L dungaree shorts & top with Texture Hud Annies Fashions

Yes that’s right – this dungaree & t-shirt cost me just $6L from Annies Fashions- it even comes with a Hud giving loads of colours for the shorts and t-shirt ! I found this at the 60 Special Go Birthday event – quite a few of the designers had these $6L gifts out so take a wander around and see what you can find.

60 Special Go

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Just perfect – Dollarbie

Dollarie mesh sky box 5Li

Cruising through the market place and came upon this sweet dollarbie sky home. Just 5Li and copy mod. The blinds work too ! You get a lovely skyscraper view from the window. I’m thinking of using it as an office above my home, somewhere to contemplate my navel while I look for things to blog. Certainly wont eat up the prims if I just place a desk and chair in it . It would be brill for a small apartment too, certainly big enough for a couch, bed etc.

Riusaki Designs sky home

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Today is a joke. (Dollarbie & TeleportHub Gift).

First the TeleportHub gift which is from La Perla.

The sheer top and mesh panties do come in my SLink fit. Can’t remember how many colours you get in the hud, about 8 for both the top and bottoms which also can be worn as seperates. These are the TeleportHud Gift. 10Lds to join and the board is next to the La Perla Group Gifts. I’m sure more details about the fits and colours will be on the TeleportHub board.

The bunny wasn’t really needed as this outfit does, I believe come with panties however it doesn’t come in my SLink fit so I comprimised and covered my foo foo with a bun bun.

I think the link will take you to where the La Perla group gifts/dollabies are and this bunny outfit costs 1Ld and even though the La Perla group is free I didn’t need to join to be able to buy it.

There are some nice gifts which have been well blogged and well worth heading over to check them out.

PS. The “joke” is that after a couple of glorious warm days I had intended on spending some lovely leisrue time in my garden and as we say in the North East, it’s FROZZEN!

La Perla.

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Quickie@Kaithleens. (5Ld St Patrick Hunt).

I picked up 2 out of the 5 hunt prizes from Kaithleens St Patrick Hunt. Obviously, this simple strappy top is one of them and the other is the body con dress which you can see on the poster board at the entrance of Kaithleens.

Each prize is just 5Ld which is a snip for Kaithleen quality. If you have a few Lindens more, I think it’s 99Lds to join the group, then there are some quality gifts there as well.

Now pay attention as this top isn’t hidden in the Kaithleen shop it’s in the shop opposite. I’ve forgotten to get its name but I do remember it has a range of non-kink school clothing for teens and young adults. I did spot a couple of gift boxes and 1 seems to hold masks and the other has a school outfit which I believe is for a man. Since you may struggle to find the top I will give you a hint, look for a greenery wall.


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Mondays suprise. (Dollarbie).

I was wasting my wet/cold/monday morning mooching on the marketplace where I came across this Dollarbie offer of a puffer jacket from the Monomania shop.

So I popped it into the basket and logged in and the suprise is that I hadn’t spotted it’s a full outfit. Jacket, shirt, jeans and shoes. A hud of 6 colours which allows you to change the colour of each item and each item can be worn as seperates.

Once I’d tried them on I TP’d over to the Monomania shop, which is where this picture was taken. It is in the shop and although the Monomania group costs 50Lds I will assume this is set for sale for 1Ld. You will find this at the reception desk but in the area behind there is where you will find the Monomania group gifts as well as other gifts for other groups. I picked up the TeleportHub gift which I’ve not tried on yet.

Monomania. (Marketplace).

Monomania. (Inworld).

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Heck yes! (Dollarbie(sss).

I’ve already shown you a few of the Dollarbies from the N-Uno marketplace shop and possibly some from the inworld shop but this is most certainly new to me and I hopefully also to you.

Again it has that handmade feel to it that I love. I don’t know if that is intential or not but it just has the feel of someone upcycling old denim and if this brown isn’t to your taste then you can chose one of the other denim colours and since they’re all just 1ld you could buy all 6 of them and the matching scarves…which I missed lol.

Although this only comes in standard mesh fits such as S,M,L in fact I think everything in their marketplace shop is is standard mesh fits, you can try the demo’s out first. I did spot something in the note in the pack which suggests that this is actually a 2020 design that was either for sale or a gift from a Shiney Shabby event, which is one I don’t usually go to.

There is a lot more to see in the marketplace shop so as always even if this doesn’t interest you make sure to have a look and they all come with free demos.

I don’t want to say that there are any freebies in the N-Uno inworld shop as I can’t log in at the moment but again it’s another place to check out and I may do that myself when I can next log back inworld.

N-Uno. (Marketplace).