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I could be yours. (500Ld Credit for 20Lds).

I’m only showing you this “dry to wet” outfit that I’ve previously bought from the Blueberry shop as a teaser.

Basically pay 20Lds to join the group and not only do you get some excellent Group Gifts but a generous 500Lds worth of shop credit.

As you can imagine the place is heaving so they have made it easy and you can grab the credit through the group notice.

Sorry, I can’t give you a direct link to join the Group just the inworld LM as I just can’t seem to do it. Also, there is a cut off day to use your credit and although you still have plenty of time to use it you will probably need to practice your camming skills.


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It’s your second chance.(25Ld Tue).

I’m so pleased that this gorgeous coat and short set from Belle Epoque has been put out as a 25Ld Tuesday offer.

I already had this coat so my remaining 92Ld budget is safe.

Don’t worry if you’re not keen on this natural colour she has some lovely bright or pastel shades on offer. I will say that if I wasn’t on a budget I would have snapped up the blue and pink summery coats.

If you’ve not worked it out this is the sort of design where you alpha your arms/hands out and you keep this hands in pocket pose.

I’ve also popped one of Mina’s “beanie” hairs on just to show you one of the other styles she has. “Sira” (not a 100% sure I have the name right) comes with a large colour palette for the hair and the style hud inc in the 300Ld price.

Belle Epoque.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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A coffee break quickie.(Cheap, Cheaper, Free).

I mention a TeleportHub gift in my previous post so I dusted mine off to see if it was reblogworthy and it is.

Since you will be going to Amui, check out my last post, then on the wall with the other Group Gifts is this top. This is not an Amui gift but a TeleportHub one which is why it has a 10Ld price tag as that is the cost to join this group.

You can see on the TeleportHub board the fits and the colours/patterns you get with this top.

Then I needed some shorts and found these ones in my invent. Only 5Lds and they came from the Furtaco Marketplace Shop. You will see from the link the fits and colours/patterns you get and for once those “breakthroughs” are not breakthoughs they’re cutouts.

Now for the ” FREE”.

These are a “Stay at Home Club” gift which sad to say a lot of us are still doing that! To get these then you have to visit the Furtacor inworld shop.

Furtacor. (Marketplace for shorts).

Furtacor. (Inworld for boots).

Amui. (Inworld for top).

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Quickest post EVARRRR! (10Ld Gift(s)).

I’m running so late so I’m grateful that I’d picked this up last night so I can do a quick post then I can sort myself out in RL.

This fab onsie is a gift from “MooH”. You get a hud of some great winter/christmassy patterns. This will cost you 10Lds as it a “Third Life” Group which is now 10Ld. Check out the TeleportHub Gift as well which will also cost you 10Ld to join that group.


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Big on Boobies. (Dollarbie).

Rummaging through the Marketplace I came across the Vanilla Bae shop and some Dollarbies inc this top.

I think I may have blogged it before but such a long time ago so I’m really pleased to have found it again.

You get a hud of 6 shades and if you look closely you can see a night light floral pattern. I prefer the lighter shades as you can see the wrinkles and seams much clearer.

This top isn’t as “Vanilla” as the name of the shop implies as from what I could see most if not all of the shop has very cheeky “Strip me” options. Basically a hud which allows you or someone else to slowly strip you naked! It’s pretty bloddy good! Even this Dollarbie has this option and going by memory, cos I’m not going to show you, a click lowers one cup, then the other cup and then right down to your waistline and the last click removes it completely. Once you’ve finished your little strip show all you have to do is use the hud and redress yourself, one click at a time.

The funny thing is so much of the Vanilla Bae range is very normal clothing ie jumpers, dresses, top, shirts etc which look so pretty and so “normal” and yet come with that “strip me” option.

I’m going to put only the link to the Marketplace shop only as this top and a well blogged cheekier “Onsie” are on the Marketplace for just 1Ld while the Vanilla Bae Group does cost 50Lds to join. The newest Group Gifts inworld is a dress which you should find easily enough if you use the MP link to the inworld shop as it’s on the easel there. It is will worth the joining fee alone but check out the other side of the shop for the older gifts.

Vanilla Bae. (Marketplace only but you can get the LM for the inworld shop from there).

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Because I’m blabby! (Mossu 300Ld Credit for 30Ld…again).

I really need to stop blabbing on in my posts esp if it’s something someone may miss so I’m doing this post again on the Mossu offer as I’d hate you to miss it.

It’s a simple case of joining the Mossu group for only 30Lds then slap the board and get 300Lds worth of shop credit…that’s the easy part.

The hardest part was choosing what to buy, in the end, this cardie screamed my name as it’s just my SL and RL style. Although my SLink fit isn’t available, there is some SLink HG fits, most of what tempted me were very wearable with my preferred fit.

I’d actually planned on buying an item of male clothing as I have a naked male AV somewhere in my invent but when I saw the women wear I just had to grab something for me. Honestly, there were so many items of clothing, shoes and even a sparkly crown it was so hard to choose and since I still have 49Lds worth of credit I may just return and top it up to treat myself to something else.

PS. Still plenty of time but you do have to get and spend your credit before the 13th.


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Found it!!! (37Ld Gotta Getcha).

Faith also spotted that Mina was doing some sort of promo and fortunately this time on my LM grabbing visit I spotted it.

Only 37 LINDENS!! That’s all!

TBH even at the full price of only 75Ld the Gacha’s at Mina’s are cheap and a great way for you to get quality hair for a bargain price.  I will say that as a yard sale addict I have only once seen a Mina Gacha prize up for resale so people really must be happy with whatever shade they win.

As for the hairstyle, the difference in the styling is pretty minor just how high or low the headband and you can wear it with or without that “braid” which in the UK we really call it a “plait”. It’s nicer with the plait showing as it just has a subtle hippy chic feel to it.

The event is a brand new one called “Gotta Getcha” and I had seen it on the Seraphim blog and I’d even scrolled down the pictures and yet somehow managed to scroll past this Mina Offer.

The reason I don’t blog many of the BIG events until they’ve calmed down, is that if you don’t then you should follow the Seraphim blog.  They don’t really do “freebies” what they do is have the most comprehensive and up to date list of events and even more than that PICTURES and LM’s! The amount of time and work that the people behind this blog have to put into getting all of this together cannot be underestimated and I for one am truly grateful for their hard work.  So make sure to bookmark their blog and check it out regularly.

PS.  BTW I just pointed and clicked at the picture in Mina’s shop because these offers are only out till the 28th so plenty of time to get it but I didn’t want to be any later getting this info out to you.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim Blog.

Seraphim Blog Gotta Getcha Pictures.