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Glad I’m nosey! Excalibur Rentals

I saw in a group chat someone saying they were a landlord – soooo of course I had to snoop their profile ! This is how I ended up at Excalibur Rentals. Super happy that I did go and scope it out as I found some really cool mainland parcels that you could call home for such a reasonable price.

Excalibur Rentals 2

The web site is really easy to navigate, from mainland parcels to homesteads and sims. I found two little parcels that I found interesting, both are overlooking the SLRR (railroad) and I’ve always wanted to live by one ! I checked out the views which were pretty good and had a look around at the adjoining parcels – all looking great.

Excalibur Rentals 1

There are homes rezzed out and also trees but these are entirely optional. Make sure you always read the Terms Of Service (TOS) at every rental company. I studied Excalibur’s and found them to be reasonable and pretty reassuring that renting from them would be secure. Prices for these two little gems are $254 per week with 422 prims – 2nd home showed is slightly larger and is $277 with 468Prims. Web site listed below so you can see all the parcels and read the TOS. I did find the parcel descriptions really helpful as to what the land is like and how you might utilise it.

Excalibur rentals in world office

Excalibur web site with all info

TOS for all types of rentals they provide

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Renting a home in Second Life – something a little different!

Wolf Moon Rental Homes - Amazing !

I stumbled across this rental landlord quite by accident – and how fortunate I was ! After ending up in all the wrong places such as the bottom of the sea – mid air, someone’s home – I finally found a rental company with an office. Not just an office but actually somewhere that was simple to see what was on offer, that offered a teleport to the home AND back to the office. The company is called Wolf Moon and has a huge array of different styles of home to rent. From modern to fantasy and everything else in between. The fantastic thing I found was the homes have three rent boxes for different price per week depending on how many prims you want. How awesome is that ! I chose the above cabin rented for a week and paid $200L with 250 prims – what a steal! I chose it because it was right on the horse riding trail with a Teegle horse rezzer station nearby.

Wolf Moon attached Sky dome

In some of the homes you’ll find you also have a teleport to a HUGE sky dome included in the rent – how cool is that?! This was my own , as you can see its vast and you can also change the views of the interior. The landscaping around the homes is so different – but all of the homes no matter what style just blend right on in. There was a lot of space around my chosen home, I could see waterfalls, fantasy flowers and beautiful statues dotted about. I took quite a few rides around the place and always saw something new. The landlord is SO helpful – if you need anything just ask. I stayed for a week but could easily extend that to a month at least! I didn’t experience any lag even when there were quite a few people present on the sim. Top tip : Let the office rez completely before you look around, you’re looking for green arrows that show empty homes. Go check it all out and have fun ❤

WolfMoon Rental Homes

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Recommendations Please !


I slogged round Second Life yesterday trying to find a rental home to share with you – did I find one? NOPE – ohmymdays why don’t landlords have an office or at least a board showing what they have vacant? I landed in the sea, in peoples homes, on abandoned land but most often just dumped on a sim with no information to guide me to their rentals. It was soul destroying honestly. I was a landlord for eight years, I had an office with up to date boards showing what I had on offer, its not hard to do !

So I wondered if any of our readers were currently renting a home that they felt was good value or stylish etc. If you do drop me a notecard with a link to the rental office and I can scope it out to share ❤

Name: Faithless Babii

Thanks !

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Renting a home in Second Life – $17L per week !

I had a notecard from a lovely lady yesterday – thanking me for showing rental homes – it was super lovely to hear that it had been of help ❤

It made me realise I hadn’t done a rental blog for a while and I think I got ever so lucky today. I found Chasing Dawn Homes – apparently they’ve been renting homes since 2011 – and Id never come across them till today! Basically they have several sets of these $17L per week apartments, each is themed and housed inside a well made location. Above is the marina, moving water, sounds outside, ever so pretty.

I really loved the rainy location (as I live in the UK and I’m used to rain) As I couldn’t find any vacancies I sort of spied through the windows – you get a bed, couch etc (good makes) everything you need to call home.

This is the main office. If you look at where I’m stood, there is a board to register your interest in a home , so you will be alerted of vacancies. To the right of that are the teleporters to take you to each apartment themed area. There are other homes at very inexpensive prices so take a peek at those too.

Chasing Dawn Homes

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New Home?

Gosh I haven’t had a look at the Second Life rental market for a while and actually I haven’t looked at my own “little hideaway” rental company for ages ! Colour me surprised when I did and saw that Amanda Dench the owner has added some new style homes wooo! I’ve rented my sky home with The Rookery for ages, its one of the $30L per week with 10 prims types. I have two large rooms, one which I have split into a bedroom and kitchen. Obviously you can see over time I have collected more and more stuff ! So the prim limit has been raised. However they do come ready furnished and you then have your prims to personalise. These are SO rarely available but it pays to keep checking at the rental office .

Had a mooch in the rental office and found NEW homes ! The prices range from a modest 70L per week up to around $500L per week, all furnished and ready to go with your own prim budget added for your items. Above is one of the larger sky homes, beautiful brick built style. Huge rooms which are amply furnished with some great items. This one is in its own sky environment, some are on the ground. Go check at the office and see what’s available – thanks Amanda for being the bestest landlady ever ❤

Rookery Rentals

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Very Cheap Rental homes

Im always on the look out to show you some dead cheap rental homes. Sometimes its just what you need, specially in these times when everyone’s budget is squeezed. I found Evanstone Rentals in the classifieds, they have several locations with varying prices of homes. The styles vary from site to site, the furniture varies from home to home ! I rented this little house for $14L per week, its part furnished and you get 30 prims of your own. (Although some of the same houses said 25Li of your own?)

The house is a little strangely sized, so everything tends to look a bit small inside it, but it is what it is. At this location there are plentiful outside areas to wander around in, plus the homes have a little balcony to the front. Upstairs there is a bedroom – the bed in mine isn’t overly special and it doesn’t say if you can ask for it to be removed – however, each home seems to have different furniture, so check whats inside before renting. The one and only thing (if I was going to live here) that Id just HAVE to ask about, is the landlords love of HUGE rotating “FOR RENT” signs above the empty houses – its so ugly ! Feel free to wander around No 44 – thats mine – there does not appear to be a way to lock or secure the door – so have at it !

Evanstone Heights
Lanville – where my house is

Athenis Village

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Apartment Life – $10L home!

My $50L months budget is still intact hooray! I hunted high and I hunted low, finally found an apartment for just $10L per week. This is AL, they rent very inexpensive homes from $10L – $50L. The more you pay , the better the home – simple. These apartments aren’t bad though – just a little oversized. Two rooms, furnished as a lounge and a bedroom. Menu driven stuff – I haven’t tried it and if I was going to stay long term Id prolly ask for it to be removed and use my own gear. I was also given 10 prims – I’ve used 5 so far phew! I’ve got this for 2 weeks – so KERCHING I have spent to date $22L – oh my almost half way through my allowance in just 2 days !

AL rentals