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Hang on in there.(5Ld Gift).

I did spot this outfit previously in a post/notice or even someone’s blog but it wasn’t until now when I was scrolling through the FurtaCor Marketplace shop did I realise how nice it actually is.

Comes in so many fits and as separates with the addition of a pretty big hud which allows you to change the colour of the top, skirt and the under the bust belt, it’s really bloody good.

I absolutely love, love and love this pattern and although I could have made the 3 pieces separate colours/patterns I love this all over same pattern I think it draws your eye to it.

I’ve removed the skirt and obviously changed the texture of the top keeping the belt as the same texture even though I could have changed it but it’s easy to see it and again I think the same pattern for the whole top just looks great and as you can see it fits nicely over my fav jeans.

BTW about the background.  I’ve been lurking at the Two Moon Garden shop so I’ve just used one of the new builds as my background to save time and as an excuse to show you and remind you about the Two Moon Garden shop.  I can’t remember how much this particular build costs but it was something like 799Lds however you get EVERYTHING! The house, garden, plants, stream, boat and on and on and all you do is “plonk” it down.  The reason I’m lurking at the Two Moon Garden shop is I’m trying to win one of the Lucky Board prizes and going through all my notes at the same time.

Now for some inspirational crapola.

I don’t think there will be a person on this whole planet who hasn’t or will not be touched in some way because of this bloody Virus!

It seems to have both brought the best and worse out of people.  We see papers/news shows full of idiots having fisticuffs in the shopping isles over a packet of bog roll or hand sanitizers! What the papers/news don’t seem to show as much, I guess it’s not a clickbaity as people behaving badly, is people putting themselves out for others in their community! Local to me a group of people have come together and not just put letters through their neighbour’s doors but posted to a neighbourhood online forum that anyone who needs any help just has to call. They will do whatever that person needs, some shopping picked up, a trip to the Doctors, even cleaning if that’s what’s going to make the person, presumably elderly or ill, needs to keep themselves clean and happy. HOW FREAKING NICE IS THAT!

So as hard as it seems to be at the moment, maybe it’s a good idea to turn off the miserable news and do the things we NEED to do to ensure we and our loved ones remain safe from infection ie wash hands, cough into a tissue etc.  Then plan on what to do if you’re going to be trapped in your home so you don’t go stir crazy, sign up for an online course, download books, SL of course lol.


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Bikini Babe.(15Ld Group Gift).

I’m going to ruin this perfect image by admitting the RL me needs to pee so badly but I just want to show you this fab Group Gift before I log off to do some RL work, inc going for a pee lol.

A Tachinni Group Gift, that’s the name of the shop if you don’t recognise it.  15Lds to join which is as I say a “Piddling amount”.  I also spotted a couple of Lucky Chairs but I just grabbed this off the reception desk, pulled some poses and when I return with more SLing time I will check both this and the other shop sharing the same area.

And the reason for the close up is so you can see the detailing of this gift is so good you even have water drops on it. I’m not showing you the back straps but they too are as detailed as the front of this

Tachinni (The shop behind you).

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Oooo Salty! (10Ld Marketplace Find).

Yes, I’ve been MPing again as I seem to be on a good luck roll and this dress is another brilliant find even if I do say so myself lol.

A lovely fine knit texture and a hud which allows you to change the dress, sleeves and tie colours plus you don’t have to wear those sleeves if you don’t want to.  You can also make copies of those sleeves and add them to the folders containing an outfit that could do with a bit of tarting up.

The best thing is is that even though this doesn’t come in my SLink P fit it’s a damned good fit so it’s a KEEPER for me.

The Salt & Pepper shop does have an inworld shop, sorry I don’t have the LM at the mo, but I do know from previous visits that there are paid for Group Gifts if you want to check that out.

S&P (Marketplace Shop)

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Costume Drama’s. (39Ld & 10Ld Bargain’s & Mention of Freebie).

A couple of days ago I picked this 10ld dress up from the  “Rush” shop on the Marketplace and although I took this picture of it I wasn’t going to show you it till I’d made sure that a very similar but better-textured freebie wasn’t still out and it’s not.  Then today when I picked up the hair in my second picture I knew I’d found a winning team.

The dress is from a shop called Rush on the MP.  There are other colour options for only 10Lds each and a bright red Christmas version for only 1Ld also you can try a demo of this dress first if you want to…in my case it was cheap enough to risk the 10Lds.

This is the hair I picked up this morning.

It comes from the “Mr & Miss C” shop and I am pretty sure I have/had hair from this shop before. Those roses go up the back of your head as well and you get a big fat pack of shades for the hair as well and only 39Lds.  I think you can see that the dress and hair will actually make for a great look.

There is a Freebie for one of the big Freebie Groups since I can’t remember which one I won’t say but you can see it as soon as you TP over. There is also a discount section where the hairs are as low as 9Lds but seem to average at 29Lds however even the full price hairs are “bargain” priced most at 39Lds and some at 49Lds.

Rush (Marketplace)

Mr & Miss C

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You might wanna be quick. (19Ld Group Gift(s)).

I’m pretty sure the Spirit and Kitja shops group used to cost a lot more than the 19Ld it is at the moment to join.

For that small price tag, I joined and grabbed the Group Gifts even though I knew they weren’t going to fit.

I’m showing you just one of the outfits as I’d have to take everything off to show you the other full outfit and I ain’t got no time for that.

The skirt is an excellent fit for me and although the top looks like a great fit as well, that’s all down to the pose as it’s hiding the breakthroughs. The string/crochet texturing of the top shows your AV skin through it which just screams quality texturing.

As I mentioned there is another gift of a bright red Valentine gift of a bra/leggings set which comes with a hud. Again I would have shown it to you but for that one I’d have to take everything off and nope but check it out and the fits for yourself.


The Spirit & Kitja shops are two different and yet linked shops, so I decided to pop back to check both shops out, the outfit I’ve shown and told you about are in the Spirit shop but right next door in the Kitja shop is their Group Gift, same group as Spirit, and it’s LOVELY!  I may show it to you later but then again I probably won’t but I didn’t want you to miss out on another great Group Gift.

Spirit & Kitja

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No need to thank me, thank Shi instead. (Dollarbie Fatpacks).

The name “Jellyroll” tinkles a little bell in the back of my mind but if it wasn’t for the heads up off Shi I would not have found it or the Dollarbies for sale on the Marketplace…THANK YOU.

The jeans are the “Weekender” ones and I’m wearing the summery pinstripe version but in the hud, you get a total of 20 shades and textures.  There is also a nice delicate chain belt as well which you can see better in the next picture and yes I have also changed the colour of the jeans.

Loving this top, it reminds me of the sort of top ballerina’s wear when working out. Another fatpack of colours makes it such a generous and handy bargain.

If you need more shoes then check out the “Princess Heel Shoes”.  Are these items “Scandalize” quality? Of course not but I’ve paid more for less quality so I’d totally recommend you get these for yourself.

I also picked up the “Anna Sweater” but even the right fit for me was not a good fit and now that I’m checking the MP shop again I see that there is an “Anna Sweater Set” which is the sweater with a matching skirt so maybe the skirt in this pack is designed to be high enough to cover the breakthrough.  I’ve not had a chance to try that version out but for 1Ld it’s worth the risk and of course you can wear both the skirt and sweater as separates so if it’s still a bad fit then I’m pretty sure the skirt will be a good fit.

I also got the “Veronica Mini Skirt” but managed to get the demo version, I still tried it on and although it has that sharp edge to the hem the texturing is really good and teamed up with a jumper and leggings a winner

In the MP shop, there is also a lot of Dollarbie hair.  You all know I’m super spoilt with my Mina hair but not everyone has the budget for hair or wants to spend much in SL, and I don’t judge anyone, so if you want some interesting hair, because they do seem to come with some very interesting colour packs, then try them out for yourself.

There is a link to an inworld shop but in all honesty, I doubt there is an inworld shop…but I will be checking that out next time I log in.


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2 Styles 1 Price.(10Ld Shoes & Mention of Dollarbies & Bargains).

Just as I was about to throw in the towel and go do some RL housework I finally found my score for the day but don’t get as excited over these shoes as I was because SLink only…Boo Ya!

I picked up the 10Ld pack as this one contains 2 styles, plain and buckled and although you can’t see it I am wearing one of each.  If you have SLink feet then there are other packs for the plain style in more colours.

I don’t feel too bad for you because there are other bargain clothing inc Dollarbies and cheapies all for Maitreya fits….which is why I’m just showing you the shoes.

To find these gifts/bargains etc you have to find the curtained-off room towards the back of the shop, just keep on walking, head through the second set of doors and it’s there, trust me once you know what you’re looking for it’s easy to find.