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Christmas 2022

Christmas 2022 From Faithless 3

We have finally reached the big day – its Christmas here in England! Just for this occasion – I decided to wear the final advent gift from Celestina’s which is this gown, gloves, jewels & heels. Plus my hair gift from Truth (group fee $250L) SO much has happened this year – the good, the bad AND the ugly. Next year is already promising to be heaps better.

I hope whatever type of Christmas you’re going to have, it works for you and you look forward to 2023 with renewed hope in your heart, healthy & happy ❤

Going to leave you with one of my favourite Christmas time stories, read by some rather special people.

Twas The Night Before Christmas

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$5L For Christmas

FREE Christmas Dining set for 2 or 4 people 9Li

Just found out the Dench Designs have some brilliant $5L items on the market place. Its an older style but is still a great item, has all the fine details you’d expect from Dench. Music to play, food to rez and some great male & female poses , you get a table for two and for four. Its just 9Li as rezzed, prims go up the more food you rez from the menu.


► Copy
► Music (There are 4 Festive songs to choose from)
► No Poseballs
► 2 versions (2 seater and 4 seater)
► Low Land Impact
► [Male] and [Female] Sections
► Can Adjust Positions
► Props automatically attach to avatar
► Extra Decoration can be added to the table

FREE Christmas Dining table 2-4 people 9LI

The food and table décor is SO lovely ! There’s even a flame on the puddings brandy butter.

Food Menu: ► Starter (Rare beef, honey glazed carrots, roasted potato slices and a red wine jus)
► Main (Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Sprouts, Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce)
► Dessert (Home made Christmas pudding with Brandy Custard)
► Cheese & Biscuits (A selection of Cheeses with Crackers & Plums)
► Toast (with Champagne)
► Coffee
► Full (You really can’t eat the petite fours)
► Whisky (The finest Scottish Malt)
► Drunk! (Well you would be after all that Whisky)

Free Cosy chair animated female & male

I also nabbed this “slumber chair” which I think is just perfect for an after dinner catnap. I’m pausing my day to have some warming soup and there are many more fantastic poses built in. The chair is also just $5L and 5Li.



► Comfy
► Drink (touch mug to pick your flavours)
► Soup (touch bowl to pick your flavours)
► Furbaby Love (Cuddle your best furry best friend)
► FedUp
► The Chills (touch Rug to change Textures)
► Tummy Ache (touch Rug to change Textures)
► Its a Cold (touch tissue box to stop/start Coughing/Sneezing sound)
► Getting Tired (touch Rug to change Textures)
► Asleep (touch Rug to change Textures)

Dench Designs market place

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$50L Who can resist!

Ride With Santa- wearable, gestures & poses inc. $50L !

If you know me, you’ll know I cant resist a wearable item ! So this “Ride With Santa” is right up my alley. Just wear it and off you go, walk or run speeds, or fly. Of courrrse it has many options on most parts for textures – because that’s what Ever Green does beautifully ! There are also gestures that animate you. Cant believe this is just $50L – that’s my transport sorted for Christmas week at events !

Night Before Christmas book - Audible & readable $99L

If you love Christmas you’ll adore this. Rez it and read it, or choose between a male or female voice to read it aloud to you – touch the book for info – I set mine to automatic so the pages turn and the voice reads me right the way through – so soothing & relaxing…its just SO lovely! Only 6Li and costs just $99L – this is something you can bring out year after year, a real tradition maker. Go take a peek at the Festive area as there are a lot of new releases and all at very reasonable prices. Thanks Luna ❤

Ever Green

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Frangipani Garden 1Li dispenses to a variety of forms

The Okinawa Christmas Festival is a must! Not only is it a real treat to wander around as its so beautifully decorated – there are tons of great items to buy. Also quite a few gifts! Not only from the designers but also from the Okinawa team – hint – check out the delivery truck at one end of the event – goodies for you to munch! Anyyyway first up the item I bought is this cute stand of cupcakes – isn’t it divine? It dispenses cupcakes naturally but oh ! Not for only human avatars! Dinkies, Hamster, CHIBIT, Animal fairy & chipmunk ! I love Frangipani Garden, always have, so this was a real winner for me – just 1Li also. There’s a lot of items in the box such as wearables.

Free Outfit Free wearable cup

As you shop look out for the little Santa cut outs, some tell you of discounts and some have free gifts. Above is the gift from Les Sucreries de Fairy – you get two colour versions, this red and another silver and ice blue. The garland is a separate item so you can wear it without if you wish. My peppermint drink is the gift from Schadenfreude, wearable and décor – 1 Li.

Happy Shopping ❤


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Free gifts & Black Friday Bazaar

FREE Dress & Belt

I shopped my little heart out at The Black Friday Bazaar – really lovely event. Almost all the designers had a little gift out for us – this beautiful red dress & belt was the present from ::Sweet Intoxication:: huge range of mesh body fits and a really cute item

Free decor items 1- 2Li

I also collected a whole assortment of adorable Christmas themed gifts ! All of these range from 1-2Li so easy on the land impact for decorating. Just join the group when you arrive and click away on the gifts.

Happy Shopping ❤

Black Friday Bazaar

second life

Merry Christmas !

Its the big day – some of you will be surrounded by friends and family some of you wont . Whatever this day brings to you I hope you enjoy it and are safe, healthy and happy. I’m just about to make the drive to see my father then back again to enjoy a dinner with friends. On the 27th my annual trip to Spain – where hopefully it wont be raining as it has been here in the UK since forever !

Thank you so much for reading our little blog in 2019 – and even bigger thanks to Zan who has really kept it running on most days/week/months when I’ve had to work more than is really healthy!

Stay safe ❤



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Not too (Shiney) Shabby. (Freebies).

Shiny Shabby has opened its door and everyone has flooded in, not too sure if it’s for all the new designs of clothing, furniture, skins etc or the FREEBIES!

For me, it’s the freebies of course and there seems to be oodles of them as from a quick scan around I could see a gift box on all of the stands.  So in this picture just from I’m wearing a FREE Valentina E dress and standing in a FREE The Bearded Guy backdrop/room but I’m not wearing the FREE Lipstick, lol.  Actually, it was pretty amazingly bold in colours, it just didn’t suit the dress so I’m sticking to the subtle shade I already had one.

The place is heaving, which does mean that for me the Winter Shop & Hop event may have calmed down so you know where my next TP will be too.

PS.  The dress comes in just the one fit, guess which, but shockingly it’s not a bad fit at all for me.

Shiny Shabby