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Newness & Group Discount

$50L NEW realease @ Dench Designs- Guitar chair 3 songs, MF 2Li

Ohhhh I decided to pop over to Dench Designs and see if there was anything that caught my eye – and as alwayssss there was ! I snapped up this vintage wooden chair for just 50L – its little secret is that its musical and once seated a guitar pops into your hands ❤ You know me – anything musical and I’m right there! Animations for playing for male & female, and three beautiful tunes – just 2Li!

Group Price NEW release Dench Designs Vienna Table set

Id been keeping my eyes peeled for a while to find a new dining table for my home. Tadah! This is a new release at Dench ” The Vienna Dining Set”, super lowwwww prim, you can rez as many chairs as you wish (I’m going to use just two I think) The tiled top has a ton of pattern and colour options plus items of décor such as candles, flowers, fruit bowl etc.

NEW Dench Designs Vienna Table set

A small selection of some of the meals you sit and nosh. Breakfasts, lunch & dinner, plus hot & cold drinks. Fantastic animations plus the option for facial movement or not as suits. The set is on offer at the moment for group members, you get a whopping 50% discount – so this cost me only 100L ! The group is free to join, make sure to wear the tag and choose the lower price option when buying.

Dench Designs

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$50L Exclusive for Cheeky Monkey Hunt @ TFW

TFW Exlcusive item for Cheeky hunt HollyWood Glamour 2Li, $50L

I can finally share with you the last exclusive item that The Fiddlers Workshop has out for the Hollywood Glamour hunt by Cheeky Monkey! I’ve been super patient as I really wanted this for our bedroom – gotta have those finishing touches to make it pretty right?! This is shoe rack you need, delicate pink linen bench seat with a couple of photo albums, and below an arrangement of shoes. Its just 2Li , who can resist. Its currently residing in our bedroom beside the wardrobes and it just looks perfect ❤

TFW Exclusive item Cheeky Wow hunt Hollywood glamour $50L 2Li

Some close up details – love the aged texturing on the spine of the albums. (The price of $50L is exclusive to this round, and wont be at this price again.) The hint to find this is “”sometimes you need some when you have to be awake””.

The Fiddlers Workshop

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My Cheeky Valentine Hunt

TFW Hunt Gifts Kissy Mugs & Clock

Ohhh you’re gonna love this hunt ! The My Cheeky Valentine Hunt has started and there are prizes to be found alllll over the place. You’re looking for a little monkey and they are quite easy to find, scattered in and outside of the event, in the gardens and stores. The Fiddlers Workshop has two of the cutest prizes ever !

[TFW] Kissy Cups

above is the “Kissy mugs” such delicate colourings for the ceramics and cute kissy faces. Just 1Li and $1L once you’ve found the monkey of course.

[TFW] Valentine Clock

The love clock is the $10L prize, only 3Li. Its a working clock and the hands tick smoothly around the retro styled face. Adjustable to your time zone too. The hunt is a lot of fun ❤

Happy Hunting!

Cheeky Monkey Blog with all gifts & hints listed

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$25L Tuesday

$25L Tuesday Dress

Love a bit of $25L Tuesday! So much to see any thing from fashion to homewares , and of course, all the great bargain price of $25L. I snapped up a couple of these cute dresses from Cleo Designs – simple & sweet, a large range of colours to choose from.

If you’re wondering where my super duper kitchen is from – its Dench Designs of course ! I’ve got a lot of kitchens from this store – never fail to impress and SO low prim (this one is an L shape with a central island – the whole thing is just 3Li) landmark below to go and have a gander at them all.

Cleo Designs

Dench Designs

25L gallery

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Free @ Freedom Creations

Free working bell 2Li @ Freedom Creations

New to me store Freedom Creations is a real winner if you’re into décor & buildings. I found them on the market place whilst looking for some low land impact builds. Build rezzer is outside and wowser I was impressed ! Really fancy a stone farmhouse I saw, plenty big enough to make it into a home and only 24Li. Anywayyy after rezzing a lot of builds I wandered inside the store and found some dead nice group gifts – group is free to join. This bell on a wooden stand is just 2Li and actually works. Touch it and the bell elegantly swings and rings, a really lovely gentle ring. Then it slowly grinds to a halt – so realistic. There are a few other group gifts in the same area. Don’t forget to visit the discount section outside, I picked up some brilliant 1Li décor items for as little as $25L.

Happy Shopping ❤

Freedom Creations

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Group Gifts & More

Moon Sha grassy shack - 4Li FREE

I haven’t been to the Moon Sha store for ages – and when I did pop over I was in for a surprise! Not only are there plenty of group gifts , there are camping places, lucky boards and mini manias! Above is the grassy shack its a group gift and the group is free to join – its just 4Li and I’ve used it to replace the old stables I had out. Perfect for any garden and really nicely made. While I was taking photos and perusing the store I danced on the camping stand , I won a gift card and a lot of other items !

Moon Sha desk 2Li

I was tempted to buy something and bought this desk & chair – 1Li each ($250L). Actually most of the builds at Moon Sha are around 1-2 Li and very detailed – Ill definitely be going back. The desk is stuffed with poses for males & females, and it works perfect up in my attic at home.

Moon Sha

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New-To-Me @ $10L

$10L Sectional sofa adult & PG

A new store that I found whilst perusing the market place is Careless. What a find ! Everything is just $10L and wow so much I like. Above is the sectional sofa called “Riley”, its just 4Li , comes in several base colours and each one comes with a massive Hud for changing the cushion textures. I bought the PG version but the adult one is also $10L. Packed with poses and activities !

$10L Furniture pack adult or PG

I also snapped up this complete Boho set, there is such a lot in the box and I think I managed to squeeze it all in the photo, all very low land impact and of course – just $10L. I’m heading back to pounce on a few more items for my beach and living room !

Careless Store