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Lazy Sunday is Back! 50L – 75L

Silence Skybox 28Li $75L Sunday only

A quick scan through the offers for Lazy Sun day had me dashing to buy this stunning sky home by Bueno. Its a vast space and only 28Li – costs $75L and is well worth it. A gallery level accessed by wooden open stairs, built in shelving on both levels with pretty vases attached (all in the 28Li)

Silence Skybox $75L 28Li Sunday only offer

Beautiful full length windows with long drapes and a gorgeous wooden floor – its just super stylish. This is part of the new Lazy Sunday event, market place based also so no need to hop around all over the place. A great selection of home & garden, clothing etc.


Lazy Sunday Gallery

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Affordable Sky homes & A Dollarbie

Sky Homes from 30L per week

If you haven’t been over to Sunnydale Village yet go take a look, there’s always lots going on. Right next door to The Fiddlers Workshop is Simply Skyboxes, simple set up, easy to rent and move in. A good range of skyhomes to choose from. My favourite one was the second in the photo above as it had a large selection of gorgeous window views to choose from. Just select the style you’re interested in, touch the rental board and you’re sent a teleport to go take a peek. All the homes looked spacious and bright with plenty of room to add your own touch. Talking of *adding* the prim allowances are great too! Prices start from as little as 30L per week.

Note from landlord: ✦ There is a bonus scheme in place for long term renters who will receive discounts once they reach certain targets. The rent box will refund the discounts each time you pay once you reach this level. If you wish to move homes, please let me know so I can move your rent box with you otherwise it will start from scratch.

Spend 500L – 5% Discount
Spend 1500L – 10% Discount
Spend 2500L – 15% Discount
Spend 5000L+ – 20% Discount

Free Skyhome 26Li open plan living

Then I spied this little beauty on the market place. The Azura one room house – its just 1L and only 26Li. Absolutely vast inside so you’ve enough room to make a divider here and there to split up spaces. Lovely raised platform at one end which might lend itself to a place for a bed. Fantastic detailing on the roof timbers plus a ready made built in storage unit to one side of the room.

Simply Skyboxes

Azura House

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Free Sky home With A View

Never one to miss an event I headed over to the latest round of The New Ones. Great looking event with plenty to mooch at. I recognised a few of the stores but Erfe was new to me. They have a fantastic home for sale at the event check it out! Then I spotted this…

Erfe FREE Skyhome 24Li

On a side wall is this gift from Erfe – was a fantastic way to see if you want to see more of their work – and I certainly do! Just join the Binge events group (its free) and collect this stylish retreat as yours. Basically you have one spacious living area and I mean…its big. Plenty of room to sub divide if you wish into different spaces – or keep it as is and enjoy the airy bright quarters. There is an open fronted kitchen area with tiled floor, a seperate small room which might suit a bathroom – then ohmydays that classic city skyline view. Texturing is spot on, sleek and modern and really nice attention to detail. All this for just 24Li ❤

The New Ones

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Luxury Living Free

FREE sky home 18Li built in wndow scenes, paintings and shelving

Spotted this gorgeous luxury penthouse style sky home for absolutely free last night. Very smartly built, and only 18Li. Its all one space, open plan – with one step up to the space by the large window. Art work and shelving is included but optional as its modify and can be removed if not to your taste. Fantastic choice of views from the panoramic window operated by a small box to the left hand side. If I still used a sky home as an office for the blog – Id definitely use this !

ZADIG – Penthouse Skybox

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Free & Low Land impact home

Lamp Light FREE skybox

I found this sweet sky home on the market place by Lamp Light. It comes in lovely pale pink tones but is also modify so you could alter that. Primarily there are four rooms, living room, kitchenette style area, bedroom and bathroom.

Lamp Light FREE Skybox 17 Li

It also has two stylish round porthole shaped windows with blue sky  clouds – really adds the wow factor. A faux curtain boxes off the bedroom to the bathroom – but really its up to you to utilise the space. Unbelievably only 18Li. You can buy this on the market place for $5L or head to the main store to get it for free – no group join required. Its packaged up and sat on the shelving along with quite a few other gifts.

Market place Lamp Light sky home

Lamp Light inworld store (free)

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Cant beat this for $1L !

Dead chuffed to see a new release by The TinSmith , this “double decker loft” style apartment is just fab. At the moment its on offer for $1L – I suggest you grab it as the price will go up !

Its a low land impact high on style build. The lower floor is neatly divided into two distinct areas by means of a wall with place for a fire – or whatever you wish ! Burgundy marble would make such a lovely hearth no? Plenty of windows that give the whole space a bright airy feel. The stairs are hidden away to the rear, dark marble steps and a brilliantly decorative wall with lots of cubby holes for knick knacks. Upstairs is one large space with plenty more windows to let in the light – nothing boxy about this skybox !

Added – all builds are just $1L for a limited time on the market place store listed below

The TinSmith

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Thrifty idea (Free)

One of my favourite past times in Second Life is looking at homes and whilst I was at AT Design I spotted a board saying “Useful”, on that board is a free gift of Skybox covers. If you never knew you needed one of these – well you DO! Such a nifty idea. We all have some of those gorgeous skyhomes right? The ones that are gorgeous inside but look like a carbuncle on the outside? Yeah you knowww. So in this box are covers, many different sizes with a texture change function with lots of different facades to choose from. Simple but effective and just 1Li !

AT Design