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$5L For Christmas

FREE Christmas Dining set for 2 or 4 people 9Li

Just found out the Dench Designs have some brilliant $5L items on the market place. Its an older style but is still a great item, has all the fine details you’d expect from Dench. Music to play, food to rez and some great male & female poses , you get a table for two and for four. Its just 9Li as rezzed, prims go up the more food you rez from the menu.


► Copy
► Music (There are 4 Festive songs to choose from)
► No Poseballs
► 2 versions (2 seater and 4 seater)
► Low Land Impact
► [Male] and [Female] Sections
► Can Adjust Positions
► Props automatically attach to avatar
► Extra Decoration can be added to the table

FREE Christmas Dining table 2-4 people 9LI

The food and table décor is SO lovely ! There’s even a flame on the puddings brandy butter.

Food Menu: ► Starter (Rare beef, honey glazed carrots, roasted potato slices and a red wine jus)
► Main (Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Sprouts, Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce)
► Dessert (Home made Christmas pudding with Brandy Custard)
► Cheese & Biscuits (A selection of Cheeses with Crackers & Plums)
► Toast (with Champagne)
► Coffee
► Full (You really can’t eat the petite fours)
► Whisky (The finest Scottish Malt)
► Drunk! (Well you would be after all that Whisky)

Free Cosy chair animated female & male

I also nabbed this “slumber chair” which I think is just perfect for an after dinner catnap. I’m pausing my day to have some warming soup and there are many more fantastic poses built in. The chair is also just $5L and 5Li.



► Comfy
► Drink (touch mug to pick your flavours)
► Soup (touch bowl to pick your flavours)
► Furbaby Love (Cuddle your best furry best friend)
► FedUp
► The Chills (touch Rug to change Textures)
► Tummy Ache (touch Rug to change Textures)
► Its a Cold (touch tissue box to stop/start Coughing/Sneezing sound)
► Getting Tired (touch Rug to change Textures)
► Asleep (touch Rug to change Textures)

Dench Designs market place

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$50L Who can resist!

Ride With Santa- wearable, gestures & poses inc. $50L !

If you know me, you’ll know I cant resist a wearable item ! So this “Ride With Santa” is right up my alley. Just wear it and off you go, walk or run speeds, or fly. Of courrrse it has many options on most parts for textures – because that’s what Ever Green does beautifully ! There are also gestures that animate you. Cant believe this is just $50L – that’s my transport sorted for Christmas week at events !

Night Before Christmas book - Audible & readable $99L

If you love Christmas you’ll adore this. Rez it and read it, or choose between a male or female voice to read it aloud to you – touch the book for info – I set mine to automatic so the pages turn and the voice reads me right the way through – so soothing & relaxing…its just SO lovely! Only 6Li and costs just $99L – this is something you can bring out year after year, a real tradition maker. Go take a peek at the Festive area as there are a lot of new releases and all at very reasonable prices. Thanks Luna ❤

Ever Green

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Free Décor – Its The Little Things

Free Christmas Decor - All 1Li

I love to fill my Second Life home with treats & food at Christmas – so I scoured the market place to see what I could find for free or $1L. Wow I came up trumps with my haul ! At the back is the large Xmas tray from Disorderly – absolutely beautiful and perfect for a centre piece – costs $0L and is just 1 Li. The little pot of candy canes is by Mint and again 1 Li. The Santa card & cookies is from Mint again, costs $1L and is 1Li. Tray of cookies is from Revived, $0L and 1Li – it also give out cookies to wear.

Free Christmas Decor - all 1 Li!

This sweet Christmas cake is by poyun & poyo poyo – something a little different for your festive table. The main cake is 1Li as is each individual cake – super cute and just $1L.

Christmas cake

Disorderly Xmas tray

Candy Canes

Santa milk & cookies

Plate of cookies

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Bounce into NextUp

Ever Green Bouncy Boppers! $50L a pop @ NextUp

Ever Green is at the latest round of NextUp and they have these super fun bouncy hoppers up for grabs! I’ve been enjoying doing my shopping on them ❤ Rares and commons available but seriously – they are ALL great fun.

Menu Driven Bouncy Christmas Ornaments Ad

Only $50L a pop or you can grab a fatpack – get them ALL! Of course made by Ever Green you get endless menu options which is fun to fool around with.

Happy Bouncing ❤


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The Elves & The Shoemaker

Ever Green Ginfer Bread Tree - 2 Prims Discunted!

I am really enjoying wandering around all the festive markets that have popped up. This one is just adorable andddd Ever Green have some treats and discounts for us yay! Above is the Gingerbread tealight tree, its so whimsical. You get three sizes in the box from table top to full tree, all with the great Ever Green menus to alter many many parts. If you buy it at this event you get it at 50% discount – just $75L.

Ever Green Ginger Bread House Discounted!

There is also this rather fantastic full size replica Gingerbread house – its for décor not for living in. Super pretty with a ton of options for most parts. Again buying at this event saves you cash – 50% discount – so just $175L – if you’ve got a festive area this would really fill up a space. Take a look around there are heaps of other items – I especially love love love the sleigh bed ❤

Ever Green @ The Elves & The Shoemaker

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What I bought. (25Ld Tue).

A quick post to show you just the 2 things I bought from the 25Ld Tue list.

The bauble/swag is from Simply Shelby. So happy it is mod as I had to shrink it to fit my fireplace. Now I know it can I’m going to put it in a few other places as I do believe it’s only about 3 prims.

This planter is from Muniick..and I can’t resist planters especially when they’re this quality. Again only about 2-3 prims.

I don’t have the inworld link as I’m just about to head out…pay attention because you can get the links to the different shops if you look on the right-hand side of the seraphim the white area which lists the shops this is what you can click to get the inworld link.

Seraphim Blog, pictures of 25Lds.

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Still good. (Freebies).

I went to the Simply Shelby shop a few days ago to pick up the fab weekend offers which still look as though they’re for sale so check them out before they change at the weekend.

This is one of the freebies and the flower used in this wreath is called “Helleborus orientalis” and its because of this gift that I actually own some of these plants in RL because I just love them.

To find this and the other VIP Group gifts, follow the path through the garden and veer to the building to your right and the bargains/discounts are at the building at the end. Not hard to see and there is a TP but the TP won’t work to take you to the freebie area.

Simply Shelby.