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I save to spend. (Only a mention of Dollarbies).

This old “wooden trade cart” is something I’ve had on my land for years and it’s STUNNING. Not only stunning but go on have a guess how many prims? (I will put the answer to that at the end). I’ve not edited the picture in any way so you can see the detailing for yourself or if you want to see it inworld just common over, it’s out all the time.

I’d always assumed it was from Nomad or Crate but nope it’s a small shop called Pagan.

And yeah, coaches and carts are another of my SL addictions and when they’re this good I will pay any price but it turns out I paid only 120Lds for this.

So I went to the Pagan inworld shop and bought this to add to my hoard.

It’s an old water barrel cart. I think I paid about 99Lds.

I had to leave as I’m just about to start dipping into my tier fee and when that happens I know I’ve spent enough in SL lol. I will return to this shop as it just has the sort of things my creepy ass really likes as well as amazing sim/home decor.

I couldn’t see any gifts in the shop, but it’s a pretty packed and visually busy shop so I may have missed any gifts. I did check the Marketplace shop and found some Dollarbies, which are actually still full price in the shop as I’d already price-checked them in the shop before I even looked at the Marketplace. So just make sure to check the Marketplace first.

As for prims, the first wooden trade cart…9 prims and the water barrel cart…10 prims.

Pagan. (Inworld).

Pagan. (Marketplace).

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Hippie Caravan – Today Only!

50L Hippie Trailer PG with colour change

Oh I had to buy this, and today its just 50L! The Hippie mini trailer is so cute! PG animations for females & males, plus a few hugs and kisses thrown into the mix. If you touch the ice box you are also given a choice of beverages to hold.

Caravan Hud

In the box you’ll find this Hud also, so you can play around with not only the exterior of the trailer but also the interior fabrics. This is straight out in my SL garden – love it ❤

Chez Moi

Hello Tuesday Gallery

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Be A Super Fan & Get The Benefits

Trompe Loeil Super Fans offer $50L Geonna Pool

I’ve been a member of the Trompe Loeil Super Fan group for ages and the benefits of this free to join group are simply amazing. Each week there are special offers for its members of two items , each just $50L. This week one of the items is the Geonna pool above. Absolutely huge and stuffed with PG animations for singles & couples, bathing and relaxing.

Trompe Loeil Geonna Pool $50L

The pool is really beautifully executed with a central island and cascading water into the main pool In the roofed section is an area to set up a bar, a roaring fire and a couple of sweet windows to let those windlight effects stream through. This would make a big impact on a garden due to its size, and at 67Li isn’t so primmy for such a substantial build. Go and take a look, you can always find yourself one of the rez stations and take a good look at it before buying and test out all the animations. Don’t forget you need to be in the super fans group! Youll find these super fan items right to the right hand side of the main door.

Trompe Loeil –

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As promised, not free.

A better picture than the one I did in my last post of what I keep locked up in my closet…because we all have hidden secrets!

This came from the WLS (What’s Lost Spirit) shop. I found this shop when I was doing the Anti-Valentine hunt which, obviously is now finished. This did cost me 288Lds and I thought it was worth every penny because when it comes to my home/landscaping that’s where I spend my Lindens.

As for the shop it has unique and dark décor, builds and I think maybe wearables. I’ve not really had as much of a good look around as I should but then again I’m worried that I will be tempted to buy something else…like the Gallows.

The second LM is for this sim.

I’ve not edited the photo but I did play with the windlight settings so you can see what you can do if you choose to visit. This is outside of the creepy sanatorium. I’ve not had a full wander around the whole sim yet but I will do as its open to all to visit, play and take photos.

PS. There is I think 3 freebies, DO NOT rezz the broken(?) head as that thing as stunning as it is was over 600prims…lucky I rezzed it at a sandbox lol.

WLS. (What’s Lost Spirit).

We do weird. (Dark Sim).

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Free To Partay!

FREE Balloon Decor

Ooooo its partay time ! Yes yes head along to MadPea and collect a whopping pack of all things party related décor. Its massive and I’m showing probably about a 5th of it here. Balloons, balloon groupings, disco ball, streamer curtains – and all in silver, gold or in some cases confetti themed – its totally magnificent – thanks MadPea ❤

PS. head into the store, the free pack is left of the reception desk, join the free group to collect.

Mad Pea

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It’s a match. (Dollarbie hair, Cheap & Cheaper).

As I always say it’s hard to get free/cheap quality hair so this one from the No-match shop for just a single linden is a really appreciated find. Although it’s Valentine’s themed in the hearts which are twined around the plaits I appreciate that you can you wear the hair without them and you also get a full-colour palette.

The cheap,120Lds, is the wearable bread basket I’m holding.

I too love wearables but mine are mainly baskets and flowers so when I saw this really detailed basket from the Blanche shop I had to have it. You get 2 poses, this one with the arm bent and one with the arm straight down and when you walk it holds the pose well. Click on the basket and you get a choice of carby treats to wear. On top of that it also includes a rezzable version which I do believe is only 2 prims and if you could see the quality of the texturing/detailing you will be shocked.

The even cheaper is the lamp behind me as it’s this week’s 25Ld Tue item from Muniik.

PS The hair, Love Letter, is next to the weekend 60LD offer.


I feel bad that I’ve not been able to show you a picture of a close-up of this dollarbie hair so I went back to No-Match to snap a photo esp as there are a lot of picture boards at the LM and it will also help you to spot it.

It turned out to be even luckier as the smaller picture is of another dollarbie hair which has been designed to be flatter against the head and more hat friendly.

No-Match. (Hair)



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Breakfast In Bed – Free

Free Group Gift 4Li Nutmeg

One of our blog readers nudged me about this group gift from Nutmeg – so thank you! Nutmeg is free to join and this latest gift is really just adorable, a wooden platter with boiled eggs, coffee, pears a stunning rose etc…all for free. Its just 4Li which is superb! While you’re there don’t forget to help yourself to the box right beside this latest goodie that contains allllllllll the gifts from last year – so many that I haven’t unpacked them yet. While I was there I couldn’t resist this weekends 60L offer – I’ll leave that as a surprise for you.