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FIRE!!! (100Ld Fireplace).

I didn’t add fireplaces to my list of things I hoard and here is the latest addition to that hoard.

I just couldn’t resist this fireplace from the “The Artist’s Shed” shop. It just blends in so well with the house I’m using at this moment and with just a 100Ld price tag it was such a bargain.

You get 2 versions which is basically with or without a lit fire. The socks drying in front of it is cute and one of them has I believe Mistletoe sticking out of it but to me, this isn’t a Christmas fireplace.

Since I literally have only the one wall it will fit against I’ve had to pull everything out and so when I get back inworld I will have a nice time rearranging everything.

The Artist Shed shop is a TRAP! It has some hidden unique treasures at bargain prices so I think I was lucky to walk away this time with just this one purchase.

BOOGER!!! I did a NOOB thing.

Yup, that’s me, settled down to do a bit of furniture rearranging and I deleted the whole blinking house! I did have it locked and got the warning it was locked but I thought it was a shadow I was deleting…it wasn’t.

On the good side I’m heading off to a sandbox and work my way through my house hoard even though I know I will inevitably use one of my favs….but fun times.

The Artists Shed.

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I’m in Love With This <3

1Li Grand Piano filled with classic music ! (black or white)

I checked my inventory before I parted with my cash – and yes, I have a huge amount of pianos already. However, this just stole my heart. Not only is it just 1Li but it is stuffed with the most glorious piano music, mostly classic (my favourite) but also a couple of more modern pieces. This grand piano comes in white, as above, but also black. I just cant fault it, none of that annoying flicker you see on some 1Li items, just beautifully made – Perfect. I had to splash a bit of cash to own it £500L to be exact, but gosh its so worth it. It comes with a superb piano playing animation for both male & females plus a couple of sitting/relaxing poses for each.

Dekute Dekore

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What I bought. (25Ld Tue).

A quick post to show you just the 2 things I bought from the 25Ld Tue list.

The bauble/swag is from Simply Shelby. So happy it is mod as I had to shrink it to fit my fireplace. Now I know it can I’m going to put it in a few other places as I do believe it’s only about 3 prims.

This planter is from Muniick..and I can’t resist planters especially when they’re this quality. Again only about 2-3 prims.

I don’t have the inworld link as I’m just about to head out…pay attention because you can get the links to the different shops if you look on the right-hand side of the seraphim the white area which lists the shops this is what you can click to get the inworld link.

Seraphim Blog, pictures of 25Lds.

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Packing Up – Need Shelves!

TFW Pipe Shelves various sizes fatpack $50L

Thinking of changing my home againnnn and I needed shelving for my new place. Look no further than The Fiddlers Workshop. They have released a fat pack of “pipe style” shelves for just $50L ! Stylish & modern but would fit in most homes.

TFW Pipe shelves pack $50L

You’ll receive a whole bunch of shelf styles in the pack and its all thankfully really low prim (2-4 per piece)

TFW Pipe Shelves various sizes $50L

This is all 100% original mesh made by TFW , no templates, and hand made textures also. Love the graininess on the metal of the pipes.


Set of 8 modern and detailed mod shelves made out of pipes for general use, that take either 2 or 4 prims, depending on the kind.

The pipes are textured with shiny metal and threads at the ends, while the joints have a grainy metal paint. The shelves are made in wood.

What you get with this package:
– 2 x shelves on 3 levels that are attach both to the wall and to the ground (2 prims for the single sided one, 4 for the double sided one)
– 2 x shelves on 3 levels that hang from the ceiling and attach to the wall (2 prims for the single sided one, 4 for the double sided one)
– 2 x shelves on 3 levels that attach to the wall on both upper and lower hookings (2 prims for both the single and the double sided kinds)
– 2 x shelves on 1 level that attach to the wall (2 prims for both the single and the double sided kinds).

Pipe shelves Market Place

Pipe shelves Inworld Store ( don’t forget to collect your free vase while you’re there)


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Still good. (Freebies).

I went to the Simply Shelby shop a few days ago to pick up the fab weekend offers which still look as though they’re for sale so check them out before they change at the weekend.

This is one of the freebies and the flower used in this wreath is called “Helleborus orientalis” and its because of this gift that I actually own some of these plants in RL because I just love them.

To find this and the other VIP Group gifts, follow the path through the garden and veer to the building to your right and the bargains/discounts are at the building at the end. Not hard to see and there is a TP but the TP won’t work to take you to the freebie area.

Simply Shelby.

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It’s like art! (Freebie & Hunt).

Eclectica lives up to its name as even as you walk up the stairs to the impressive shop, don’t be a lazy sod and use the TP, you know you’re going to find some special things.

First the freebies, the small incense burner is a gift for everyone and has been the same gift for oooh years and I only kept it as a reminder to visit this shop. You will find it at the main entrance, just click the blue square marked “gift” and it’s sent to you. The urn was a really nice surprise as I wasn’t looking for a hunt gift, a small house-shaped cardboard box is what you’re looking for, and I thought this was a paid-for hunt so I was happy when I clicked on the box when this was sent to me. I think maybe for this hunt to get the LM’s you have to buy the hud (50Lds) I could be totally wrong though.

Most of the items in this shop are shoes,accessories and on the top floor is home decor. They do lean more towards RP/Steampunk in design but are also things that people who don’t RL would be able to wear or use in their own homes no matter how they live their SL lives.

I did treat myself to the sheepherder’s staff/stick for only 90Lds and it was nice I could try the demo out first. Then I continued walking up to the top floor and that’s when I found the cooker of my SL/RL dreams. A retro 1950ties cooker with the best AO I’ve seen. Even though it comes with a price tag when it’s something of such quality plus it’s what you want for your SL home it’s worth it.

Only visit this shop when you have time to spare, it’s not a massive shop but you will inevitably end up walking and looking at everything and as for the prize the only hint I will give is “don’t be so dirty”!


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Gobble Gobble Gobble. (Dollarbies).

I decided to do the “Jerky Turkey” hunt and found in the Artic Storm shop these jeans/top prizes and naturally, because of the colour it was the first thing I decided to hunt for, the next thing I’m hunting for is the wearable turkey on your head lol.

Lots of fits and can be worn separately for only 1Ld.

As for the moon, blimey when I stumbled upon it on the marketplace it was a blast from the past as I already have this or at least maybe the original one as this is “V2”. The version behind me is not the biggest and it’s one of the slow-rotating ones. I also know that the smallest one is hand sized. Extremely reasonable prim, I will check and add it but I’m pretty sure this massive moon is only 6 prims…update soon.


4 prims and I’ve put myself right up to the moon, it’s changed as it is rotating and this is the other side, so you can get a better idea of the size.

Jerky Turkey Hunt 12 Blog. (LM’s Prizes & Hints).

Artic Storm. (Outfit).

Ally*Adventure. (Moon, Marketplace).