Fart Frequency Designs !

Yes isnt it a comical name ! I found this on xstreet this morning…sadly no inworld store at the moment but according to the creaters notecard in the box…there might be soon! Lets hope there is because its a beautifully made ensemble…good texturing on the top & jeans, plus the choice of two styles of cuff on the pants…great job! Click the pic for a closer view ..

Star Halter in Plum & High Magick Jeans 1L

Heres the link : https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=2596595

There is an inworld group you can join, for updates & possible store opening, look for : Fart Frequency Designs in groups ! (update-just spoke to the designer, the inworld group should be up & running later this week! Ill give you a heads up, cause Ive just checked out the rest of  the xstreet items and they totally rock!)


Bank Holiday bargains !

Yes today in England is what we call a “bank holiday”..so a lot of people get the day off hurrah! I was up and about early and spied a couple of bargains on xstreet for you…click the pics for a closer view!

LC Fashion & Design Salin streetwear 0L on xstreet

This outfit comes with jeans & prim cuffs, tshirt,thong panties, belt & a great manicure! I headed over to check out the mainstore and its stuffffed full of goodness, it even has a discount floor where you can find some amazing deals (tp’s to get there are scattered around the store) Heres the link for xstreet, mainstore link at the bottom !


Bitzu ~ Seductive Top and Shorts 0L on xstreet

Also found this cute panties & shirt from Bitzu, a new store to me, really useful laced shirt and the cutest little shorts/panties, ideal for jeans or a summer skirt ! Dont forget to go check the main inworld store also! get it here : https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&file=item&ItemID=2571443

Taxi to go : LC Fashion & Design  & Bitzu mainstore


Paisley Mania

SF Design Paisley Shirt - L$25

What better way to end a perfectly dull and dreary Monday than with some colour. Well, I guess for a lot of you it’s the beginning or middle of your Mondays but the same principle still applies. 

Today’s Monday Mania item from SF Designs is the Paisley Shirt and I love it! I think I have a thing for colourful, patterned shirts as I always seem to like one when I find them. It comes with two different versions: the three-quarter length sleeve and open neck you can see above or a long sleeve, fully buttoned type. They come with a prim collar, a kipper flexi tie and both versions have their own prim cuffs. This shirt has a slight silky look to it and makes the bright colours look even more brilliant. I love the look of the pattern, as always swaffette has done an amazing job and for only L$25 it is an absolute steal. Go on down and put some colour into your Monday 🙂 

Get the gear here:
SF Designs 

Pose by Diesel Works Animations


Animal Lovers Hunt…awwww & ooOOOoo

yay! I love critters and all things animal related…so this hunt ticked a few boxes for me..oh it was FUN! Not as easy as some but that’s part of the thrill of finding the prizes!

Youre looking for a teeny tiny panda at each location BUT we also found some other hunt items at the stores as we went along ! See below for a few of our favourites..I defy you not to go “awwwwww” at least once!

Upon arriving at the first location, there is a photo opportunity with a giant panda !

oh cmonn give him a hug!

Ok on with the prizes – we found lotsss but will show just a few, there are unisex gifts also guys! tatts, tshirt, even pj’s !

Props n Poses Panda Family
diavolicious techi hunt prize-found this along the way! Its a wearable yay!
mycophile bunny boardhouse-omg cute!
Shiny shop cars! They play songs,emit stuff- great fun
Naminoke rabbit sofa
diavolicious Teddy away wearable-comes with Teddy jewelry also!
infinity creations snuggle teddy,sooper cute animations
diavolicious cuddle teddy-comes with teddy jewelry and the away wearable above!


Go do the hunt, it’s a lot of fun and great, generous gifts from the designers…I found a whole load of stores Id never been too before, some that I shall return too for sure !

Taxi to go hunt: The animal lovers hunt


Home Home on the range….

ohhhh its BOOTS time yippeee! Head over to J’s and collect these rather lulli boots free of charge ! They are hidden in a verrry teeny clam outside by the swing seat..and are truly stunning..one pair for guys & one for girls in the same box..Didnt have a chance to mooch but I will be heading back to check out the store later..there MUST be more shoe delicousness inside ! Click the pic for a closer view

J's western boots hunt gift

Taxi to go : J’s



.:Juice:. Baller Baseball Shirt

 One thing that’s always good about fashion in Second Life is that there are always plenty of hunts either ongoing or upcoming and so there’s always good stuff to be found. One thing that’s bad about that is that there’s just never enough time to do them all (especially if you happen to have been whacked by the lazy stick like myself). I usually do make an effort to check out a few every now and then though and today I checked out the ‘Summer Sweets’ grid-wide hunt. It has been going on since the beginning of August and is almost at an end (September 1) however you still have time to run out and find some cool stuff. 

Well, speaking of cool stuff, I found the ‘Baller Baseball Shirt’ at Juice while I was hunting. I’ve wandered around the Juice store before and always thought their clothes looked pretty cool and this shirt is definitely that. I love the texturing on it, it has a slightly mesh-y look to it and just feels like something you’d wear standing at home plate. The black, white and grey colouring looks great too. 

So run on down to Juice and pick up this shirt while the hunt is still on and as always with hunting, while you’re there, check out the other goodies you can find in-store 🙂 

Get the gear here:

Skin: *Sacred* – Ethan Tone 3 Shaved
Hair: *Argrace* – Military Cap “Sexy Curly” Dark Brown 

Pose by *Muism*


auTre…such prettiness!

Tipped off by one of our Pure girlies..I headed over to this new-to-me-store yesterday to collect a dress, today before I had a chance to blog it..the subscribo poked me with ANOTHER gift hurruah!

Without further ado..heres the gear..click for a closer view!

Sparkle me purple is given as a gift when you slap the subscribo..

sparklemepurple auTre Subscriber gift 2

This dress has a gorgeous sheen to it..very chic…classy…

Next up another gem I found in the subscibo..”Green Gypsy”

auTre Green Gypsy 1

Last but not least, the new instore gift for you to collect is the auTre Maritima Gown…absolutely stunning!

auTre Maritima Gown-free gift instore

I also noticed some very reasonably priced dresses, capris and a couple of hats…head over and take a gander…!

taxi to go : auTre