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$25L Tuesday Comes Again

$25L Tuesday Bearky skirt, belt, top & multi Hud

Every week and more super deals for $25L Tuesday ! This week I was truly spoilt for choice, but eventually settled on this darling outfit by Bearky. Called “Melissa” and comprises of a top, skirt & belt. Brilliant as I love to mingle my pieces and get full use out of them.

$25L Hud

You also get this Hud with it, giving ten colours for the top, ten colours for the skirt and four colours the diamonds on the belt. I took a look around the store, which is, at the moment, quite small – but some really well priced items in there. Fits for: Freya, reborn, maitreya, kupra, legacy.

Happy Shopping ❤


$25L Tuesday Gallery

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$99L Promo @ ArisAris

ArisAris $99L PROMO Fat pack Jumpsuit

More change of season goodies for you ! ArisAris have this fantastic promo for you for a limited time. The Siena jumpsuit comes in a whopping fatpack of twenty fabric colours & patterns. Something for everyone and every time of day & season. You also get fits for high feet and flat feet – niiiiice. All for just $99L !

Fits for: – 1 For Maitreya – Lara
– 1 For Maitreya – Lara Petite
– 1 For eBODY Redborn
– 1 For MB. Legacy
– 1 For MB. Perky
– 1 For Belleza Gen. X Classic
– 1 For Belleza Gen. X Curvy
– 1 For INITHIUM Kupra Original
– 1 For PRIMA Busty
– 1 For PRIMA Petite

ArisAris PROMO Hud

Above is the Hud, so much choice and four colours to truly trim the seams off beautifully.

Grab yours on the market place or at the main store ❤

ArisAris market place

ArisAris inworld store

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I’m heartless. (Freebie).

Another Marketplace find is this coat and I ain’t mad at it.

The reason is I was surprised at how much actually fitted under it without break through so it was easy for me to just put on a nice basic pair of jeans and a cropped top. Of course if you can/do use BOM then that’s not an issue and as always its free for you to try out for yourself.

It does have that “thin” look to it but still some attention to detailing and does make for a nice spring look. The inworld shop, Roslyn, does have a paid for group and some nice stuff but the couple of freebies it has are only on the Marketplace.

PS. The hair is the gift from no-match without the hearts… I’ve added the link to that post as well.


No-match post.

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Chill with me. (Dollarbie).

A quick post as I’ve been really good and had a very productive day so I’ve earned this break before I have to finish my days work.

I picked up this top from the Miss Chelsea Marketplace shop and I’m pretty sure that inworld its a paid for group. A really nice Dollarbie and there is a couple of other ones for you to check out.

Miss Chelsea. (Marketplace)

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Free Pretty Thing

I’m sensing Spring is really just around the corner and I think Seniha agree with me. This sweet dress is their new group gift and its screaming a new season to me !

Free Group Gift Dress, Synnergy backdrop

This is “Briseida” it comes in sizes for : Maitreya, Maitreya petite, legacy petite, Legacy, Perky & Reborn. Its got a flippy type hem which is super cute and also comes with a Hud giving you three colours for the top and three colours for the skirt. The group is free to join.

Happy Monday ❤


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Dog Walking with Freebies

FREE Cargo pants leathers & denims, Free glitter top, Synnergy Backdrop, Fashiowl chow pose

Couple of dead nice free group gifts for you tonight. The cargo pants are just brilliant – you get two mega packs & Huds with them for an array of leather and denim tones, an option to change the pocket colours too. The sweater is also free and comes in just black BUT you can play with the glittery bits that are dotted all over it. Both of these are from Evie, the group is free to join. I’m also wearing the free sneakers from GST that I picked up at the Alpha event. I did pick up a couple of items in the weekend sales, my pose set from Fashiowl and the glorious backdrop from Synnergy both should still be out on offer.




Alpha Event

Blogging SL

Thank You.

It was so nice that people did contact us when the blog went down and because of that we also know that others also figuratively had the rug pulled from under them without ANY notice! Wow!

Hopefully they too will get their blogs back, for that I have to thank Faith as she got onto their support.

We don’t get paid for this, we don’t earn any money and I doubt many people do. We do this because we love it and it gives us a break from RL. Time to set aside all the RL stuff everyone has to do on a daily basis, the good and the bad and just spend time in SL, dressing up, landscaping, hunting down freebies/cheapies etc and then blogging about it before we return to RL stuff hopefully refreshed.

OK enough said…back with a bang and not out with a whimper lol.