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SOS @ The Home Store

Slept on Sales@The Home Store

Some great deals on at The Home Store this weekend for the SOS sale. I’m showing just a few of the items – there is more ! The lounger is rather fab – you get three shades for the actual chair, more for the blanket and cushion. Details are just superb – check out those brass castor wheels – love ❤ 9 li for the lounger. Its got a fully loaded menu – including adult – all for just 99L. The plants come as a pack of three for just 99L – 2Li each.

Items are out for you to try !

The Home Store

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Lisp Bazaar

Lisp Bazaar $10L items

Oooooo time to look back at the past ! Gosh I recall Lisp Bazaar’s shop when it was inworld, its basically Lisp Bazaar but the discounted items. Great for utilising in photos and as props – good design lasts the march of time! Anywayyy I picked out a couple of items that I know for a fact I used wayyyy back in the day, above is the “vinyl turntable” lots of features for colour change on certain parts and a moving turntable – plus, of course, lot of male & female poses. $10L and 24 prims.

Lisp $10L Bazaar 2

Next is the “I’m late I’m late” scene, love this. five seated poses in the chair, 10L and 14 prims, again perfect for backdrop use in photos. Take a look at the store, its market place only these days, prices 10L upwards.

Lisp Bazaar

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Beach Décor – cheapie & free

Free Beach decor

I came across these two items on the market place last night and thought how perfect they would be for my SL beach. The wooden stake light is by Careless, you get a huge pack of them with different colours of light for 1L, just 3 Li. If you’ve never looked at the Careless market place store – check it out , most everything is just 1L. The beautifully rusted anchor is by Total Destruction, its totally free and wow – a fantastic bit of realism for your shore line – just 2Li.

Careless Light pack

Total Destruction anchor

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Hello Tuesday offer @ THS

Hello Tuesday 50 Discount The Home Store

Head into Tuesday with a fab offer from THS. The “Monkey Island Waterfall” is up for sale with a 50% discount. Really a big statement piece that could transform and create a feature for your land.

Hello Tuesday Monkey Water Fall 50 Discount The Home Store

Awww monkey! Touch this little guy for sound effects to be on or off. Will leave the other item that’s out for just 50L as a surprise.

The Home Store

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Plaza Event – Dench Designs Gift

Dench Designs Spring Hideaway NEW 30 Discount @ The Plaza Event

Oo I was so excited to take a look at a new event The Plaza – Amanda Dench put out a notecard to say her store was in it (Dench Designs) so I zoomed over. Wow its a massive event! Over 100 participants, and look carefully you’ll spot some brilliant discounts (up to 50%) and a few free gifts. I just couldn’t resist buying the “Spring Hideaway” from Dench Designs (30% discount), if you’re familiar with her style you’ll already know to look for “hidden” features – touch the table for loads of rezzed décor items, touch the hanging baskets for colour options, and touch the top of the cabin to add buntings, lights, birds, bunnies and more! The whole thing rezzed is only 15Li – I’m going to find a spot for it today so I can have my girl cave for spring.

FREE Gift Dench Designs @ The Plaza Event

On the desk Dench Designs also has a gift just for you, pay $1L which is returned to you straight away – and you’ll receive this sweet scene. Leafy tree and underneath a pretty frog bird bath – completed by a cute bunny , flowers, butterflies and a black bird – 7Li in total.

Plaza Event Dench Designs

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Lazy Sunday is Back! 50L – 75L

Silence Skybox 28Li $75L Sunday only

A quick scan through the offers for Lazy Sun day had me dashing to buy this stunning sky home by Bueno. Its a vast space and only 28Li – costs $75L and is well worth it. A gallery level accessed by wooden open stairs, built in shelving on both levels with pretty vases attached (all in the 28Li)

Silence Skybox $75L 28Li Sunday only offer

Beautiful full length windows with long drapes and a gorgeous wooden floor – its just super stylish. This is part of the new Lazy Sunday event, market place based also so no need to hop around all over the place. A great selection of home & garden, clothing etc.


Lazy Sunday Gallery

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Jinx Le Jardin Pack complete $50L

Wanderlust We offer Jinx $50L Le Jardin Set

Please excused the hurried nature of my pics this morning but I’ve got a lot on – I just HAD to show you this set from Jinx ! its on offer as part of Wanderlust weekend and is just 50L.

$50L Jinx Le jardin set

You get everything in the pics plus a few more décor bits & pieces (the blue flowers are part of the backdrop not the set)

$50L offer Jinx Le jardin set

Even the hanging bed is part of the set – just 6Li and stuffed with poses. Just brilliant value all round !