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Lazy Post. (Free 500Ld’s worth of shop credit & Gifts).

Now we all know that the Arcane Spellcaster shop is pretty generous to its group members as I think you get regular gift cards…details are in the shop and so for the 150Ld joining fee you get that back in spadefuls.

She, Arcano Kabila, is also quite often generous to us plebs, those who are not in her group, with a gift card and in this case it’s for a big 500Lds worth of credit.

BUT don’t rush over to her shop straight away as this gift is only available at an event called “The Sunny Side Up & Street Mall”. Right next to the LM I’m giving you is a cart and if anyone can remember the “The Wash” event you will get the same sort of vibes.

When I was LM grabbing I spotted that it says there are gifts dotted around this event so I’m looking forward to a bit of a wander around.

PS. The card is non-trans and even if you rezz it and then take it back into your invent it remains non-trans so I get to keep it…oh the hardship lol. I’m pretty sure I can easily use it. Plus the shop also has clothing for men.

Arcane Spellcaster@The Sunny Side Up Mall & Street Market.

Arcane Spellcaster. (Main Shop).

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Miix Event Birthday – Free Gifts

Free cat shorts set with Hud for more patterns & colours

Its the Miix Event’s second birthday ! I headed over and had a peek – lots of lovely items and of course – free gifts! Nearly all of the designers had a little something out for us. Just join the group – its free and grab away! Above is the sweet shorts & top set from Furtacor – it comes with a Hud giving patterns & block colours galore. Fits for: Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Isis, Physique & Venus. I’m also eating the chocolate cake gift from Believe, I think there is a permission glitch with this item though, the décor piece of cake tells me “not to be rezzed” but the wearable spoon & cake is perfect.

Free boat singles, couples,adult poses

I also loved this boat by X-Clusives – 13Li for the boat, you also get some palm tress and beach grasses with it. Poses for singles, couples, and adult ! Tested this out last night while Player and I were chatting and the animations are just gorgeous! Pro tip – if you find the boat a little too “bright” go into edit and then the texture tab to remove “full bright” as I have above.

Miix Event

Miix Event Gallery

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The more I think the more I give in. (Freebies & Lesson 101).

It’s getting so hard now to remember if I’ve blogged something before or not but in the end I’m pretty sure the item I’m wearing is new for someone.

This shirt/bustier and skirt are all in the same pack. The only colour hud you get is for the belt on the skirt. Each piece can be worn separately.

I must have shown you these boots/shoes before and yet oddly I don’t still have them in my invent and I would have kept them. If I’ve accidentally deleted them then I’m glad I have got them again. You get a big Hud of colours and patterns.

You don’t have to join a group to get them just subscribe to Mangula and these and other excellent gifts are there for you.

As for “Lesson 101” I use Firestorm and they have a really handy “protect” option now. So I’ve been steadily working my way through my stuff and the things I don’t want to accidentally delete I now click the “protect” option and it stops that from happening.

PS. Thats one of my “protected” Mina hat/hairs.


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No wonder it’s busy. (25Ld Tue).

I know the Noble Creation shop well and to see it HEAVING with people is a bit of a surprise but then again check out this excellent backpack.

This shop has clothing and decor leaning towards the RP/Role Players but like many of these sorts of shops, they have a lot of things that appeal to everyone. Check out that leather texture, straps, buckles and side bags. So realistic!

You get 3 fits and going by memory it’s something like “male/small and boob” size. None were a great fit till I click on it and up popped a menu. And I’m sure it says it isn’t modifiable but it is so I nudged it down to fit my back a bit better and in the end, I was very happy with its wearability but if you want to use it as decor then only 21 prims.

To find this then it’s on your right when you go in the shop, there is a board with all the different colour options but they’re full-priced and this 25Ld one is on its own board.

There are free group gifts on the desk to the left of the shop.

Noble Creations.

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Pssst…keep it. (30Ld for 300Ld Gift Card).

I will say that even if I could pass this gift card on I’d be keeping it for myself. Noveny is a home and garden shop and I’m pretty sure I’ve been eyeing up a couple of items in the past so now I can treat myself to them.

The group does cost, only 30Lds, and there are some group gifts which I’ve previously shown to you and I do believe there is also a new group gift. Since this one also has a time limit I’m heading back now to make sure I get to use it.

PS. Just in case you missed it this is a non-trans gift card.


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Pssst…pass it on. (Free 500Lds Gift Card).

A lazy post as I have nothing to show you as this is for info only.

The Sunniva shop has a Generous 500Ld gift card for us. Join the free group and then pay the sign 1Ld, refunded, and you’re sent a 500Ld gift card and guess what? It’s non-copy and transferable…so I’ve already passed it on.

As usual, there is a use-by date which is I believe is the 3rd of April so a good few days to get spendy or pass it on.


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ArisAris PROMO $99L Complete Outfit

ArisAris complete outfit PROMO $99L

For a limited time this new outfit from ArisAris is on a promotion for just $99L ! This is “Streeting” and you get a huge amount in the pack.

ArisAris PROMO complete outfit

Pants & Belt are delivered together, but they are customized separately. Pants, Top, Blouse and Cardigan are delivered separately, you can use them as you wish.
The pants are delivered in two different long lengths, to use with high shoes or low shoes. The Hud gives you so many options for all parts of the pieces!

ArisAris Hud

Fits included: inithium Kupra, Belleza Freya, Maitreya – Lara, Slink – Original, Slink – Hourglass, MB. Legacy, eBODY REBORN.

ArisAris Market Place

ArisAris Store