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Sugar Buttons(Freebies).

It’s FRIDAY and that means FLF (fifty linden friday).  I’ll pop the link to the group joiner at the bottom and you can check out the list of goodies from clothes to decor items and all priced at a cheapo 50Lds but TOP QUALITY items.

MEH Link to the FLF group joiner doesn’t work but if you haven’t got a list then simply search Groups and FLF is one of the biggest ones or if you see the FLF group joining board just give it a slap.

cross button

Sigh of relief for you lot is that this is going to be such a QUICK post so you don’t have to read my ramblings on.

Popped into Sugar Buttons Boutique for something, Lucky Chairs I think, but found a whole lot better stuff on the Group Gift wall.  I only picked the jeans and shoes for ease but there is a lot more than just these inc tights, dresses and a jumper (the jumper doesn’t match the trousers which is why I’m using my Shi Hoodie and sadly that’s not a freebie).  There is also a boob flashing tango top and emmm then I logged out.  So basically Lucky chairs & free stuff.  Although yesterday when I grabbed these goodies I did have a gander around.  This is a Kawaii shop not a Super Kawaii Shop which to me means it has sweet, cute and lovely outfits but not so sweet and cute that a lot of people wouldn’t like what they see.  I also spotted some new designs which I will pop back to check again but RL time is such a harsh mistress and I have to goooo so  byeeeee for now.

Sugar Button Boutique


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Go for the freebie buy the cheapie’s. Edited!

Firstly non Freebie but still a cheapie.

Mina untouched

Non touched piccie to show off the Mina hair. This is a “lazy hair” because “Carlijn” is a knitted hat/hair combo so no need for hair editing.  A chunky knitted cap but thankfully without that helmet head look that sometimes knitted hats in SL can have.  The hat/cap comes with a choice of 5 textures and the same amount for the hair colour options.  The ones which are discounted are the Pastel and Pastel/Ombre colours.  Slashed down to just 70Lds a colour pack!  If you’re not a pastel person there is the option of the “essential” colour pack but this is not only full priced but a little bit more as it contains 7 of the most popular and basic hair colours so you have from blonde dark black and the shades inbetween and again if you don’t think you would use many of these colour options you can always call into Mina’s mainshop and check out the colour option packs she has there for only the standard 250Lds.

Mina does have a VIP Group for you to join but instantly you get one of her great hairs and although it does cost you get that all back with the first GG.


The Freebie n cheapie are the 2 builds I went to grab. If I remember correctly the Freebie is a rustic cabin but since I have an invent heaving with different builds I simple rezzed it and then derezzed it without much thought.  Don’t let that put you off grabbing it esp since the one thing I did notice was that it was editable and most people start out building in SL by reconstructing others builds as the best way to learn how to edit.  When I saw this derelict build and I thought esp for only 55Lds I might get some use out of it for a back drop etc.

dark edge2

Personally I think it makes for a pretty alternative home for those of you who like to be just that bit different.  The platform is my working one which I’ve blogged previously and it comes with a colour changing option for both the land and sky and is only 4 prims (ish) and the build itself inc the derelict car is only 29, the fire is my prop.  So yet again for those of you with a low prim allowance and wanting a different look I think this rocks.  This build is only 55Ld and there are more at that cheapo price from this shack to sleek modern homes.  If I remember correctly the Group is Free to join and there ia a tableful of GG’s and Dollarbies.

I’m doing a lot of “remembering” because I’m having a PJ day in RL which means I’m sat here in my PJs with the fire on, my kindle next to me, Judge Judy on TV and some ribbon because I want to try my hand at Ribbon Embroidery.  Hope everyone is having a good day even if you’re not having a “PJ” day.

I was in such a rush to return to my PJ day I forgot to post more pictures of the interior texture of this build! Doh!

dark edge4

A basic 2 roomed shack with shabby paper.

dark edge 5


Carox Marketplace

Mina@The Dressingroom Fusion

Mina Mainstore


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Love nest

Aphrodite Autumn Love Nest - mesh home NEW!

I’m so thrilled to be able to show you this new home by Aphrodite. Its really really REALLY adorbs. The Autumn Love Nest is a treat, very cosy and has some lovely design features. Personally I think it works for couples and singletons, its sooper pretty and girly ! The build is deceptively spacious without losing its snuggly appeal. Theres a large living room, that’s kinda like a conservatory – lots of windows and light and plenty of room to fit heaps of furniture in. What totally caught my attention is the ooodles of decor built right in. Winding ivy and leaves around the posts, little piles of pumpkins (that are not attached so you can remove them) and all over the place tiny hearts cut out of the timbers.

Aphrodite Detials for Autumn Home NEW

See what I mean? Its romantic and sweet, like a come to life Hansel & Gretel cottage. The bedroom and living room both have a superb fireplace, you get a choice of how the flames burn too. I really like the colour scheme, not overly feminine so the guys can live with it too.

Aphrodite Living room set -  H.E.D mesh skirt, shoes (slink high) and shirt 10L !

It’s rather low prim too , and of course you can choose not to use the decor items to lose a few more. This home isn’t for sale until the 1st November so you will have to be patient, its first showing will be at [Room69] landmark below. My outfit is a real bargain, from HE.D and is just 10L. Three colours to choose from, mine is the orange but there’s also black & white or pink. You get the mesh skirt, top and a pair of strippy strappy heels for slink high feet. Market place only btw.

Aphrodite for Autumn NEW!

Just one more thing, this little Autumn beverage tray, also from Aphrodite. Its dispenses a warm cup of cider to wear and drink. Id definitely be dunking a cinnamon stick in my cup !

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place

Aphrodite Blog

[Room69] – not open till the 1st November

H.E.D outfit


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EB Awareness Event – yup I’m late to the party




EB awareness - DMZ Belle sweater blush - Magika hair Beans

The EB awareness fund-raiser event has begun in Second Life ! I blogged about this event last year and quite a bit of cash was raised for Debra of America, so naturally I’m supporting it this year and hoping you will too. EB is Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare disease that affects 1 in 50,000 children born throughout the world as a result of a genetic disorder. It varies in severity among its sufferers. It is characterized by a defect between the anchoring of the skin between the epidermis (top layer of skin) and the dermis (second layer). People who suffer from EB suffer from skin fragility, blistering and constant pain. Heres their website if you’d like to learn more Debra of America. Sooo onto the goodies, I’m showing you this fabbo sweater from DaneMarkZ, it comes in a range of colours, this is blush – it’s a very delicate wash of pink. Lovely flared cuffs and a sooper knitted effect. My hair is also new , from Magika and called Beans, you get the option of wearing it with or without the bow, and the bow has a colour change HUD – this is on sale at the main Magika store not at the EB event btw.

EB Awareness Event - DMZ necklaces - Magika bean hair (bow optional)

Also by DMZ is this range of necklaces, something for everyone I think, my personal fav is the Tears of joy design in the larger photo, very classy and perfect for the season – all come in a range of colours.


EB Awareness NEW

I also want to share this rather unusual dress from Ashanti. Great giraffe print and ribbed detail on the waist and neckline. Apologies for the breakthrough at the waist, my pose made it poke through ! Get yourself down to the event and spend some pennies, it’s a worthy cause to support and get behind.

EB Awareness event



Lazy Hunt.

Hope everyone is having if not a GREAT weekend then at least a nice quiet one.  I am lucky enough to have a good friend visiting so basically my SL time is going to be limited for the next few days but Woo Hoo great to see that Faith is starting to feel well enough to SL.


So I got a little bit of free time so I thought I’d pop in to clean out some of my notes but as soon as read 2 of them I had to get grabby.

The first is a mini hunt and sale at Kusshon’s .  What you’re looking for is the pumpkin in this picture, 8 of them in total and all FREE to grab.  I’ve not even had time to unpack and check but I could see that these are not only decor items but aren’t Halloween themed ones either so if you need something new for your home then there are some goodies to snag here.  If you have a few Lindens to spare then Beolas Whitfield is also selling off some of his old stock to make room for NEW STUFF Yeah!  I’m not going to buy anything personally because I already have so many books from here I don’t need more but I’m sending Baylen in for an “old tv chair” set which will suit him down to the ground.  Its really good to see a more male orientated drinking smoking poses built into the furniture, not that this is a mens only sort of furniture shop.

If you have time then walk over to the other side of the sky platform to Peotic Colours for some beautiful eyes.

PS the hair/hair is of course a Mina and although I do believe I’ve blogged it before when I get some more Free time I’m going to do it again but this is now available at The Dressingroom fusion event which basically means CHEAPO!  So time to snag it from there whilst its at this bargain price.  The hair and hat both come with colour options.  Promise I will do better photos as soon as I’m RL free.


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Fright night

Aphrodite NEW!

I’ve got SO much Aphrodite stuff to share with you ! Those busy little Aphrodite bees have been sooper busy crafting pieces to make your Halloween spooktacular . There is a whole bedroom set thats full of fun and surprises, I had a ball on this bed, my favourite pose in it is the exorcist – head spins etc BRILLIANT ! Theres even a dead body underneath and a bloodied rug for extra allure. The whole piece is covered in extra thick creepy cobwebs…if youre easily frightened stay awayyyyyyy.

Aphrodite NEW

Theres also a matching dressing table , chair and mannequin and because I know of the creators sense of fun I poked and prodded about – sure enough surrrprises hidden . Dont whatever you do, touch that bottle in the box – and definitely DONT wear the bottle it gives you ! (now you will huh? lol) The whole set it so unique – I’ve not really seen anything as pretty, beautiful or scarey this year, also very low land impact which is awesome – thanks Aphrodite team ❤

Aphrodite store

Aphrodite market place store

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Last day ! (plus some dollarbie action)


Im so sorry to make you dashhhh but its the last day of Mystical Realms Fair today, so if you wanna grab some gear get going now. Circa has some really beautiful pieces on offer. Above is the fantastical Traveller’s Discovery Table and Chair Set include 1 stand animation and 22 sleep and sit animations, and is just 16Li ! Its been superbly crafted with a wealth of detail, I particularly love the raven in a cage !


Some little close up’s of the decor on the Circa items, just so you can see how intricate they are – hard to notice form a distance huh? I laid all this out in a fairly modern prefab (dollarbie more below) but it easily worked in with the surroundings, you don’t need to have a medieval style place to enjoy these.


If you don’t have enough space for the larger table set, take a peek at the  Astronomer’s Discovery Table and Chair Set (includes 1 stand animations and 12 study, sleep and sit animations, accessories included, moving gyroscope) I had a splendid time fiddling with the gyroscope ! Its quite mesmorising. I simply adore the bookcase, so many curios and nic naks inside and SO low prim. The table and stool have some lovely animations in them, three wood colours to choose from.

Creative Decay dollarbie House

As promised, here is the dollarbie prefab I snapped up at Creative Decay. Would suit being used as a skyhome or on the land, its got some really nice touches with trees and plants around plus a lovely fireplace inside and control unit for the window tints etc. All for one single Linden !

Mystic Realms Fair

Creative Decay