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What a way to start a Monday (FREEBIES).

Whassup! Yet another AMAZING FREE skin! Honestly I was so excited when the notice came out from Lumiya Rae about her new GG’s I TPed straight over to her shop, Lumae and cammed over the heads of everyone else who had come running and snagged it.


Indulge me with these pictures, I think there is a little bit of a frustrated Ballerina, artist, writer etc in all of us so I threw on some flats and poses and just day dreamed a little bit.  Actually I will confess I also popped on a Ballerina AO and then flounced and danced my way to my next Freebie LOL.


In this pack you get 2 shapes, not worn, and 3 skins but the only difference between the skins is the eyebrows.  Normally I don’t like browless versions but in this case I did, the second is if I remember correctly white and then the dark brows I am wearing in this picture. The icing on the cake is soooo many APPLIERS! Way too many to mention but at a glance some of the most popular ones in SL I’m so pleased with not just the simple prettiness of the skin but the appliers is such a generous addition.


The smile is mine and doesn’t come with this skin but again I do believe I spotted some Mouth Appliers.  To find this GG and a couple of others then check out the room behind the reception desk.  An excellent and pretty darn generous gift off Lumiya Rae and this one is an absolute keeper for me.

When I returned to LM grab  I spotted that there is a retirement sale going on and although I didn’t check out the whole shop everything in the first room I checked out was reduced by 50% but there is only a day or so left for this sale but even better Lumiya is selling off the old stock to make room for NEW skins!

As I said I pirouetted and plied my way over to the FAC shop (FA Creations Fashion) because this is another shop that not only has excellent GG’s out but so reasonable and such good texturing items it makes me spend Lindens!


A lovely simple embroidered top with the added bonus of a 4 colour Hud just join the group and smack the board and you’re beach ready.


Just before I logged off for the night I decided to fly my kite, all rhyming is accidental.

Have a great day in RL as well as SL.


FA Creations


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Sundays girl

Neve new! Elikatira NEW!

I’ve had a lovely Sunday, hope you have too ! Sat by a big roaring fire in my lounge, done some knitting and played in SL – wonderful. I wanted to share with you a little of the new releases from Neve. If you’ve got an itch to spend a little, go take a peek . It’s not just top-notch gear its flexible – so you can maximise you wardrobe by spending not a lotta cash – nice huh?. Anyhoo I’m wearing the brand spankin new “bitten” pants from the “cotton” pack. You get four colours for the price of one, and the options to turn the belt loops & zippers on or off. Also its simple to get a great fit as there is a boot helper on the HUD also. The top is called “halftime”  I’ve chosen the one form the”eyelet linear” pack. Wowser its delicious! Sooo feminine and pretty, it’s a sheer tank and tube combo. Choose the tube length (short or long), you’re always going to get the perfect fit as not only do Neve clothes support the traditional avatar they also fit the following mesh bods: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique & Hourglass, Belleza Isis & Freya. Bag is by Mutresse, I’ve owned this for a while and keep on using it – gotta be a winner. Called “Mona”, you get a HUD with eighteen colours and the ability to customise it to d.e.a.t.h – at $229L it’s really worth considering.

CIRCA new - neve new

Too late to give you the event for this adorable couch by CIRCA, but it’ll be at the main store by now Id imagine. This bench is part of the “Bloom” range, matching rugs & wreaths available too. I love a piece that I can fiddle with, and this has the fiddlefactor in spades! Stuffed with great poses (26 animations in total) and you can choose between five colour ways , plus eight base colours. Only 7Li, so not hard to find a spot for.

CIRCA colours

Here are the five colours in the menu for the fabrics, really gentle shades with a little bit of eyepop to welcome in Spring.

Neve store

Neve blog

Neve market place

Circa store

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Too good to delay showing you these shoes which come with an added bonus for non mesh tootsie owners.


I went for the hunt and ran off with the Freebie instead.  Actually I have to confess that since everything in the small hunt going on at the BSD Design Studio shop cost 50Lds to buy I didn’t bother cos I am a MEANIE, plus I don’t need any more shoes or bags etc, but if you want to get some top quality shoes and bags at slashed down prices then this is perfect for you.  Since the hunt prizes are paid for there is a picture of what each heart, that’s what you’re looking for, contains so you can pick and chose the prize and when I was looking at the poster I spotted these FREEBIES and I snagged and ran home with them chuckling.

The gold hammered heels and sequins texturing positively twinkle in my Nams setting and probably in all settings.  Really good! and then I spotted that a really nice touch is you get not just these SLink High shoes but a pair with Mesh Feet already in them so for those who haven’t got Mesh Feet or those of you who are still thinking about getting them these are perfect.  I’ve not tried out the Hud yet, I’m wearing my SLink Feet, but I have a feeling that because this is a top quality shop then the Hud will be very easy to use and get a really good skin match.

BSD Design Studio


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30 is my lucky number.

Another 30Lds Sat offer this time from Mistique.


Steampunk/Victoriana at it’s finest.   You will also see some shoe showing in the top picture this a classic design of Victorian walking out dresses, the raised hem stopped the skirts trailing along the foul paths and roads of olden times and if like me you have a sexy pair of Victorian boots a nice way to show them off.


There isn’t a Demo for this outfit because it’s a 30Ld Saturday offer, you do however get a choice of 3 colours, Rosemary Pink, Rosemary Creme and Rosemary Green which of course is the colour I’m wearing but they are separate purchases. This is definitely a keeper for me.

Mistique is another shop where you must slap the sub board because it’s Mahi Dreamscape send out regular notices about all the lovely items in the special events such as 30Ld Saturday, 35Ld Sunday, 60Ld Weekends etc and this is all shop quality stuff.  The whole shop itself is a mix of furniture, decor, clothes and I did notice when I scanned up to the higher floor even poses.

You may also notice that this is the Free Parasol Faith scored last week and as soon as I saw her post I went and grabbed it and as it turns out it teams beautifully with this whole look.  The Creators Collection Box is celebrating it’s first year in SL and we all know what that means..FREEBIES and lots of them.  So if you haven’t followed Faiths link and snagged all the gifts set out for us you’d better hurry as I have a feeling it will be over soon.


Creators Collection Box



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I’m soooo READY (Super Bargains).

For Spring that is, only yesterday I spotted a Blue Tit in my garden so I rushed out to the shops and bought  a load of Fat Balls and I spent some time stringing them in the tree’s and next to the nesting boxes I have set out and fingers crossed the 2 little Blue tits that nested in my box last year come back.


Sighs because until then I’ll have to just Spring my SL LOL.  Popped over to Belle Epoque to check out if there was a New GG set out but have to confess I got side tracked by the bargains our there and forgot to even look for a Freebie.  This dress is so sweet, a lovely light satin sheen etc but what shows this item up as a piece of quality clothing is that the underside of the skirt is the same pretty pink satin texture as the belt.  Sweet n simple.


Although I was tempted by everything on the 30Ld stand, there is another 2 outfits and a lovely handbag, but because 90% of what I find ends up binned, insert sobbing here, but I’m definitely keeping this super cute parasol.  I had seen these previously at a large SL event and in fact if you love the Parasol but want a different colour then they’re for sale in the shop but you will have to pay full priced for them, and you do get a folded version in the full priced version, so basically to be able to snag this super cute item for just 30Lds was a treat.  It does come with a pose, not shown, but I also noticed that at only 8 prims this will also make an adorable decor item for your home.

Special Mention to my Clogs & Margaritta’s shop Mag<3.B.  This is a little shop which in all the years when I’ve popped in to snag the latest free Group Gift I’ve always found an absolute bargain and a treat.

Belle Epoque


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Bike it, NOW! (Freebie).

Quite simply a divine low prim prop bike from Beuno.  I again gave up trying to squeeze into the Shiny Shabby event and instead TPed over to the Kustom9 event which is much more quiet now that the opening day rush is over and once I’d caved in with a couple of the Gacha’s I spotted that outside is a selection of shops so I killed some time and saunter around them and found this in the Beuno shop.


A  lovely free to join GG, a low prim (5) rezzable prop bike in that pretty metallic pink but the reason you need to”bike it” is because this is a Valentines Gift and of course that’s now well and truly over so I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to be out for.  So haul ass and grab it.

PS just a reminder the Beuno shop is on the sim not in the Kustom9 large shop, the LM should take you right to the Beuno shop though.


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Randomness (Freebie)

When my cat licks his bum he pulls a face which says “what the f**k did I just taste! another bit of randomness is this picture.


So I took a few pics of my new free skin which is why I’m wearing undies as for the boots emm I wore them because I can lol.  Then I decided to have a saunter around our sim for some inspiration on what to do for the next season landscaping and of course our visitors area and YES I didn’t just get a fun picture for my album but I’ve made a decision on what I’m going to do with the sim.


So I TPed up to my platform and took this plain old shot of my lovely new Freebie skin called Violet from Lara Hurley’s shop.  Although she comes with those cherry red lips I think the subtle blush and smattering of freckles make this an adorable sweet skin.

So far Lara Hurley skins are the only ones I happily show you even though they don’t come with any appliers shock horror! LOL  But of course not everyone either uses them or is as lazy as I am and of course Appliers all come with skin matching Huds or in my case since I love and have grabbed all of her GG’s I did buy the Applier pack.  They cost 200Lds and for that you get in my case SLink Mesh body, hands, feet & ALL of the Lara Hurley skin shades so basically once you’ve bought the pack it will match up with every skin and that inc the old GG’s still out to be snagged.

RUSHING off to EXPOSURE!  Even if you’re not a cat lover, what is wrong with you! I think most of us have faced seeing a beloved furry in pain/discomfort etc and having the choice of either having them “put to sleep” or facing a choking bill is something we dread.  We know only too well how much it cost for some of what we consider to be even basic treatment but I not only counted the cost but the blessings we had the money to pay to make sure our furry was made better.  We now even though we’re NOT rich folks donate every month to a local charity that treats poorly furries and even scalies and featheries LOL because our pets enrich our lives and we have to do the best we can to make sure they’re well looked after.

PS of course Exposure does do some excellent poses and even if you’re not into blogging or whatever I think everyone needs a decent pose pack in their invent to make sure that in any picture they take of themselves they’re looking the best they can.

Lara Hurley Skins