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Aloha Again

Envy Me swimsuit -  Aloha Fair- Exile $50L hair

Envy Me have some fantastic releases for the current 2016 Aloha Fair. There are a range of super swimsuits to suit most mesh & standard bodies. Love this stripe version in mouth-watering candy colours and zesty lime green. My hair is an offer from Exile for todays Fifty Linden Friday – yep, you’ve guessed it – $50L, today only!

Envy Me Jumpsuit - various colours- Aloha Fair_002

Also from Envy Me is this rather spendiferous jumpsuit. Cropped below the knee and with a lovely little belt, other colours available, suitable for standard and mesh bodies. Pop over to the Aloha Fair and check it out, keep your eyes peeled for the hunt too!

Aloha fair

Exile FLF 


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25L Offer woot !

dandelion wine clawtooth hair_001

Dandelion Wine has this terrific jumpsuit as an offer at the moment – for just 25L.  It’s actually six versions of it ! You get a HUD with lotsa colour choices from white, to pink etc ! Great value and really lovely piece to add to your wardrobe. Not sure how much longer this offer is on for, so dashhhh if you fancy it ! If you join the subscribo you get a gift of a lovely dress too. My hair is by Clawtooth “Fade into you” and is currently on sale at The Arcade Event. To be honest I didn’t go to The Arcade, but went to an Arcade yard sale and got the exact colour I wanted with no gacha temptation ! I will list my two favourite Arcade yardsales below – they sell only items in this current round. Happy shopping!

The Arcade

Dandelion Wine

Blue bonnet yardsale

The pea’s yardsale

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Free mesh outfit - Maxi Gossamer sandals -

I found this sweet mesh harem style pants suit the other day – totally forgot to try it on DOH! I was pleasantly surprisedwith it – its a group gift and the group is free to join – although I did have to fiddle with my chubby legs a little to get the band at the bottom to fit ! Nice touch of purrrple takes away the “all blackness”, perfect for a beach stroll or to lounge around in. My sandals….hmmm….well…I TRIED to resist them – seriously!

Free mesh outfit

They are by Maxi Gossamer and are currently for sale at this round of Collabor88. At 488L a considered purchase perhaps , you can’t buy them in single colours – so the all-size-fits-one is the only option. However, for that princely sum you do get 12 bead colours and 16 leather options.(Slink flat feet required btw) I’m really chuffed with them and know that they will get a LOT of wear over the coming months. My necklace is an old favourite from Eclectica, check out the new store, it’s crammed with deeelicious sparklies !

BN Designs

Eclectica store

Eclectica market place


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Surreal Complex and (69L Sunday – now cancelled)

vendetta jumpsuit 69L event
Two new-to-me events for you to peek at lovelies ! 69L Sunday has just opened its doors, there are fashion & furnishings – all at the low price of – you’ve guessed it – 69L ! Above I’m wearing a jumpsuit from {Vendetta}, its non – mesh and actually it reminded me that layer clothing can still be very effective and easy to wear. Great animal print fabric and a sooper tight fit. SLip it on and you’re good to go – heapsss of other colours available. (you also get appliers for Lolas and phat azz too naturally)

naughty n nice jumpsuit (non mesh) KoKoLoReS nightmare under eye shadow and  fighting nightmares divan NEW!

Another jumpsuit with a slightly different style is this one from  Naughty N Nice, also at the 69L event. I chose the slippery baby pink which is adorable. Non – mesh again and I have to admit, it’s SO easy to slide into ! (appliers included for those of you with boobs and butts) My pose is contained in a divan that’s on offer by KoKoLoReS at the Surreal Complex event. Lovely divan couch filled with some pretty unusual poses. Also check out my under eye shadows, called *had a nightmare*, also by KoKoLoReS and for sale at the Surreal Complex event.

69L Sunday Location

Surreal Complex event

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Golden Girl

PinkCherry - Hot Chica deep cut jumpsuit NEW! Crysral Line free jewelry !

New release from PinkCherry babies…always look forward to those. This is a deep cut jumpsuit that exposes oooodles of cleavage…its called “Hot Chica” and we can all see why ! Very alluring…great style. I went for classic glam but you could really go to town and accessorize this to a million bits. Available in eleven smashing colours and just 259L per tone.

Pink Cherry

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pink cherry peqe la petite mortepng

I don’t always get time to look at everything that comes through for review, I really wish I did *sigh*. I’m pretty sure I miss some terrific stuff but anyway…today I was actually in SL and awake (hurrah!) when this package came from la petite morte. A new skin ! Its called peony and is so so delicate and pretty I had to share with you. Various tones available & makeups go see it at the Genre event now ! My darling little wrap is from pesca and was at The Chapter Four event, hopefully you can find it in their mainstore now cause its luverly ! I’m wearing it here without the alpha, its brill for over dress,t-shirt or even alone. Jumpsuit is from Pink Cherry, fabbo design that will take you from day too night, ooodles of colours and patterns, take a peek !


Pink Cherry

la petite morte


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Swirls & Leather go together.

Pink Cherry NEW!

In the last few days I’ve had some totally fantastic new releases to peek at from PinkCherry…the sort of styling that makes my heart go pittypatter! First up is this darling jumpsuit…when I saw the name “jumpsuit” I was thinking to those 1980’s tight-fitting type…but oh no…its more fluid….flowy….and SO pretty as above ! Lots of colours to choose from, I really liked this rich chocolate brown with gold swirrrrrrrl .

Pink Cherry White Leather NEW!

Yesterday, moments before I was about to post about the jumpsuit another new release dropped into my paws called “Saatchi”…oh oh OH! Leatherrrrrr…..diamonte studs…..”squeee”, again quite a few colours in this. I’m still fascinated by all things white at the moment…so I chose this delicious silvery white version to show you. Check out the back view when you go over to the store, its different and gives this little dress a hefty dash of o.O appeal!