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Dollarbie Dress & 69% Discount!

Oh my days ! Pure Poison have a 69% discount sale throughout the store for ONE day – and that’s today the 14th Feb. Pay the vendor and the discount is refunded to you straight away. Sooo I hopped over straight away as Id seen a pair of shoes I just HAD to have and with the discount they were going to be allllll mine.

$1L Dress multu colours inc. Pure Poison

I also noted that this extremely beautiful gown was advertised at the landing point for just a single Linden Dollar – you need to follow the link to the market place to get it. It comes with a Hud giving a nine colours – I was really torn between pink or red – but its V-day sooooo red it was. Absolutely stunning dress ! Fits for Maitreya, Legacy inc. feminine and petite and Maitreya petite. 

69 discount throughout the store @ Pure Poison

The shoes are called “Ariana” and I’ve wanted them for an age – just old style Hollywood glam. These cost with just $78L with the discount. You get a Hud with more colours for both the body of the shoe and the furry trim.

Happy Valentines Day ❤

Pure Poison Store

Pure Poison Gown

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Wink Price This Week

$60L BirdBath fountain

Ok ok ok you all know I love SL animals, plus I have a bit of a fondness for fountains – so this item from Giorgia Design was a real winner for me. I knew just the place for it to sit, and that’s in front of my Linden home caravan. It has a really nice (controllable) sound effect of birds and water, and the birdies move ❤ Only $60L!

This is one of the pieces in this weeks Wink price event, gallery link below to everything.

Happy Shopping

GD Design

Wink Price Gallery

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I Couldn’t Resist <3

Donkey drinking at the Pond Giorgia Design 25 discount

I was checking out the latest round of EBento and came across a booth with designs from Giorgia Design. Really lovely stuff, kinda whimsical. Anywayyyy once I saw this donkey drinking in a pond I knew it was coming home with me ! I’m such a sucker for animals in SL and this is only 9Li and is also animated – a nice soft non jerky animation of the donkeys head slurping at the water with flying dragonflies close to the pond. 25% discount at the event so this set me back just $169L


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Now for something completely different. (Freebies).

The orange sweater worn in my last post is of course one of the great gifts at Coco Designs and since it’s been a while since I last visited I decided it was time to visit. I couldn’t see anything new but plenty of old and quality gifts.

So you’re now wondering why this picture is being used in a Coco Design post it’s simply because Cocoro Lemon also has a range of Doll AV’s and accessories. In fact, she has one of her waif-like doll av as a group gift. Sadly she has retired her dolls, happily, she has just put them in her outlet section and from what I could see everything is just 99Ls. I will say I grabbed demo after demo just to try out and I may just buy a couple of the heads and a body but will see…now for the freebie(s).

This is a Dorothy AV and is in the Doll Outlet Department.

She comes in a box with the other characters from The Wizard of Oz which unlike Dorothy they are decor only and that’s because they’re ouchy on prims. Not surprising considering the quality of them so find a sandbox or if you have about 130 free prims rezz and check those out and they’re so interesting.

Dorothy is a very easy to wear AV as it’s basically an alpha, shape and mesh body all in one. She does come with a wearable stuffed Toto but I liked the wings better which are another one of the gifts in the doll outlet.

Doll Outlet.

Coco Design.

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Off with her head! (Freebies).

The Apple Blossom shop has three group gifts out for us. This outfit comes with a small colour hud and naturally, I’ve gone for this red/orange ombre shade.

There are two other group gifts out for us, one new to me and one that I think has been well blogged.

I’ve given up trying to do the texturing on this dress justice but if you squint you may just see that there is a fine texture and seam lines to it. One of the other freebies has lines of sequins on it and I swear they look just like real sequins so top quality gifts.

Apple Blossom.

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I have cankles.(Free Shoes(ss)).

This superstacked shoe is just not my style! So I was slightly disapointed that they turned out to be such good quality as I have no option but to show you them. Mind you just because something isn’t to my taste doesn’t mean it’s not yours and as I always say “your SL is your SL”.

Then when I was checking the hud I spotted you can add the clop clop clop walking sound and I LOVE that. Sadly though others didn’t which is why this fell out of favour. So you can clop around and annoy people or turn it off.

There are two other free shoes in the Renegade shoe shop, pay 1Ld and it is refunded. The whole shop has shoes with a very stand out in appearance.

As for the title of the post, occasionally I do have a bit of a breakthough around the ankles as my SLink feet don’t have an alpha for the top ankle part and occasionally I have to put up with a bit of a breakthrough.


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Boring! (Freebie(s)).

My next random TP was to a sex island so I quicky TP’d out and ended up at the Raven Bell shop.

There are a few gifts on the wall, of some shapes, unisexed hair and this…swirl.

Yeah I know not the most exciting picture ever. It is nice, it has a light sparkle and swirls around in a tight corkscrew so would be fab to be placed around a garden feature to make it stand out more.

DON’T ignore this post if this isn’t of any interest as I want to get you to visit the Raven Bell shop to try out one of the Demo hairs.

This hair, called Skye, is very long, dragging across the floor long hair. Even though I have no intention of buying it as I will never use it I did have great fun playing with the style hud that comes with it. That hud allows you to change the way the hair lies, flows and blows so standing up, sitting down, swimming etc you can change it. So for those who like a very dramatic hair I’d hate for you to miss this one just because I’m not going to buy it.

I might just buy the pack of hair addons for wearing with hats. I’ve grabbed the demo so I will be trying these hair patches with some of my fav hats to see if I should buy the pack.

Raven Bell.