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I couldn’t find any freebie’s but what I did find outside of the shop I was looking in is this.

xxxdockuseI was after something like this in any case so once I’d priced/primmed checked I decided to buy it.  I’ve just slapped it where I want it on my sim and at some stage, I will soften it by landscaping around it to make it look more settled in.

xxxdock2It does come with some single/couple and even dance poses, those I couldn’t try out but the single ones seemed ok and I’m using one in this picture so you can also see the sizing of the dock.


As you can see a really nice boat is rezzable, 6 temp prims, BUT I couldn’t get the rowing position to work and I did try quite a few times.  For me, this isn’t an issue because I wanted a permanent boat out and not one that disappears as soon as you stand up but this might be a problem for you if you do need a rezzable boat that works.  So why buy?  It’s actually a pretty decent build for the price and prims, only 6 for the main dock and 1 for the steps leading up to it.  The legs on this dock are also pretty long so I have my dock placed near to the sea level but they’re long enough to have much higher up if you want.

Then I decided to splash out some more but at 25Lds for each item it was worth the risk.

xxxdock46 prims of pigginess.


Damn look at that face lol!  The 6 prims is for all as it’s all linked but of course….


I unlinked the piggie and made him some clones LOL.  I’m not going to lie and I might just tear this whole build apart, the little pig house will stay and I might make more piggies, the soil I’m going to use on a plot of land I want to look as though it’s being prepared for planting etc  I am assuming that since I could unlink and copy the pig it means I can do all of this but even if I can’t I might just leave the whole thing as it is.

The last 25Ld item I picked up is this stable.


Again I just slapped it down.  It’s clashing a bit with the textures of my walls etc but damn! 1 prim 1 single prim for this build! The door opens and shuts and it even has a metal handle on it, such detail again 1 prim!  There is no floor to this build but throw some hay down or just use this thing to store garden equipment etc.

There is quite a lot of 10Ld items this in shop called “DO Designs” but only available on the MP.

Because these cost Lindens I’ve actually just popped inworld and rezzed copies of these right next to the little house we have on our sim which is welcome to all to come and visit.  So you can see them as they are in world if you want to, I’ll leave them there for 3 days.  If you want to have a wander around our sim please feel free to do so as it’s open to all…only Faiths house, the one on the hill, will boot your arse out if you try to go inside lol, everywhere else inc my home is open and free to use and as I always say don’t worry if we’re there as were usually so busy we don’t even notice you so basically don’t bother us and we won’t bother you so just have fun, loiter, take piccies at your leasure.

DO Designs

Home Sweet Home

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Perfect Ten

Perfect Ten 50 discount! Lunar Seasonal Designs - multi colours & effects

A newww round of Perfect Ten is happening, and I’ve chosen to share a few of the items that one of my most fav stores has put out. I just love Lunar Seasonal Designs, there’s always something new and you get ooodles of choice for colours on most items included. Above is the shack on a deck, yes – that IS what it’s named – poor thing ! Fantastic item for your home, great for a party or a romantic tryst. The shack lends itself to being a sweet ice cream parlour or cafe, plenty of space outside for dancing etc. Colour change is boundless! Most parts of the deck, hut,roof has options for textures and colours – there is also a facility to have little sparkly fairy lights around (these do add a few extra prims) The basic version with no lights is just 16 prims .

Perfect Ten Lunar Seasonal Designs - picnic bench with food menu & colour change on all  parts 50 discount!

Also on offer with a 50% discount is this super-duper picnic table. You can alter the tablecloth colour, bench colour plussss add fooody things! There is enough room for six people, but you don’t have to set it up for six, you can eat as a single pringle or a couple etc.

Perfect Ten Lunar Seasonal Designs BBQ grill - food menu & colour change on all parts 50 discount!

Last but not least I just had to show off this gorgeous bbq / grill. Its pretty compact in dimensions, so if you’re looking for a bbq that wont take up all your garden or patio – this is your baby. Rezzes food from an extensive menu, colour change on all parts, and you can also add props around it (more prims – you can see I added the charcoal bag & utensils above) The basic grill is just six prims – brilliant! All the items for Perfect Ten are a mahoosive 50% discount for the duration. Lunar Seasonal Designs are located outside the building at the rear, so you can demo all the goodies.

Perfect Ten

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Douillet – What’s that all about?

Chez Moi new!

Douillet – it means “comfortable & cozy” in French – and this new set by Chez Moi certainly is that. Beautifully made low couches that are stuffed with a gazillion poses for singles & couples, plus activities! The fabric on the two-seater and the couch are both texture change – absolutely gorgeous fabrics and really Autumnal. The fire brazier is super sweet and makes the area feel so snuggly.

Heres the deets for the two-seater :

♥ 50 individual animations (male and female)
♥ 20 animations to enjoy time alone
♥ 12 activities such as reading a good book, eating macaroon, drinking hot chocolate, playing guitar among other
♥ 24 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
♥ Props: book, mug, guitar, newspaper, tablet, bubble blower etc.

Chez Moi new details

Close up view of some of the details, here’s the deets for the larger couch:

♥ 40 individual animations (male and female)
♥ 8 activities
♥ 18 animations for couples in love (24 x 2)
♥ Props: book, mug, guitar, bubble blower etc.

Even the blanket on the railing has poses built-in ! This set can be purchased individually or as a set in PG and also Adult. Thanks Nanda ❤

Chez Moi store

Chez Moi blog

Chez Moi market place

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Garden Party

If you want to grab this gorgeous set from Sanctuaire you’d better hurry…its their gift in The Four Walls Hunt. This Hunt ends on the 15th September…and each gift is valued around 250L , but…youre going to pay only 10L ! I was totally surprised when I unpacked this set…so much ! Six chairs, all with poses, the long table with such a pretty runner along its length…all six place settings that are just adorable and detailed…candlesticks,a bowl of fruit..its just gorgeous.

It also comes with the wooden deck , posts and bunting ! I love that you can use as much or as little of this as you wish…Im always running out of prims ! It’s a visual feast truly..and sooper pretty..I might even have to find homes for the candlesticks around my bedroom…btw…while youre at the store hunting..take a walk outside and check out the homes in the rezzer…I had a quick peek last night…some lovely vintage feel builds and low prim too..Im going back for another gander later today, got a feeling I havent seen it all !