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I told you so! (Freebie).

I not only told you to go grab the No Cabide giftie but also to stay in the group because if you did then just like me when this notice was sent out about yet ANOTHER Gift for us lucky members I was off like a shot.


It really looks like a brill Group Gift is put out not just every month but every week and that means you have to the 6th to pick up this sweet and simple summery dress.  Honestly so pleased with it and it has a lovely draped back and as a super generous bonus a massive 15 colour Hud!

The other thing I noticed about the No Cabide group is that not just notices about whats new in the shop or special offers, gifts etc is sent out but group members post about freebies, special offers from other places. A nice non chatty but at the same time friendly group so I for one will be staying put for a lot longer than a lot of my groups.

No Cabide

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Slow Coach (freebie)

Coffee, toast and painkillers have kicked in so since this special offer is for 1 week only I thought I’d get this one posted quickly.


I’ve actually given up one of my precious group spaces for So. Vintage’s shop Social Vintage because she not only has some lovely and more than reasonably priced clothes in her shop she also gives out WEEKLY Freebies and sends out regular demo items through her group so for lazy bones like me it’s a treat.

This was sent out this morning and with a demo shirt, I have fiddled with the photo a bit because showing a black dress with a black background isn’t really the best way to show something off but I’ve had this prop for so long and the chance to use it with the High Seas Pirate Corset dress was too much.  Lots of detail with leather, lace, ruffles and a tight bodice.

Social Vintage

Social Vintage Marketplace