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I sooo love being a man!(Group Gifties)

No don’t panic I’m 100% woman, not that it really makes a difference.  My OH has been away for 10 days and so for 10 days I’ve been doing what men do when left to their own devices, dropping my clothes on the floor and leaving them, no dish washing, wearing the least smelly clothing off the floor, take away on speed dial, breaking wind, eating whilst stood in front of the fridge and yes eating off plastic plates when I’ve run out of clean ones but he’s due back tomorrow so it’s time to clean up my act and the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room etc etc

Have to admit it’s been fun and I lied about wearing the least smelliest clothing off the floor..I’m too girly to be that nasty.

But of course there is always time for a bit of SLing.

Popped over to Blueberry to purchase a dress which is their offering for a fund raising event but I didn’t find it so I won’t post about it till I find it, what I did find was that there isn’t just the Group Gifts in the entrance but in fact these fantastic gym/yoga/”Studio Wraps” shoes are actually inside the shop itself!  They come in SLink and Maitreya fits and also a Hud which is a super extra and with that you get a MASSIVE colour option for everything ie body of the shoes, ties, sole etc.

Awww Blueberry now charges a Group Joining fee 😦 of Woo hoo 🙂 only 5Lds.

I know this style of gym/yoga shoes as I’ve got them in my watch list on eBay and sadly they’re not just a piddling little 5Lds.  The best known name is Nike Studio Wrap shoes, they’re light weight and very flexible, unlike me, and with the rubber soles they stop you from slipping no matter how contorted the yoga position you’re in so if you need something like these in RL check them out.