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Ain’t mad at it! (Dollarbie from the MP).

Picked this up when I was rummaging on the Marketplace and I “ain’t mad at it”.

This is a Full Permission Dollarbie and you get 2 versions which are scripted and unscripted.  The scripted one basically means the water has more of a ripple to it and you do get a very nice fountain splashing noise with it, the unscripted is, of course, silent with no movement.

The only thing I’d say is that the water is not as clear as I’d like however it’s MOD so I’d remove the water panel and replace it with one of my own OR even better as once you remove the water layer, easy peasy, then you will see that the brown staining continues down into the bottom of the fountain.  Chuck some weeds in and around it and you have the perfect abandoned fountain look.

Qutworld (Marketplace).

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Keeping in budget!(50Ld & Mention of Freebies).

If you remember last month I gave myself a 500Ld spending limit and it went so well I decided to do the same thing this month, I seriously wish I could do it in RL as I went and spent way too much when I was away!

Outside of the Arcane Spellcaster, the shop from my last post, I spotted an amazing old stagecoach which is how I ended up at “LOVE” a landscaping/decor shopping sim and although I’ve not found that horse and carriage set look what I did find.

I threw my 50Lds at the sign and rushed home and just slapped this paving/water feature down on our sim and snapped away.

I know you can’t make out the size from this picture but this is a perfect size for any courtyard, garden or patio for any sized home and it is mod.  As it’s rezzed only 3 prims.  You get 2 colours a stone shade and this brown shade.

The water effect is EXCELLENT, the way water moves in SL has just become so much better over the years, it’s subtle and yet at the same time distinctive but you will be able to see that for yourself as there is a rezzed example at the LM given.

I can hardly wait to incorporate this into my new home when the seasons change it’s going to look awesome.

There are freebies in this shop but they’ve not changed so I’m not showing you them but if you don’t know this shop

Love Homes and Garden Sim Wide Store

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Make A Wish!

Oh la la – I’ve got a real passion for watery things for the garden and this Victorian inspired fountain by Chez Moi hits all the right spots. Charming poses for singles and couples – adore the “make a wish” one !

Deets below:

It comes with 48 animations:
♥ 8 single poses (female and male)
♥ 40 animations for couples in love (20 x 2)
♥ Automatic Rezzing Props – attaches when an animation is chosen.

♥ Control by menu
♥ Adjustable Poses
♥ Functionality SWAP

Touch the Fountain to display the texture option menu – White and Terracotta.

Materials enabled for a realistic look under changing lighting conditions.

♥ Specification: 6 LI


This set is exclusive for Shiny Shabby from April 20th to May 15th.

Shiny Shabby

Tink dress by Neve


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Pottering & Parks

Autumn is my favourite time of the year and along comes Circa with some totally fabulous seasonal releases! The studio style building is one of the releases – “FieldView” – really tempting open plan build with windows either end to let in the glorious Autumn sun-rays. It comes with two planters and an ivy clad trellis wall. (Build is 36Li , plant decor 9Li) Check out the circular planters (part of the “Waterton” release), large array of different plants available plus of course the single tress with multi tone leaves via the menu and the tree with bench. Sweet single and couple poses built-in and texture change on the tiles.

Also out now is the “Waterton” Park & Garden collection. I am so loving this – the details for the plants and foliage are superb. Of course I gravitated towards the fountain , adorable Koi and Goldfish (easy clean up option hurrha! No more groping around trying to collect them up if you move it!) This comes in three varying tones of brickwork btw. Crisp water action is über realistic.

If you’re speedy you can get a whopping 50% discount on some of these items – until the 29th October.

Circa store

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Garden delight – The Challenge Stone round

This round of The Challenge is really inspiring – I wanted to share the pieces from Cleo Design today – they are simply dreamy ! The fountain has the following:9 single sit anims..2 couple chat anims. It comes with the bamboo plant & stones, which are SO lovely. Please note because Iam dopey, I rezzed this and neglected to use the teeny little birdy that sits on the bowl – but I’m sure you wont forget it!

Love this bench – handy-dandy for courtyards,gardens, patios etc. Such lovely poses for singles and couples ( male,female anims..and 3 couple  chat anms.) Bench is just 3Li, plus you get the greenery with it. Don’t forget the prices are just for this current round of The Challenge. (Bench & bamboo $75L – Fountain & bamboo $100L)

Cleo Design

The Challenge Blog

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Falling into you


Autumn has begun in my neck of the woods, so I was really heartened to see some new releases to fit the season. Above is one of the choices of a gorgeous fountain from Chez Moi. Inbuilt poses for single pringles and couples. I totally loved the pose that animates you to toss a coin in – so whimsical! This item comes complete with the stone base, water sounds (on or off) and leaves etc. It’s a keeper for our home sim Dreamworks. (come visit!) Available in 2 options: Magnolia (White) and Terracotta, above is the Terracotta.


Aphrodite also has newness for Tres Chic, I picked out one of them to share. This is the “Fall tea-table”, and I have to say the wood used on this is SO adorable. You get the table and chairs, the lamps and trees ! Lovely poses, sweet little tray and candle adorns the tabletop.

Tres Chic

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Hand on heart (n Free Stuff).

Must confess I have a sneaky feeling that the fountain, flasks and wet wipes have been blogged before I know the washing machine certainly has but the bowl, ladder,  boxes and sinks are definitely new but each one really needs to be blogged or reblogged because they’re that good.


Visited Monaya again for the first time in a while and I’m pleased I did because it reminded me that I had this small fountain/water feature in my invent.  Wood and stone with a metal tap which turns the water off and on and comes with sound.  The enamel bowl which you can see a peek of was a LB win but it only costs 20Lds so if you can’t be bothered to wait it’s pretty cheap.  As it happens I also won a plant off the LB as well.

LadderNow I know I haven’t blogged these before because I would have had a number of them in my invent and rezzed around my home because not only are they only 1 prim each inc the pile of boxes but they’re free.  Even the pile of 3 boxes in only a single prim and with those you also get a choice of colours.

FlaskBlogged before (maybe) but one thing is sure is that I have them in RL.  I adore the retro look and that flask on the left is almost identical to the one I have.  Freeness and each one comes with 3 texture changes.  2 Prims of excellence.

Wet wipesAdmit it we all need wet wipes occasionally even if it’s just to clean our hands. Free again and so low primmed. 2 Prims closes 3 prims open.  Must mention the fantastic washing machine and we definitely have blogged it before because we offer this as a Dollarbie Gatcha on our sim so follow the LM and feel free to pick one up because the whole washing machine is only a single prim and you can even have the lid off or on.  As I say feel free to wander around the whole sim we have plenty of lovely sitting areas etc feel free to even use if for photos if your a blogger and  you can even peek though my home (or wander in I don’t mind) but please respect Faiths home because she and PD like their privacy (house on the hill).

SinkLastly but not least these great sinks.  In the UK we have a thing about old butler, enamel sinks which we either use to wash our dishes in or put our plants in.  If I could get these in RL I would be so happy.  2 prims and not free but so cheap at 20Lds each.  Great texturing right down to the plug hole.  Perfect for standing plants in or using as a sink in your home or greenhouse.  Oops almost forgot the step/small bench in the back gound yet another freebie.

Small shop on a big and really interesting sim.  I’ve picked up some quirky stuff (check out the small shop through the door) a nice amount of LBs scattered around and all laid out on a nice sim.  A lovelyway to kill some time and not have to spend to many Lindens.


Fridge (Our Sim)