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I’m too “Vanilla”. (Freebie).

I was 100% sure I already own this Onesie from Vanilla Bae and a quick search in my invent proved me right but the version I have is pink with stars and so I didn’t hesitate to pop over and grab this Christmassy one which has been set out as a “Free for all” gift.

This design was first brought out a few years ago and it’s a classic case of lasting quality.  The fits, folds, texturing etc as good now as whenever it first hit the shops but this one has had a bit of an update as the older and newer versions come with an interactive cheeky strip option.  The back of this onesie has a bum flap, need I say more?  Don’t worry if you’re as Vanilla as I am the bum flap won’t do anything except look like a design feature.

This has reminded me that yes somewhere in the back of my RL closet is a Christmas Onesies…I’m wondering if I should dig it out but then again I’m wondering if it will still fit me lol.  I don’t need the sadness so I will leave it in the back of my closet.

Vanilla Bae.