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W/e Sale Buys – Oo!

Weekend Sales - what did I buy

I can never resist items from Swear ! I dashed over to grab up a couple of pairs of their brilliant leather pants – at $60L a pop why not.

60L we

Close up to give more detailing (and there are lots of details) I bought Sand & black – great find!

WE Sales what did I buy

My outfit is a store credit buy from Belle Époque (not sure if the $500L free credit is still up but check it out anyway) The boots are my buy – from Vanilla Bae , great selection of single colours BUT I liked them so much I bought a fatpack (discounted yay!)

60L we boots

Btw my backdrops are from Synnergy I buy a LOT from this store and they have some cracking ones in the w/e sales – check them out ❤ My jeep is also on sale @ $60L dog included at Secret Poses for the w/e.


Vanilla Bae


Secret Poses

All items from The Happy Weekend Sale

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Big on Boobies. (Dollarbie).

Rummaging through the Marketplace I came across the Vanilla Bae shop and some Dollarbies inc this top.

I think I may have blogged it before but such a long time ago so I’m really pleased to have found it again.

You get a hud of 6 shades and if you look closely you can see a night light floral pattern. I prefer the lighter shades as you can see the wrinkles and seams much clearer.

This top isn’t as “Vanilla” as the name of the shop implies as from what I could see most if not all of the shop has very cheeky “Strip me” options. Basically a hud which allows you or someone else to slowly strip you naked! It’s pretty bloddy good! Even this Dollarbie has this option and going by memory, cos I’m not going to show you, a click lowers one cup, then the other cup and then right down to your waistline and the last click removes it completely. Once you’ve finished your little strip show all you have to do is use the hud and redress yourself, one click at a time.

The funny thing is so much of the Vanilla Bae range is very normal clothing ie jumpers, dresses, top, shirts etc which look so pretty and so “normal” and yet come with that “strip me” option.

I’m going to put only the link to the Marketplace shop only as this top and a well blogged cheekier “Onsie” are on the Marketplace for just 1Ld while the Vanilla Bae Group does cost 50Lds to join. The newest Group Gifts inworld is a dress which you should find easily enough if you use the MP link to the inworld shop as it’s on the easel there. It is will worth the joining fee alone but check out the other side of the shop for the older gifts.

Vanilla Bae. (Marketplace only but you can get the LM for the inworld shop from there).

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I’m too “Vanilla”. (Freebie).

I was 100% sure I already own this Onesie from Vanilla Bae and a quick search in my invent proved me right but the version I have is pink with stars and so I didn’t hesitate to pop over and grab this Christmassy one which has been set out as a “Free for all” gift.

This design was first brought out a few years ago and it’s a classic case of lasting quality.  The fits, folds, texturing etc as good now as whenever it first hit the shops but this one has had a bit of an update as the older and newer versions come with an interactive cheeky strip option.  The back of this onesie has a bum flap, need I say more?  Don’t worry if you’re as Vanilla as I am the bum flap won’t do anything except look like a design feature.

This has reminded me that yes somewhere in the back of my RL closet is a Christmas Onesies…I’m wondering if I should dig it out but then again I’m wondering if it will still fit me lol.  I don’t need the sadness so I will leave it in the back of my closet.

Vanilla Bae.