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They’re back! (Mention of FLF Mina hair & Freebie(sssss)).

The gifts at Redeux that is. I know that for the past number of the Redeux events the gifts have been missing but not the bargains and discounts which is why I would still go. Now it is it’s 4th Anniversary not only are the bargains and discounts still there but also so many FREEBIES.

So far I’ve only done about half of this event before I decided I’d got enough and it was starting to get a bit busy, laggy. I didn’t just get freebies I actually bought 1 top and played 4 Gacha’s ( already reboxed up lol) and then decided it was time to take a break.

From a brief glance at what I picked up there is a real nice mix of items with a few more clothing items than usual. The Zoom dress is rather interesting but this Le Fil Casse top and skirt was just too pretty to not show you.

The event goes on till the 21st so plenty of time and I will return when it’s calmed down.

As for the FLF mention it’s a MINA hair! Tiffany is not a hair I wear often for no other reason than “just because” lol. I don’t have time to show it to you, although if I do get some time later then I most certainly will and I may even show you the top I bought from Redeux as for only 50Lds it may tempt you as well. As usual I’ve put a link to her main shop and one for the Seraphim blog so you can see a picture of Tiffany, the colour palettes and the style hud you get for just 50Lds.


Serpahim Blog (FLF).

Mina’s Mainshop.

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“Love” this. (Freebie(sss).

Shi has done my job for me and found some excellent freebies from the “Love” shop and if she hadn’t dropped me a note about them I will have missed them so Thank You.

Any “heads up” from anyone is really appreciated. I may not in the end blog them as maybe they’ve been blogged before or some other reason but I DO check out every note (NOT Im’s as they are capped).

The “Love” shop was quite busy so I did a quick grab and run and out of the gifts I picked up a tracksuit set, another hair which I haven’t tried on and the dress I’m wearing in this picture which does inc thigh high boots and lastly the hair I’m wearing before I quickly TP’d home to try them on.

This hair is a long bum length, and I did take some pictures but they were blurgh! So you get this simple one from the front as you still get a good idea of what it looks like. The texturing is a nice fine one and the colour palette is pretty big. Added to that are the “addons”. You have a choice of roses or crown or roses and crown or no roses or crown as all it takes is just a couple of clicks to change everything.

And I will say that I preferred the “S” fit but there was a telltale white line down the parting so I changed it to the “M” fit which is pretty good and then I spotted that even though you get 3 preset fits, S,M,L in the style hud you can edit the size just that bit more for the best fit for your head so all it took was a couple of clicks to get a great fit.

LOVE. Hair & Apparel.

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Busy as a bee…freebie(sss).

Life has been super busy in a good way so it was nice to be able to sneak a break inworld and even nicer that I found a blogable freebie pretty quickly.

The Candyland 3 event is on and each stall has a freebie out for us. Drat, I cannot remember which stall I got this skirt/top from and I don’t like to not give credit where credit is due so I will have to do an update. I’m sure you will find it pretty easy though as it’s not a massive event. There is a nice mix of some decor, furniture, accessories and clothing.

Yes that is a bit of pixelation and it won’t take much squinting to work out why lol, obviously another freebie from this event and I’m pretty sure that it’s from Tootie Fruity.

PS. This dress comes in every size you can name plus a small hud which changes the colour but not the pattern and my fav word..seperates.

UPDATE: The dress is a gift from Applique Chic.

Candyland 3.

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Green with envy. (Freebie(s)).

A lovely easy SL start to what looks like a really busy RL day.

This dress and shawl is a free for all gift from AS Couture.

Since my SL time is very limited this morning I just rushed in and grabbed it but I did spot other gifts for other groups as well as a wall of Lucky Boards in the room to your right as you go in to the shop.

As you can see from this picture the shawl can be worn seperately which means you can team it up with another outfit. I must say I’ve worked my way through most of my jewelry and kept a few pieces and if I’d had the time this ankle length evening dress is screaming for a starement piece of jewelry. At least I get to wear one of my fav Mina’s which is Leslie as this hair comes with pearls which are the creamy dots on my “updo”.

Have a brill day and I will see you all later when RL has been sorted.

AS Couture.

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It’s not 2Much.(Freebie).

There is an event running called “2Much” and thats where you can score yourself this bathing suit.

Sorry in my desire to add some warmth to my picture because the RL me is freezing, I’ve turned this blue bathing suit into more of a green shade….oops.

I don’t think the LM takes you directly to this gift but it’s just at one of the isle, easy to find. I’m heading back there now, in my badly fitting cossie lol as I may treat myself to a new backdrop plus I want to check out what else is here.

2 Much Event.

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Be a VIP. (Freebie(s)).

I love it when I see a stylish shop with stylish gifts and then the VIP group turns out to be free.

I almost missed the group gifts in the Rowne shop as they’re tucked away, turn right and they’re on the back of the “events” board, and there are actually quite a few gifts there. Some bold red dresses, a skirt, glasses etc and in the picture I’m wearing this smart high fashion two-piece, the bag and although you can’t see them I am wearing a simple pair of court shoes from this shop as they with the hud you get with them make for a great pair of goto shoes, I already owned them which is how I went over to Rownes.

Sorry, the headdress isn’t a freebie, I will check it out and if it is then you know I will do an update.


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Feeling hot, hot, hot. (Freebies).

Short n sweet.

This is just one of the gorgeous freebies from Una and now I’ve logged in to grab the LM I’m sure that there are new gifts as I don’t remember this or the dress I picked up at the same time which means hopefully some surprises for you all.

PS. Just thought I’d add that this and the other gifts seem to come with a colour hud as well which is always a nice extra.

UNA. (On the wall to your left as you go in).