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Free again.(Freebie(sss)).

The Legindaire group is FREE again, mind you when it did cost to join it was worth it because of all the gifts and discount.

This dress made me go “oooo”. It’s the way it drapes over my boobies, the light frilling of the edge, the draping etc. A nice small colour hud. I’m pretty sure this shade isn’t sheer but it feels sheer on you.

I did spot what I think are new gifts as well as some I’ve previously blogged. A lot of the gifts are full outfits as well.

I did think I’d TP’d to the wrong shop as at the LM is a backdrop of a trending Netflix series but the shop is there and once you’ve checked out all the discounted boards outside the shop turn to your left and thats where most of the group gifts and discounted outfits. Make sure to check the main shop as well as there are other group gifts in the main shop.


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Meh! (Group Gifts & Free 1000Ld Shop Credit).

This was my first thought of the day and nothing has changed lol.

This is not so much a “lazy post” as I did grab a couple of the group gifts and of course the generous 1000Lds worth of shop credit but as you can image the Trend shop is heaving with lots of fluffy orange clouds, naked, semi naked and fully dressed AV’s as everyone is there grabbing the goodies. Sadly the outfits I picked up didn’t come in either of my SLink bods and I couldn’t take any pictures in the shop so instead this post is info only.

The Trend group is free till the 30th BUT the free credit is only out till the 28th and you do have to grab it and spend it before that date. Still plenty of time to pop in when the place is a bit quieter.

The gifts are upstairs and yes you can walk up those very dark stairs.


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This is how you do it. (Freebie).

Black is one of those colours in SL which can be so unflattering as it can make a good template look flat/matt and featureless and then we have this Hilly Haalan gift.

I normally just show you the one shade but in this case I need to show you all three of them as it was hard to pick just one.

Obviously a very bold and bright colour option.

And lastly another classic combo of dark blue and white.

I was so happy that my preferred fit is included as I’m keeping these. Chances are I may never wear them but they’re so wearable and such good quality I have to add them to my hoard.

As soon as I saw this I rushed in grabbed them but don’t forget the small seperate build packed with freebies should still be close by.

Hilly Haalan.

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Ricielli & Dhoma. (Group Gift).

For this Ricielli gift you do have to be in the Ricielli group but it’s the Dhoma shop you go to.

This lingerie come as a bottom and top half so can be worn as seperates. Lots and lots of fits as well as 3 pattern choices. I’m wearing the pink lace one and you have an animal print as well as a floral print option.

I’m also going to pop the LM to the Ricielli shop, sadly as yet they still haven’t changed the hunt prizes from the New Year Hunt, which if you’ve not seen before then you’re in for a treat, but I think I keep on forgetting to mention that the Christmas Group Gift is also still out. Fortunately the dress is a stunning deep red which can be worn any time. So if you’ve missed that then it’s easy to find near the LM on one of the pillars.

Ricielli & Dhoma.


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Hello & Goodbye. (Freebie(ss)).

Weekend bag in hand means I’m OFF.

I’m taking a long weekend break on my own. I’m leaving behind my loved ones, pets, work and running away all on my own…pure unadulterated luxury for an introvert such as I.

Before I logged off I couldn’t go without finding some winning freebies and yeah I have sorta resorted to a bit of a reblog as the pants come from The Annex shop and the only new thing was the LM lol. There are other freebies inc a shirt which when I last showed you these pants I wore that shirt so nice gifts but there is a new set of tropical patterned, high cut bathing suits each only 10Lds or 75Lds a pack.

The next stop was Mangula as I knew they had this sweater/top as a gift as well as many others. The top AND a most pretty “Keeper” dress are to be found just to your left when you go in to the shop as there is a small selection of gifts for different groups. Then nearby are the Mangula subscribers gifts which do include a brand new fat pack of a brill outfit.

OK it’s time to log off SL & RL and power down. I hope everyone has a great weekend or at least a weekend without drama and stress lol.

The Annex.


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Dreaming. (Freebie).

It’s just been “one of those days” so I’ve not even had a chance to walk around that shopping mall I mentioned in my last post. So I logged in with a cup of coffee and got ready to saunter when a note came through from a shop I know the name of well but not visited very often and as a gift for their 15th year in SL they have this dress out for us.

I should have used the mirror pose so you will have seen that the other shoulder is bare. Anyhow it really is a nice summer/tropical dress in lots of fits and matching panties. Really nice and so many others think so as the place was buzzing when I went to LM grab.

I’ve added this shop to my “shops to revist” list and I think I will do that sometime next week.

BTW this gift is only out for the weekend and if you missed their SL18th Birthday gift called Tiffany then that too has been set out for a limited time. It’s a bikini top with retro style shorts…..very nice indeed.


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The Make Over Room. (Freebie).

Just as in RL I’m shopping for make up inworld as well so I checked out the “The Make Over Room” event and this outfit is their group gift.

I do remember this top/sheer skirt/panties as they’re from the Entice shop and somewhere along the way I’ve previously blogged them. Since this outfit is now out again for us at this event if you missed it then get it now. You may also want to check my previous post about the hunt/gifts etc at Entice as well.

The Makeover Room Event.