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Aww Hell YES! (10Ld Noble Creation/TeleportHub)

These creepy assed wearable snakes are right up my alley.

They whip around you hissing and fighting each other. The double-headed snake has a single body that wraps around you and the tail is behind you. You get a male, female and a big boobie fit.

They’re a TeleportHub Group gift and you find them in the Noble Creation shop. As many will know it’s 10Lds to join the TeleportHub group and I love that group so stay in it as you get such random gifts.

The Noble Creation shop is a free group and has a mix of decor and wearables out for us. I must check my invent to see if the “Hunters Harness” fits as it’s such a quality leather wearable.

NC. Noble Creations.

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Give me credit. (350Ld Free Shop Credit).

Not too long ago I did a post about Tiffany Design and how I seemed to have some random free shop credit turn up in my invent which I assumed was because I’ve been subscribed to the shop for a while. Since I still had some credit left and a time limit to spend it so I went back over only to find MORE FREE CREDIT!

Sadly it is non-trans but happily, it’s going to be easy to spend as there is a great mix of gowns, shoes, casuals and I’m even tempted by the jewellery.

I’m reusing this picture as it’s what I bought and did a post about previously. I will admit I’ve binned the jacket and I think I’ve kept the stappy top but those jeans are keepers as everything comes with a big hud of colours.

BTW Someone mentioned in the comments that the Sub board is right there at the LM, so make sure to slap it as I think over time I ended up with about 700Lds worth of shop credit in total and that doesn’t include this new 350Lds.

Tiffany Design.

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Game, Set & Match. (Freebie & Dollarbie).

Faith leaves the Coco Design gifts to me because she knows I love them and so many end up as “keepers”.

This zipped up jacket is one where the sleeves are positioned in this hand in pocket pose so you simply alpha out your arms and hands. The shopping tote is also linked so you can’t remove it but I ain’t mad at that as it’s a great look.

We all know that there are many other gifts in the Coco Design shop so much so that this new gift is on the other gift board on its own as the rest of the boards are now filled up.

The dollarbie is of course the skirt and shoes from my last post so scroll back a few posts for the details. I’ve removed the blouse as I just knew that the skirt and shoes would team up with the new Coco Design gift and give me a whole new look.

PS. The hair/cap is of course a Mina, she has a nice range of them now just in case you want to check those out.

Coco Design.

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Head to Toe. (Freebies).

A quick post because “life” need I say more?

I rarely do a post on jewellery no matter how stunning a piece it is, lack of time and all that stuff plus I’m generally rubbish at close-ups on my face but I think I’ve cracked it with this pose.

These shoes are what sealed the deal on this post. You get 3 colour options, white, black and these beige ones.

They come from the POM (Piece of Me) shop and are on the wall behind the reception desk.

POM. (Piece of Me).

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I’m done. (Freebie(ss)).

I finished the Okinawa Christmas/New Year Festival and walked away with some decor, wearables and quite a few landmarks.

This lovely scarf was a nice surprise from the “velvetbutter” stall. This isn’t actually “orange” it’s supposed to be brown but it sure looks like orangy to me. There are other colours but orange is the best and I do like the design as well.

This off the shoulder cardie is something I picked up from Coco Design. I’m not sure if it’s new I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen it before. It is, of course, Coco Design quality and if it isn’t new to you it’s a timely reminder if you need a party dress or some winter snuggly clothing as there are old gifts inc a very “Jessica Rabbit” clinging dress to some bright red oversized jumpers and leggings.

Velvetbutter@The Okinawa Christmas/New Year Festival.

Coco Design.

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I’m in control!..Freebie(ss).

Faith is a bit like me in that she too likes to take short breaks as we like everyone in life have the daily grind/struggles to work our way through and this is how we both deal with it….running away lol.

First just one of the freebies from the “Manly Arena” event. This event as the name suggests is for the men in SL. I sorta suspected that although there is a lot of gift clothing there would also be gift decor and I was right. This is just one of them there is a particularly good fire tool set AND drat! I’ve just remembered there is a sexy “MOFO” car! I’m going to have to do an update to this post with a picture of the car as it got an “oooh” out of me.

As for the clothing for sale, classy, classic, casual and sexy. There is a set of BOM face tats that if I had the time and money to update my male AV I would grab it! So grab any male AV friend/partner and yourself and check out this event.

I’ve just had a thought, if you’re penny-pinching in SL (and RL) but would also like to treat the person in your life, then grab the LM’s for events like this and pass them on or drag them to the event/gift.

UPDATE: As promised.

This is the gift car off the Surplus Motors stand. Bold and brash for sure with the cheeky addition of a “wing door” ie the door opes upwards like a wing. A lot of detailing on the inside means that it is about the 72prim mark if you want to park it in your garage or just drive it around.

PS. I promise my next post is clothing for us girls but just for the moment, I’ve got RL stuff to sort out but as soon as I log back in I have NEW Shoes.

Manly Arena.

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Free again.(Freebie(sss)).

The Legindaire group is FREE again, mind you when it did cost to join it was worth it because of all the gifts and discount.

This dress made me go “oooo”. It’s the way it drapes over my boobies, the light frilling of the edge, the draping etc. A nice small colour hud. I’m pretty sure this shade isn’t sheer but it feels sheer on you.

I did spot what I think are new gifts as well as some I’ve previously blogged. A lot of the gifts are full outfits as well.

I did think I’d TP’d to the wrong shop as at the LM is a backdrop of a trending Netflix series but the shop is there and once you’ve checked out all the discounted boards outside the shop turn to your left and thats where most of the group gifts and discounted outfits. Make sure to check the main shop as well as there are other group gifts in the main shop.