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Time out. (Freebie(sss)).

I did come inworld for a bit yesterday and spent some time changing the landscaping on our sim. Then when I managed to screw up the texture of the river we have I decided it was time to take a break and head off to the Nutmeg shop where there is a new Group Gift.

A sweet mini bench and the wicker pot is not attached so you can put it anywhere.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t blog their last group gift so that’s going to be a surprise and if you’ve never been to the Nutmeg shop before then you’re in for a bigger surprise because in the area to the right as you go in is all of the previous gifts and there are some stunning pieces.


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Expect more. (Freebies@Swank).

I don’t normally do events but Faith wondered if I’d like to do the Swank event as it’s just opened and there are freebies so I hauled AV ass.

The freebie is just the top.

Indulge me with this picture as I really should have just zoomed in on the top so you can see the really nice detailing such as the button but yesterday I took some time off to change the landscaping on my home, not finished yet, and as you can see Sunflowers are one of my fav late summer/autumn flower.

This top is just one of many gifts at the Swank Event. I basically found the first item of clothing and then TP’d home to try it out and fortunately for me it ticks all my boxes.

I will be heading back when I log in not just for the freebies as I’ve spotted something I may buy and of course, I nearly always walk away with a whole load of shop LM’s to check out.

PS. Can’t remember which stall this top came off so will add an UPDATE for you when I find out.

As promised UPDATE: This is a gift from the Anna Style stall and since I’ve not been to that shop for a long time I will be paying it a visit.


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Super Stacks. (Freebie(ss)).

These super stacked shoes are not to my taste but who cares because, in the end, we all do what we want with our SL lives.

There are actually quite a lot of group gifts in the Sibilla shop in this super stacked style with a couple of other gifts including a rather good wearable bag and what looks like “foot wrinkles”? I will be unpacking that later.

The group is free and when you click on the goodies you select “deliver” out of the menu.

Just in case you do miss it then the two stands are both group gifts, easy to spot when you’re there and just as easy to miss if you didn’t know.


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Time to stop! (Freebie).

Not only did I go wild at the Dust Bunny shop I’ve also splurged on some of the weekend’s offers and I just need to stop as I have so much to unpack and sort through.

So I put on this freebie from the LeiMotiv shop, ignoring their special offers, and I’m spending the rest of my lazy Saturday unpacking everything I’ve bought in the past hours.

To find this top/short set it’s on the wall under the staircase and I don’t know if there are any other gifts as I forgot to look once I’d seen this.


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It’s juicy. (Free Mina Hair).

I just have to show you the free “Uber” gift hair from Mina Nakamura.

This freebie comes with just one colour but what a colour.

Ignore the claw hand and check out those smoothly blended lovely shades. You can just about make out the pink tattoo at the nape of the neck as this has a subtle shaved look to it. I did spot, mainly because it turned my whole face pink, that you get a BOM layer for the tattoo.

Easy to find as you will see on the large poster for the full-priced/fatpack version there is a gift box..just click and it’s yours.

Mina’s Mainshop.

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WIP 2nd Anniversary Free Gifts

Free Lingerie & Dollarbie prop

Nabbed myself a few group gifts at the anniversary round of WIP ! Just join the WIP group et voila you’re set to go. Love this lingerie gift from Celestina’s – large amount of mesh body sizes. My fridge prop was only $1L from Emozione on the market place.

FREE Dress & Shoes

This gift dress from Fallen Angel is just stunning! Love the geometric cut and mesh inset panels , gloriously feminine. The shoes are a gift from Ahlure, nice detailing with the ankle padlocks.

Plenty to see and gifts range from mens, women’s fashion to homeware & décor.

Happy Shopping ❤


Fridge prop

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Good Morning. (Freebies).

I’ll not waffle as much today as it’s Sunday and so here are just some of the Freebies I found in the Oasis shop.

A bodysuit with a fantastic jersey/knit texture and a decent hud of great colours.

This dress comes in a black colour which I think didn’t show off the details as well as the other colours/patterns in the hud. Not going to lie I now wish I had used one of the other shades out of the hud but hey ho I didn’t.

KEEPERS! Just look at them, yes they also come with a hud. That little bag is so adorable. I am wearing a matching top, a different gift and it’s got the same shade hud but because it didn’t have the Perky fit I decided to zoom in on those shorts.

There are a couple more gifts, a nice bodycon style dress but I will leave those as a surprise.

Oasis. (On the wall above the desk).