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Cosmopolitan Gifts Round Two !

Free Dress, Free Bouquets Synnergy Backdrop

WOW Cosmo has a part two of their anniversary ! I headed over and gosh SO many gifts from the designers. I’m still unpacking but I’m going to share the ones that really stood out to me so far. Above is this beautiful turtle necked dress by Varsity, fits for Maitreya, Legacy, Ebody, Kupra and Perky, it comes as a fatpack with eight colours. My bouquet is a gift from Finca, you get two types the mixed flowers and a daisy bunch, both come with various poses and a rezable version.

FREE Sneakers

Love these useful sneakers from E-Clipse Design, classic look and a keeper for me.

Free Corset yop, Free pants

The corset style top is the gift from Cherry Up, fits for Maitreya, Ebody, Legacy and Perky, Reborn Juicy. My pants are one of the new lucky board prizes at La Feminique.

FREE flowering Archway, wheelbarrow and flower patch

The flowering arch, patch of wild flowers and the wheelbarrow are all in the gift box from Simply Shelby. Just join the free group at the landing point and make sure your group tag is visible or you wont be able to claim your gifts.


La Feminique

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Free Dress @ Toxic Bish

Free Dress Toxic Bish

I have Zan to thank for this freebie – she said she was going to check Toxic Bish out and I was bored so I popped along too. Saw everyone crowded around the lucky boards and joined in. This is what I won! Gorgeous lace dress (in black only) fits for: Maitreya, Physique, TMP, Tonic curvy & fine, Venus, Freya, Hourglass & Isis. The boards change over quite r apidly so you wont have long to wait to get your mitts on something – group is free to join.

Toxic Bish

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Free To Make You Happy!

FREE Animesh dancing plant with dances

I was wandering around and came across the tabidach Mall – what a fun place and full of luckyboards & dollarbie. I actually have won all the items ! This animesh dancing plant is kinda magical and made me forget my woes for a time ! Just place it on the ground, touch and it gives you a ton of dances to join in with – LOVE.

FREE chooc banana stall 8Li dispenses items

Along the backwall you’ll see a lot of these market stalls on the luckyboards – turn over is quite rapid with no group to join. I managed to grab most of them. This is the chocobanana one, touch it and you get lots of choices of flavour bananas on a stick to wear automatically. These would be fantastic as sim fillers or for a party. Take a good look around once you’re there, lots of gifts and lucky boards – even on the floor.

tabidach Mall

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A Happy Mistake – Free

FREE Dress & Sandals

I got all ready to start a new hunt – trotted off to Emerald Couture to find their gift and couldn’t – now this isn’t strange for me as I am pretty rubbish at finding things. Anyhoooo the hunt hadn’t even started doh. As I was there and I do enjoy a bit of lucky board stalking I tuned left to the boards – et voila within moments Id won quite a few items. You do need to be in the group to play and it is free to join yay! This superbly textured and slightly sheer dress captured my heart – such a pretty shade of sea jade with some really pretty detailing at the shoulder and an exposed back. It also comes with some rather cute strapped heels!

Thanks Emerald Couture ❤

Emerald Couture

Wasabi – Poolside hair

Orsini Jewelry – Bianca necklace

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F For Free

FREE outfit with boots

Damm my initial sure is lucky for my lately – I was in the Dark Love store and up it popped on the lucky board. Got myself this cute outfit with top, skirt & boots. Niiiiice!

To the right of the boards are also a number of group gifts – group is free to join.

Be Lucky ❤

Dark Love

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So Free It Made My Head Spin

Free pants top

Gawd I don’t think I’ve ever had so many wins so fast on lucky boards in my whole SL life! Get yourselves over to Ydea , join the free group and head over to the lucky area on the left of the landing point. There are numerous lucky boards and they turn over VERY quickly!

All For Free

I won a lot more than I’m showing here – and apart from being totally free they are all also brilliant quality items.

Be Lucky ❤


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Group Gift @ Virtual Diva

May Group gift - Free!

Oh yes I’m feeling really virtuous today, not only have I completed all my work tasks but also stuck to my protein health kick! Zan teleported me over to Virtual Diva to check out the lucky boards which have been stuffed with some really nice outfits, join the group, its free and wait your turn. However I was more drawn to the May group gift that Zan mentioned – shown above. Brilliant for a bit of role play or whatever you’d want to do dressed as an angel ! You’ll find it inside the store, the lucky boards are out the front of the store to the right hand side.

Virtual Diva