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Group Gift @ Virtual Diva

May Group gift - Free!

Oh yes I’m feeling really virtuous today, not only have I completed all my work tasks but also stuck to my protein health kick! Zan teleported me over to Virtual Diva to check out the lucky boards which have been stuffed with some really nice outfits, join the group, its free and wait your turn. However I was more drawn to the May group gift that Zan mentioned – shown above. Brilliant for a bit of role play or whatever you’d want to do dressed as an angel ! You’ll find it inside the store, the lucky boards are out the front of the store to the right hand side.

Virtual Diva

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Lucky For Me – Free

Free shorts & top

Lucky boards are not usually very good for me, but today as I landed at the new Reed store my letter was showing hurrah! I won this brill shorts & top outfit in red. You’ll need to join the group (which is free) and wait for your letter to rock up – it wont take long as the boards turn over pretty fast – there are three outfits to be had and I got all of them in a very short time.

Good Luck ❤


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Always Spank It – Freebies

QE Designs FREE FATPACK Boots & Bodysuit

I hadn’t been to QE Designs for ages so moseyed on over to take a peek. As I walked past the mini mania boards I gave them a spank, also snapped up a lucky board with my letter (great fatpack of footless stockings!) .

QE Designs FREE Fatpack Boots & Bodysuit 2

Today I woke up to two fat packs for free ! The Selene Bodysuit & the Ophelia boots – the body suit has a ton of options so do check out the Hud, mesh insert over you tum or a floral one, the boots are divine ! You don’t need to be in the group to play the mini mania (everybody wins once the 30 spanks has been reached) or the lucky boards. These two items are still on the lucky board so dash! Thanks QE Designs ❤

[QE] Designs

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Hunting @ Paper Sparrow & The Free Dove

FREE top & pants @ Paper Sparrow

Fantastic hunt has started at The Free Dove – Paper Sparrow is the store involved. As is usual there are five gifts to find at The Free Dove and five more at the Paper Sparrow store. Above is one of the free group gifts I found at the Paper arrow store while hunting – bright red pants & matching crop top – my jacket is my own from Gabriel. Upstairs in the store you’ll find numerous lucky boards and group gifts.

The Free dove Paper.Sparrow - Resolutions Hunt 22

Above is the hunt key for all the pretties you can find ! I just couldn’t find the jeans – so put on your hunting goggles and try hard!

FREE Tshirt @ Paper Sparrow

I did find one of the t-shirts though yay me ! Head over to The Free Dove and click the hunt board at one of the entrances for all the info, landmarks etc.

The Free Dove

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Group Gifts & More

Moon Sha grassy shack - 4Li FREE

I haven’t been to the Moon Sha store for ages – and when I did pop over I was in for a surprise! Not only are there plenty of group gifts , there are camping places, lucky boards and mini manias! Above is the grassy shack its a group gift and the group is free to join – its just 4Li and I’ve used it to replace the old stables I had out. Perfect for any garden and really nicely made. While I was taking photos and perusing the store I danced on the camping stand , I won a gift card and a lot of other items !

Moon Sha desk 2Li

I was tempted to buy something and bought this desk & chair – 1Li each ($250L). Actually most of the builds at Moon Sha are around 1-2 Li and very detailed – Ill definitely be going back. The desk is stuffed with poses for males & females, and it works perfect up in my attic at home.

Moon Sha

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Free gift & Inexpensive

bbqq free gift 1Li

After heading to the Kowloon chair competition that Zan blogged about below – I checked out a few of the makers of the chairs stores. Totally chuffed with my lucky board win at bbqq – this moon cake and tea on a tray is just 1Li. You need to join the group to win and the group is free.

bbqq star lamps 1Li $25L

While I waited for my initial to come up on the boards (it didn’t take long!) I had a look at the store and found these super cute lamps, all one piece including the flex and plug – $25L and just 1Li for the whole thing! They light up and off by touch – they are going in my new SL home for sure.


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Gifts for the Guys & Girls

Corvus has been around a long time and they seem to have been producing new gear lately – really reasonably priced too. Anyway I’m broke so I was more interested in seeing if there were any new freebies – and there were for both males and females hurrah! This oversized sweatshirt is free to all on the left hand wall as you enter the store – huge array of fits for both genders.

I also spied two lucky boards, you need to join the group to use them but its free. This is the dress I was willing to wait around for – really cool, the fishnet stocking on one leg comes attached to the dress – “Maybe today Satan” yup! (The guys gift was dead nice also)