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I’m shook! (Freebie & 24 Hour Dollarbie Catwa Mesh Head). UPDATED.

Thank you Shi for an amazing (Catwa) heads up.

OK first of all the head I’m wearing is not the dollarbie it is, of course, my beloved Lelutka, and the wet look pants are not the freebie, they’re from Blueberry if you’re interested in them. The freebie is this simple mesh lace effect top.

It comes from the REED shop and I can remember blogging something from there not too long ago but not this top or the new outfit, which didn’t fit me. There are plenty of gifts in the REED shop for different groups.

As for the Dollarbie Catwa head from tomorrow, Thursday the 25th, from 12am to 11.59pm the Catwa “HDPRO Queen” head will be on sale for only 1Ld JUST in the Catwa marketplace shop. I’ve already tried the demo on, the link is for the demo version, again a big thanks to Shi for that, and I was shocked at how nice both the face and shape looked on me! So much so I’m really looking forward to picking the full pack up tomorrow and having a play with it.

PS. Doesn’t it make a nice change not to have to face the crush of a packed sim trying to get a time-limited gift so I am really grateful to be able to get it from the marketplace.

As expected Catwa had temporarily broke SL marketplace but I did actually manage to log in however I couldn’t see either the Demo or the 1L HDPRO Queen head. I think even the management were “shook” and from what I can see they’re trying to sort it out.

UPDATE. The Dollarbie Catwa head has now been moved inworld into the Catwa shop and as you can see there are 2 landmarks.

Catwa Inworld Shop 1.

Catwa Inworld Shop 2.


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Mondays suprise. (Dollarbie).

I was wasting my wet/cold/monday morning mooching on the marketplace where I came across this Dollarbie offer of a puffer jacket from the Monomania shop.

So I popped it into the basket and logged in and the suprise is that I hadn’t spotted it’s a full outfit. Jacket, shirt, jeans and shoes. A hud of 6 colours which allows you to change the colour of each item and each item can be worn as seperates.

Once I’d tried them on I TP’d over to the Monomania shop, which is where this picture was taken. It is in the shop and although the Monomania group costs 50Lds I will assume this is set for sale for 1Ld. You will find this at the reception desk but in the area behind there is where you will find the Monomania group gifts as well as other gifts for other groups. I picked up the TeleportHub gift which I’ve not tried on yet.

Monomania. (Marketplace).

Monomania. (Inworld).

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Perfect for creepy couples. (Dollarbie).

This bold red dress/shoe set is perfect for Valentines/anytimes (sic) etc but I think the addition of a full man’s outfit in the box makes for a cute if creepy, couple look lol.

The Orsey event is a nice size and a nice mix of everything. This gift and a lipstick set are to be found at the top of different staircases. Not hard to see them but if you just cam upstairs and not walk up them you may have missed them.

Ignore the necklace, that’s the folder I’m working my way through and as it happens I think this dress really does lend itself to some chunky bling.

Orsey Event.

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Heck yes! (Dollarbie(sss).

I’ve already shown you a few of the Dollarbies from the N-Uno marketplace shop and possibly some from the inworld shop but this is most certainly new to me and I hopefully also to you.

Again it has that handmade feel to it that I love. I don’t know if that is intential or not but it just has the feel of someone upcycling old denim and if this brown isn’t to your taste then you can chose one of the other denim colours and since they’re all just 1ld you could buy all 6 of them and the matching scarves…which I missed lol.

Although this only comes in standard mesh fits such as S,M,L in fact I think everything in their marketplace shop is is standard mesh fits, you can try the demo’s out first. I did spot something in the note in the pack which suggests that this is actually a 2020 design that was either for sale or a gift from a Shiney Shabby event, which is one I don’t usually go to.

There is a lot more to see in the marketplace shop so as always even if this doesn’t interest you make sure to have a look and they all come with free demos.

I don’t want to say that there are any freebies in the N-Uno inworld shop as I can’t log in at the moment but again it’s another place to check out and I may do that myself when I can next log back inworld.

N-Uno. (Marketplace).