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Gobble Gobble Gobble. (Dollarbies).

I decided to do the “Jerky Turkey” hunt and found in the Artic Storm shop these jeans/top prizes and naturally, because of the colour it was the first thing I decided to hunt for, the next thing I’m hunting for is the wearable turkey on your head lol.

Lots of fits and can be worn separately for only 1Ld.

As for the moon, blimey when I stumbled upon it on the marketplace it was a blast from the past as I already have this or at least maybe the original one as this is “V2”. The version behind me is not the biggest and it’s one of the slow-rotating ones. I also know that the smallest one is hand sized. Extremely reasonable prim, I will check and add it but I’m pretty sure this massive moon is only 6 prims…update soon.


4 prims and I’ve put myself right up to the moon, it’s changed as it is rotating and this is the other side, so you can get a better idea of the size.

Jerky Turkey Hunt 12 Blog. (LM’s Prizes & Hints).

Artic Storm. (Outfit).

Ally*Adventure. (Moon, Marketplace).

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Coffee time. (Dollarbie).

SL was lagging so I logged out, topped up my coffee intake, logged into Amazon Prime to buy myself something I don’t need and then logged into the SL marketplace for something else I don’t need but for 1Ld worth it.

I tried to angle the photo so you could see clearly that the ankle strap is a snake.

I did call into the inworld shop where these are one of the group gifts, the group does cost 10Lds to join and there are other group gifts but apart from these shoes, I didn’t spot anything new. I will give you the link for both the MP and Inworld shop for you to check both options out.

PS. if in doubt even though its 1Ld you can still try the demo.

E.D.D.A. (Marketplace).

E.D.D.A. (Inworld).

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Is it just me? (Dollarbie).

I think SL is a bit borky, I did check the status but apart from some voice issues, it didn’t mention anything else going on. So I did what I normally do when snuggled on the settee under my heated blankie, with a mug of coffee and checked out the marketplace.

Voila, I found these and was also able to log into SL. Since I can’t trust TPing I’ve just taken this picture on my working platform.

These look like rubber overboots to me, the sort of thing worn in some countries, but not common in the UK.

You get a red and green version plus that band down the side can be changed. There are a few more dollarbies on offer. It says there is an inworld store and usually, I’d TP there to see if the dollarbies are free inworld but since SL is a bit borky I will just give you the link and you can check it out for yourself.

UPDATE: Not free inworld.

Sheba. (Marketplace).

Sheba. (Inworld).

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I’m not that lucky. (2Ld Hunt Prizes).

Normally when you see me with some sort of bag and a mode of transport in the background it means I’m OFF! Escaping the daily grind, buggering off into the sunset etc sadly that’s not the case.

The hoodie and backpack are hunt prizes from the Meander Me & Sooty Wings shop.

There are 3 hunts going on at this moment and if you look at the wall to your right you will see them and what it is you’re looking for. This cropped hoodie and bag are one of the hunt prizes and sorry I’m not inworld so I’ve forgotten which hunt it’s for and I think this cost me, 2Lds. Plus I have changed the colour a bit due to the editing so esp the hoodie does look more purple than pink, look at the pocket on the backpack and that’s the colour it comes in.

PS. You can also rezz the bag as decor but at 14prims it may just be too primmy for some people.

Meander Me & Sooty Wings.

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I’m a bloody mess. (Dollarbie).

It was only when I was getting the link to the MirageDoll marketplace shop that I realised I’d actually blogged at least one other dress from there and that was the Maiia windblown/shape-hugging dress (GET IT!) and also a couple of the other dollarbies do look familiar however I’m not sure if I did blog them.

This bloodied dress is new and just a dollarbie.

I can see there is an inworld shop which I’m not sure about so I will definitely check that out and if there are freebies you know I will do an update.

This is the only shawl hair that Mina has and I know that it’s called Martha. This isn’t the best picture to show it off so I’ve added the link to Mina’s marketplace shop so you can see the different patterns of the shawl. This black lace one is very “Widow weeds” to me but the rest of the textures are county girl/Gor/RP to me. Naturally check the demo out first as I do believe its about the 400Lds mark.

Yes, there IS an inworld shop and there are a small amount of gifts but they’re the same as the marketplace ones and still 1LD. I’m still giving you the inworld link as there are some really pretty things to buy if you’re a spender in SL and not a CheapB* like me.


MirageDoll. (Inworld).

Mina’s Marketplace Shop.

Mina’s Inworld Shop.

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Kawaii Decor. (Freebies(sss)).

I found in a folder a whole load of cute decor. I have no idea of how long I’ve had these but I am 100% sure I’ve not shown you them before.

In this picture, there are 3 separate items, the kitchen, cake cabinet and picnic blanket/set.

I’ve taken the pictures with no editing so you can see how pretty they are.

Just look at the detailing on this cookbook. This one on the stand is only 2prims the rezzable one is 1 prim and you also get a wearable version.

I’m glad I checked as it turns out that there is there an inworld shop and unlike the marketplace shop it’s all free inworld and 1Ld on the marketplace.

Oops forgot to say that there is a whole wall of stuff for you, big and small things.

PPM (Poyun).

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Time for the shoes. (Dollarbies).

Scroll back a couple of posts to those melty and mushroomy shoes, if you’ve missed that post you’re in for a treat. Well, it turns out the shop NeutralTones(sic) has some marketplace Dollarbies for us as well as the inworld gifts that I’d blogged.

Ooo nice, simple and yet also ornate. There is a black or white option and at 1Ld each…cheap and classy…just like me lol.

Very metaillic-looking shoes. I think now I rather prefer the black pair with the silver rope but at 1Ld cheap enough to buy a dozen of them.

NeutralTones. (Marketplace).