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Say goodbye. (Dollarbie).

It’s a trashy day for me in that I’ve been standing on Faith’s platform slowly working my way through my stuff to finally get rid of some of the excess. Even items I paid full price for are being binned…and yes it’s hurting. So anything that doesn’t fit, never gets worn or I have so many similar items has to go. It goes without saying that if I can pass it on then I will but sadly so much is non-trans.

OK, that’s my excuse for using the same bland background as my previous post but before I trash these pants I have to reblog them.

I have a thing for this one particular lovely washed out Summery pattern, sweet. You get 12 colours/patterns in the hud and actually considering there are “drawn on” textures they’re pretty bloddy decent. Plenty of fits as well just not my Legacy which is actually the only reason I’m trashing them as I know that teamed up with a sweater and boots they make for a great look.

PS. There is a link to an inworld shop but I don’t wanna go…I want to stay where I am to trash some more stuff before I head on out to find a fresh new freebie.

Suisui. Marketplace.

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Look for the bunny. (Dollarbie).

I must say that it has been yet another glorious day in the UK and this time because I didn’t have work I could finally relax in my garden and soak up some much-needed warming sun.

Then I logged in and literally found this on my first random TP.

I do have a couple of bikini’s in a similar style but it’s 1Ld and comes in my Legacy Perky fit, as well as others of course. A small hud of 4 patterns.

This is a Blacklace Gift, not a group gift as that costs to join but right next to those and the reception desk and the cute little bunny hopping around is the easel with a picture of this gift and it’s the gift box you buy for 1Ld.

PS. I have that same little HPMD bunny that hops around the outside of my SL door in RL it’s pigeons that are not as cute and they poop a lot.

PPS. I will be checking out the other shops on this sim as I do recognise the name, I have a feeling that they’ve all moved from their old LM’s to this new location.


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Still Lucky. (Fatpack Dollarbie).

I’m shocked to find not one but maybe two more quality Marketplace shop gifts (I’ve yet to unpack the other item) so that’s next on my list.

This sheer top and shorts are a BF (Beauty Factory) marketplace gift and for only 1LD you get a lot of colours and yes I’ve forgotten how many as by the time I tried the third shade on I was already excited to log off and do this post.

The top and bottom can be worn separately, with some lovely attention to detail on the waistband and lacing on the top. As a perky lover, I love how the cut compliments my boobies. On top of all that a sexy sheerness as this was their Valentine gift so I’m pleased it’s still out for us.

I do know that there is an inworld shop so it maybe there for free.

BF, Beauty Factory. (Marketplace).

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I do it all for you. (Dollarbie).

I got an email from Second Life as it’s my Rezz day. Sadly no gifts, no free Lindens, not even wearable slice of birthday cake. What I did get was some Stats.

So here is what I have “Achieved in the past year”

My region visited 1,521, average resident 87.

My teleports 6,794, average resident 220 teleports.

My days longest streak 98 days, average resident 3 days.

Yeah what can I say except I do it all for you…ok ok I have a bit of an addiction. Since I’ve been TPing here and there since I got these stats you can add a few more on them lol.

I didn’t have to TP for this as I found it on the marketplace and I’m so pleased I did as the picture used show the more fuller figured ladies when in fact it has something for all shapes…just check the picture for your fit.

Not only does this make a great outfit on its own it’s also a two-piece. That bra/top will go perfectly with the sweater from my last post.

You get a decent hud for both the top and shorts, plus the top comes in a sheer version which I’m wearing.

Before I left I swiped a balloon…I love balloons.

This is in the “Caishen’s marketplace shop. It’s time for my addicted SL behind to log off so I’ve not actually checked out the inworld shop so I’m giving you the link and you may just find it for free..but no promises.

Caishen. (Marketplace).

Caishen. (Inworld).

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Creeping. (Dollarbie).

Since the cat (Faith) is away I decided to have a creep around her home as yes yet again we’ve both changed our SL homes.

The dollabie is this pretty interesting top and of course, that orange colour is what got me oohing so I didn’t bother to get the demo first as it’s just 1Ld. It comes in all the main mesh fits and you can of course try the demo out for this and the other dollarbies.

This shop is I believe only on the Marketplace.

This one is just for fun.

Yeah, I do have a folder of wearable musical instruments, that’s sad! So spotting the music stand in Faith’s home was finally a chance to wear one.

Auralia. (Marketplace).

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Game, Set & Match. (Freebie & Dollarbie).

Faith leaves the Coco Design gifts to me because she knows I love them and so many end up as “keepers”.

This zipped up jacket is one where the sleeves are positioned in this hand in pocket pose so you simply alpha out your arms and hands. The shopping tote is also linked so you can’t remove it but I ain’t mad at that as it’s a great look.

We all know that there are many other gifts in the Coco Design shop so much so that this new gift is on the other gift board on its own as the rest of the boards are now filled up.

The dollarbie is of course the skirt and shoes from my last post so scroll back a few posts for the details. I’ve removed the blouse as I just knew that the skirt and shoes would team up with the new Coco Design gift and give me a whole new look.

PS. The hair/cap is of course a Mina, she has a nice range of them now just in case you want to check those out.

Coco Design.

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Sneaks in a reblog. (Dollarbie).

It’s breaking my heart as I’m slowly deleting all my clothes that don’t come in my preferred fit and at the same time since some of them, ok a lot of them, were freebies/gifts etc I have also been checking to see if they’re still out as gifts and that’s how and why I’m doing a reblog of these fab “Cuffs”.

I’ve not checked to see if they’re in an inworld freebie but on the marketplace, they’re a Dollarbie.

They are excellent so I’m really pleased that they do come in my fit. Some quality colours in the hud from pastels to dark black. Even though they seem to have patches on the elbows they’re delicate enough to be worn with an evening gown or as an RP costume addition. Also to make them just a bit different if you have a pair of gloves that just cover your hands it would be interesting to see if you could add those on to make a different look.

eXxEsS. (Marketplace).