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Pacific sun. (Freebie(s)).

I’m waiting for my working day to start and was lucky enough to find freebies..worth blogging lol.

The dress is from the May24 shop. There are three group gifts, I never got around to blogging one of the dresses which is still in my invent and I will now leave that one as a surprise for you and show you this black one instead.

I nearly ignored it as often black freebies can be rather flat and ok in the pictures I’ve not really caught any of the folds and seams but they’re there and since it’s a free group then free for you to check this and the other two gifts out for yourself.

Then I went to the Asian Pacific Heritage Event. I spotted that there is a list of different talks and performances scheduled as well as stalls and of course Freebies.

The gold fans behind me are just one of the gifts as well as the pretty hair accessory. I didn’t spot any clothing which is why I decided to blog this dress in the same post. Personally, I’m chuffed with the food accessories/wearables and then I unpacked this.

This is labelled I think as a “Traditional Clothes Rack”. It’s really good. I should have stood next to it so you can get some idea of the size, I think since it’s called “Traditional” it’s designed to hold Kimono’s so that gives you some indication of how tall it is. Lots of us don’t even have a Kimono in our invent let alone a hangable one, but you can use it not just as a clothes rack but if you have some sort of draped fabric such as a flag, wall hanging etc that will look so good.


Asian Pacific Heritage Festival.

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Saved by an event. (Freebie(s).

I’m excited to log back in later and strip off this completely free outfit for two reasons, it’s not my style and I also want to see what else I’ve picked up from the Saki Event as I did see other clothing gifts.

Yeah, lousy pose. This is what happens when I try to show a whole head to toe outfit off, I just look odd lol.

You get the headphones, that fab cardigan a bodysuit, skirt and the boots. Not shown is another top and a couple of small wearables, a Tamagotchi and a lolly mouthie and everything can be worn as separates…always appreciated.

The Saki event isn’t a big event so it didn’t take me too long to grab the goodies and I will say there is some lipstick that I’m seriously tempted to buy but since I don’t think the items for sale are at a special discount I’m going to check the main shop before I make my mind up.

Saki Event.

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Happy 10th Anniversary Cosmopolitan (Free gifts)

Free outfit Candy Kitten

Anniversary means gifts! I headed over this morning – joined the free Cosmo group and nabbed the gifts – thanks to all the designers who gave them ❤ This complete outfit is by Candy Kitten – a store I’ve become quite fond of due to the weekend sales. You get the top & Skirt in a couple of colours, plus huds for button & detail colours, panties on and off etc. As you might be able to see the rear of the skirt lifts up to expose your panties (or your bum if you decide to go commando) Love it ❤ Loads of gifts for home & garden, jewellery etc…even some dead cute props & poses. Btw my ice cream cart & a selection of ices & lollies are from the huge sale at Amitie – love their poses and back drops – you great a whopping 50% discount until the 5th May. (If you go to the rear of the store where the group gift is – you’ll find all the gacha packs marked at $150L per pack – this is where I found the items above.


Amitie Sale

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Call me stoopid. (15Ld Ricielli Easter Hunt).

Ricielli has changed its hunt to an Easter themed hunt and as you can see from this picture you have a great choice of lots of lovely shop quality clothing in pretty pastel shades for just 15Lds each.

Since I own a lot of previous hunt items the only thing I was going to buy to show you was No9 and like a right numpty, I bought No10 by mistake. Then as I was trying to take a close up of this poster in the Ricielli shop too many people were standing in front of it and by this time I was annoyed…with myself. So that’s my excuse for this lazy Sunday morning post.

PS. Pay attention to the colour code as each different fit has its own colour.


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My face needs cake! (Freebie(ss)).

A late post as it’s been one heck of a day and if I had that cake in RL I would just pass out face first in it because cake makes everything better.

This top is all over the freebie groups as it’s the latest gift from Vagrant. A very pretty floral pattern with a thin strappy back to it.

I almost didn’t find it because when I TP’d over I was facing the wall of older group gifts and because it’s been a while since I was last at the Vagrant shop some were new to me. So naturally, I grabbed a few and also won a rather good black top from one of the lucky boards and it was only when I turned around to check out the two weekend sales offers did I spot this newer gift.


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Flaming hot. (Freebie(ss)).

It’s been so long since I’ve been to the Sentius Design shop that I don’t know if this is the same shop or a completely new shop. Then I realised that since I was getting notices it has to be the “old” shop which has now been totally revamped not just in the design of the shop but I saw some nice outfits as well as a “beauty” department which from a brief glance has hair. I may check it out later as my SLing time has run out.

This dress is just 1 of 7 group gifts and has a lot of folding in the skirt.

Sentius Design & Beauty.

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What a shame and a BIG Thank You.

One of the reasons I log out, write the post and then before I click “publish” I always log back inworld to LM grab and make sure the gifts are still there because it has happened before that in the relatively short time it takes to do a blog post either the LM and/or the shop have gone and guess what…the NS Thrift Shop this post was about has gone..poof, vamoosed, disappeared. However, it turns out that that’s because it was maybe the OG shop of one we all now know as NUTMEG! No wonder the gifts were so good as anyone who has an SL home or wishes to have one knows this shop well.

BIG Thanks to Agapa for dropping me a note and giving me the heads up not only about the LM now being abandoned but also how it’s really Nutmeg and please remember if you ever see a mistake with a LM or a gift or any detail that I’ve gotten wrong do not hesitate to either leave a comment or drop me a note. I’m more than happy to correct a mistake or give an update. There is nothing more fustrating to see a fab item, esp if it’s free, only to find it’s wrong.