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Lazy Monday. (Blueberry Anniversary).

I’m hoping that by the time I finish my coffee I will have perked up a bit. Till then here is a lazy post.

Can I moan! Blueberry really needs to open more than one shop as yet again the shop is heaving. I can’t really blame people as not only have they this great new group gift but they’ve recently been very generous with gift cards.

For only 20Lds , I think it’s that as I have been in the group for so long I’ve forgotten, you get not just this but the other group gifts and of course any future gift cards.


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Fashionably Late. (New Belle Epoque Group Gift, 10Ld).

I’m sure I was one of the first to grab this new Belle Epoque group gift last night with the intention of blogging it first thing this morning and then stuff happened. So I’m a bit late as I expect this fab dress will be in all the blogs/free/freebie groups even though it does cost to join the Belle Epoque group but at only

As for the dress, what can I say other than shop quality!

As you can see a lovely drape but check out the front.

The strings are made up of long gold tubes which are so realistic and you can see the fine lines in the fabric. That is some quality mesh creating skills going on there.

Only 10Lds to join the group and of course, there are other group gifts, a couple of gifts for free groups and you should see the very tempting weekend special offers.

Belle Epoque.

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Saved by an event. (Freebie(s).

I’m excited to log back in later and strip off this completely free outfit for two reasons, it’s not my style and I also want to see what else I’ve picked up from the Saki Event as I did see other clothing gifts.

Yeah, lousy pose. This is what happens when I try to show a whole head to toe outfit off, I just look odd lol.

You get the headphones, that fab cardigan a bodysuit, skirt and the boots. Not shown is another top and a couple of small wearables, a Tamagotchi and a lolly mouthie and everything can be worn as separates…always appreciated.

The Saki event isn’t a big event so it didn’t take me too long to grab the goodies and I will say there is some lipstick that I’m seriously tempted to buy but since I don’t think the items for sale are at a special discount I’m going to check the main shop before I make my mind up.

Saki Event.

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I got a new BFF! (The Saturday Sale & Freebie).

I just had to get the “The Saturday Sale” offer from the Clover shop. I’ve had my eye on a couple of things in this shop to buy for such a long time but I doubt I will ever really buy them as I just know I would never use them. So I was happy to get this “soilfiend” wormy thing.

As you can see it’s wearable as well as rezzable. I think it was 50Lds.

Then I and my new BFF went hunting and found an equally as creepy item except this one is free.

The hat is the freebie. Just a silly slimy fanged monster hat. Not my usual style but quality is always worth blogging.

This is a fab shop, the designs are not to everyone’s taste but you have to admire the work and thought that has gone into each piece of clothing, decor, wearable, weapon etc.

The LM takes you to a platform and you can either use the TP to get to the shop or it’s just a small fly away. This gift is on the wall in the entrance and to get to the second floor take the lift in the middle of the room.

PS. If you want to see an example of the “soilfiend” worm just head-on into the main part of the Clover shop and if I remember correctly it’s in the bottom left-hand cube…easy to see when you get there.



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I lied. (Freebie).

I did say that today I would be doing three posts now it’s just going to be two.

The Dreamcatcher shop has all of its old hunt gifts out for sale at just 25Lds. This dress and necklace which frames the neckline are actually from a free hunt and so are free.

This is on the wall to the left of the reception desk as well as the other, paid for, gifts.


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Oops. (10Ld Marketplace Promo’s).

I can’t sleep so I’m SLing like an addict which has paid off as I found some interesting things on the marketplace.

Ignore what I’m wearing as in this case it’s just the backdrops.

You can’t really see it in this picture but you do get steam panels to create a steamy look which you can see that in the next photo.

You can also see that this isn’t a full build as it was just made for photos although you could edit it to fit your own landscaping..maybe.

This next one got me all excited as I love pools and then I rezzed it.

Nope, I’ve not changed into gigantess. Turns out that this is really small.

I ain’t mad as it did make me laugh and then I’ve just reread the details and I suspect that it can actually be made bigger. I will check that out tomorrow and do an update if it is possible. It is of course perfect for those who live a “tiny” life, fairy’s etc

Last but not least these school uniform dummies. Pretty impressive and would make a great backdrop for a shop or a home sewing room/dressing room as they’re only 1 prim.

Each item only costs 10Lds and yeah I enjoyed unpacking them but it’s time for me to turn my computer off and go to bed…nighty night.

PS. I have a free outfit for tomorrow.

Magnum Yoshikawa

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Giggle with me. (Belle Epoque Group Gift and Dollarbie Claws).

I have wanted to use this boxing ring backdrop and my yellow fighting chicken for the longest time so when I scored these weird assed crab claws off the marketplace they reminded me of one of the Belle Epoque group gift of a full boxing outfit.

I’m not wearing the belt or the gloves that come with the outfit and it’s a Maitreya fit only and now it’s time to kick chicken ass…

As for the Lowen shop it has some very nice classy outfits and these claws were made to go with a sexy outfit.

I’ve not got the LM to the Belle Epoque shop but I’m pretty sure everyone has it and I will update this post later if/when I log back inworld.

Lowen. (Marketplace Shop).