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An even lazier sunday post. (Special Offer Mina Hair).

I would hate for you to miss this Mina hair which is her “The Saturday Sale Offer” I almost did!

This is Maya and Maya is one of Mina’s newer finer strand hairs.

Obviously I have shown you this hair before but I just don’t have the time to remodel it and describe it fully so I’m sneakily using Mina’s own picture but the basic is 75Lds for each colour pack and 50Lds for the style hud. I really reccomend you get the style hud as it doesn’t change the way the hair lies but the way the hair colour is streaked.

Anyhow I know you will try the demo out first but this hair is a winner.

Mina’s Main Shop.

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A lazy sunday.(Free & Cheap).

I checked out the links Faith did in her regular “Weekend Sales and there is at least one thing I want to buy and another I want to tell you about which will be the next post.

One of the shops with a weekend offer on is the “Make a Mark” shop, I didn’t go for the offer I just went for a look around and found a couple of group gifts and a cheapies.

I only picked up this backdrop freebie but there is no reason you couldn’t use it as an addon to your home or use as a garden feature especially as it’s only 14 prims.

I paid for this little tank/table? Only 20Lds.

If you look closely you will see inside is a pier with a little boat floating on water which I just thought was lovely and dreamy. Only 2 prims and you do get a resizer as well. There were a couple of other designs to check out as well, each are 20Lds.

PS. They’re on the wall to your left for the group gift(s).

Make a Mark.

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I’m such a fool! (Dollarbie(s)).

If you hop onto the TP in the Yasum shop it takes you to the outlet department where there are lots of discounted items, most seem to be 50Lds and some Dollarbies for the Yasum group.

There are a total of 3, seperate, joker hats and each one has it’s own style inc a Witchy themed one. A hud does give you some choices in the patterns and the ones in this hat are dark and subtle. I’ve just remembered this also comes with a mask which is ok just a bit small and my hair clashed with it so I took it off.

Excellent detailing on them so even though I’m not so much into accessories there was no way I could not show you this hat. BTW I’m sure they’re marked as “ultra rare” which suggests they’re rebranded gacha prizes.

There is a small amount of clothing as well for both men and women.


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Just an example. (25Ld Group Gifts(sssss)).

A while back, if I’m remembering correctly, one of our readers gave the heads up about the pile of now retired Gacha prize boxes at the UNA shop. I did do a post and now enough time has passed for me to revist and see if there is anything new.

I can’t remember showing you this dress out of the Draculina gacha box and I’m sure I would have if I’d seen it or I did blog it and I’ve forgotten.

It won’t suprise you that this dress with a big hud is the rare, the rest of the contents are very spooky themed from the skeleton legs/arms I’m wearing to an oversized unbrella.

There are just too many gifts in the UNA shop to be able to describe them all. The boxes of gacha gifts are full fatpacks as well as a wall of clothes and accessories for just the 25Ld group fee so a great bargain. A lot of them have been there for a long time and some a newer and I’m sure I saw a couple of new items. Also in one of the lucky boards there is a prize I’d like to win.

OH! I forgot that from what I did unpack that the gacha gifts are still non-copy and trans so you can pass on anything you don’t want which I think is such a nice thing for Una Daxter to do.

Also when I manage to get back inworld I will be checking out the rest of the shops on this sim as they’re pretty big well known shops and I’ve not mooched around them for a long time.


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Don’t worry. (25Ld Gift(sssssssss)).

If I remember correctly one of our readers gave me the heads up about the fatpacks of gacha’s gifts out at UNA’s which have been put out for it’s group members. I did do a post then and now since some time has passed I think it’s time for another post as I’m pretty sure there are some new items(?).

Yeah, those are bone arms and legs, Ewww. The thick wings also have a bit of an unsettling folding AO to them as well.

This whole look is a “Rare” gacha prize that Una Daxter has put out for us to enjoy. A total of 9 fatpack boxes stuffed with everything from full outfits to wearables such as shoes, fans etc. Keep an eye on the fits though as I do believe it’s mainly for Maiteye but please check as I’d hate for you to miss anything if I am wrong. As it happens this dress fits my Slink so I’m happy.

BTW the dress comes with a big hud of lovely colours.

Next to the stack of 9 gacha boxes is a wall of group gifts and yeah a lot have been around for a long time which isn’t a bad thing but I’m pretty sure I can see a couple of new items. I also spotted a lovely outfit in the Lucky Board which I would love to win but I want to check out the rest of the shops on this sim as it’s been such a long time since I’ve had a good rummage.


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No freaking way! (Mina, Hat/Hair FLF Offer).

Oops, I managed to spill water onto my router which made it go “POP” and me to go “NOOOOO!!!!”. So I’ve had a few forced days off but I’m back with a new router and a whole load of catching up to do.

I wasn’t going to bother checking out any of the weekend offers until Faith mentioned that this weeks FLF offers were particularly good. So my curiosity was peaked and I checked the seraphim blog just to save on SL time and as soon as I saw Mina’s FLF offer I had to log in as I was about 80% sure I was logged out wearing the exact same offer and I was right! This is how I looked on Thur before I killed my router and it’s how I looked when I finally managed to log back in today so talk about Kismet!

I did have to make sure it was the Rose Marie version as there is a selection of hat/hairs or in this case cap/hairs so you may want to try the others out first but this comes with a big hud of hair colours and a decent amount of colours for the cap and only 50Lds it’s a no brainer.

I’m going to give you the link to the seraphim blog so you can see all the shades for both for the hair and cap colours.

Seraphim FLF Blog. (Pictures & LM’s).


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Pretty as a picture. (Freebie).

Check this OTT bit of Flexi.

It wafts and sparkles with every step and is bloody addictive so much so I ended up taking dozens of pictures just for fun and in the end plumped for the very first one I took.

This is a gift from the Boudoir shop and if you’ve never been to this shop befor then you’re in for a real treat for the eyes. The owner/designer is called Vitabela Dubrovna. I believe she’s also a RL designer(maybe) because these aren’t your average run of the mill stuff because it’s not run of the mill templates. Everything is very theatrical and dramatic. It’s one of those shops that you end up walking around camming up and down so you don’t miss a thing. She also has now a lot of decor and full builds, check out the haunted castle behind you. One year Faith and I were contemplating buying the vast glasshouse for the centre of our sim.

As for this freebie, it’s right next to the LM and it’s set to buy for “0” Lds. It also comes with a shoulder flexi but for the sake of this picture I kept that off. Also, the underlayers are just a system layer so I popped on a simple pink cropped top/panties that I already had and it will be easy, probably even better, for you to team it up with existing items.

I also spotted at the LM a picture of a RL person. I quickly joined the free group to check in the notices as obviously someone has passed away but there was nothing in there as to who the lady is. Whoever she is and it may even be Vitabela herself then I am so sorry. Faith also lost her Beloved Dad at the start of this month and the one thing we’re both always aware of is behind our lovely AV’s are real people with real lives and sometimes those real lives STINK!