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Deffo New.(10Ld Gift).

This is definately new to me and it’s certainly not my usual style but you got to love quality and this matt latex/leather outfit is quality.

It comes in 3 parts, the top with the back panel skirt, panties and those leg straps.  You only get this red shade but this outfit has a bit more kink to it as the hud you gets allows you to change the top from being fastened to an open top and with the actual bra cups are pushed to the side.  Comes in my size, obviously, and others but it’s clearly marked on the poster what sizes there are.

Only 10Lds to join the AS (AudreyStyle) shop and there is a few other gifts for this and other free groups.

AS (AudreyStyle)

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Red Hot & Free

Je Taime are doing some testing on appliers and we can all participate for free! Just head over to the store and you will find a big box in the middle – touch it et voila ! In the box are appliers for: Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink. Plusss some traditional clothing layers yay! Sooo the item is this really racy bright red playsuit – verrrry slinky dinky doo-dah. My shooz are also free from EmilyC, teleport up to the discount area and outside you’ll find a whole load of gifties for group members – no join fee.

Je Taime


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I’m not a happy SLink Bunny.(Inc a Freebie).

You can’t see it but over my head is a DEMO sign because sadly as stunning as this sexy sci-fi/latex/sheer outfit it’s ONLY for Maitreya bodies! I had actually grabbed this and so many of the other demos because this shop is packed with temptation and I had noticed that the demos are Maitreya only but just assumed it was simply to give you an idea of how it looks but just before I clicked to buy this outfit (149Lds if you want it) I checked and nope I was right/wrong even the full priced items in this shop are Maitreya mesh body fits only!

I have to say I’m a bit gobsmacked that a shop should limit it’s fittings to just the 1 shape and yes I know that this does look a really good fit but there is too much “break through” on the back of it.  I could, of course, use Alpha but this and so many of the other outfits are sheer and it would defeat the point to have whole bits of me “alpha’d” out.

Never mind if you have a Maitreya Mesh bod then lucky you or of course just go mesh bodless, I can’t do that I now live in my SLink bod but make sure to try the demos first.

There is Freebies though which is this black latex hat and there is a white version and also a set of Sci-fi glasses/eye shields in 3 shades.

R2 Fashions

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OH Betty! (25Ld Swimsuit).

Urgh, I hate sleeping in it gives me mush for brains! By this time, 11.30am I usually have my house neatened up, emails checked, showered and dressed, work to-do list sorted, 2 cups of coffee, a big bowl of porridge and I’m SLing with a Halo over my head.  This morning I’ve got clean undies on and so far that’s as good as it has gotten.  Fortunately, I’d found “Bettie” yesterday and here she is.

Taken in our sim setting only so you can see that amazing metallic sheen.  I remember back in the day when you had to pay a lot of money to get this quality metallic sheen but in this case only 25Lds!  There is a demo for you to try because there is actually a small selection of colours to chose from and I struggled because they’re all stunning but in the end I went for this copper/brown shade.  Yo do have to join the Free group to be able to buy this discounted item.

I forgot to make a note of the fits but I would be surprised if the main mesh bods weren’t all in there but again there is a demo for you to try and it also inc all the different shades so you can see which one you like the best.  You will find this and 2 FREEBIES on the wall behind the reception desk.  The 2 freebies are for the “The Annex” group and SL offers and frees(sic) group and they’re the same item just in different shade packs.  An emm interesting outfit, what little there is to it lol.

PS Believe it or not the hair is a MINA! I don’t often wear it as it’s obviously a very stylised look so when I find an outfit I think it will suit it’s nice to be able to showcase one of her more unusual hairs, you should see the one with wings!  Sorry can’t remember the name of this hair I just have it labelled “Quiff” in my invent for easy finding LOL.

The Annex (New Main Shop)


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“Mama raised no quitter”(Freebie)

I lie because I QUIT for the day.  It always starts out well, you drag those boxes and bags down from the attic and then the fun and games start!  I’m stood there decking the halls with boughs of holly, fallalala…bollocks.  Can’t see the floor for tatty tinsel, baubles and bauble fragments.  Who the Hell sneaks up into the attic to retangle(sic) all those lights I carefully put away detangled last year.  Why do some lights work and then as soon as you’ve draped them on the tree decided they’re not going to work anymore and finally my old cat managed to get past the dry heaving stage and has puked somewhere under the tinsel, I have yet to find it.

So I retreated inworld and enjoying a cup of coffee whilst waiting for the headache tabs to kick in and look what I found.


Look at those built in Ganungas! (big boobs) although I prefer the more natural look there is just something “ooh” about an exaggerated feminine shape and this sexy Sci-Fi outfit comes prepacked with all of that.  Believe it or not, this is the SLink Physique fit, just to see if it was the same for all of the mesh fits inc mesh body fits and I can say these Gazunga’s are pretty standard.  So if you want some big uns or at least to see what you would look like with them then try this out.he icing on the cake is there is a second

The icing on the cake is there is a second colour in the pack and it’s a deep metallic red, simply stunning.

There is a row of Gifts from the …..on the table at the entrance.  Some sexy underwear and a rather impressive red hood but sadly for me the only other item I wanted for some reason wouldn’t give me the contents.  Never mind one less thing to be swallowed up by my invent but if you need undies make sure to pop over to the MMC shop.


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These boots were made for an A** Kicking (Freebie).

As promised in my last post I grabbed the Dirty Princess Group Gift and here they are in all their latex glory.


Are they latex, rubber or leather?  Doesn’t really matter because they’re that good but check out the back of them.


Since I’m not inworld I can’t remember 100% the details but I do believe you will need SLink High Feet, that’s because that is what I am wearing, but you do also get the different sizes so you get a nice snug fit around your leg.

Since I left my AV stood outside of the Dirty Princess shop when I get back inworld I’m going to actually go inside, the GG is just outside of the entrance, and risk being tempted because I remember from my last visit this is a shop which has such a mix of the seriously sexy with casual wear.  I also remember than the entrance room is rather packed and it looks like that’s all there is but go further in as this is actually a big shop with a ground and first floor.

UPDATE.  Now that I’m wandering around Dirty Princess I’ve remembered that as well as a shop packed with sexiness of the clothing kind there is also a shop packed with sexiness furniture.  Thats in a seperate shop so once you’ve checked out the clothes go pose hopping in the furniture shop.

PS Check out my last post for the non free but seriously sexy dress I was wearing which comes from Dirty Princess.

Dirty Princess

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Having a moment!

Woo Hoo I finally I managed to get myself into the latest round of Collabor88 and it was well worth the wait even though it cost me BIG Lindens, I have No Regrets!


I really am NOT a cheap B, no matter what Faith may say lol, but both of us are long time SLers and we have spent more money inworld than we would ever admit to not just our OHs but even to ourselves which is why I now like to hunt down the bargains.  But as I always say is that the more you save the more you have to spend because the less money you waste on just “stuff” then allows  you to splash out when you come across something that just has that WOW factor and I ended up buying 3 homes and some furniture from here and I was so pleased that a lot of the shops/designers seem to have excelled themselves this round with some brilliant new textures and designs and it was unbelievably hard to resist buying myself a load of new clothes.

So when I said in my last post that I was so impressed with this dress I was going back for it I really meant it.  As it happens there is a selections of textures but all in the pale/nude palette and I was super lucky that I have the perfect shoes to match and of course a Mina hair.


Check out these killer curves.


Humma Humma Humma! Because I’m constantly picking up clothes to show you I keep a small amount of clothes which are either just so good I couldn’t bin them or great basics to be wearing on my search for a new look and since most of my Linden spend are on hair, homes and decor items for an outfit to make me hand over cash for it has to have that something that grabs me and this dress definitely had it and it is a keeper for sure.

Don’t worry Cheap B will return in my next post and as it happens I’ve just checked out this weeks 50Lds and again the shops and designers have excelled themselves and I’ve picked up a few treats and I’m going to get the bargain hair and GG posted as quickly as poss to you don’t miss out and of course don’t forget that at the Dirty Princess shop outside is an excellent pair of Mesh Boots.

PS If you didn’t see it Faith posted on my last post about Dirty Princess and I was right she and PD had already been to Skyler Lebed shop Dirty Princess to snag some sexy goodness, I just knew that this is a shop she would love BUT even if you’re not into the “Vavavoom” there is some excellent casual looks as well.

Dirty Princess