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Grab it !

Tomorrow is the big day of romance and if you haven’t popped over to The Fiddlers Workshop yet to grab your other half some chocs & flowers – why not?!!! There’s not much time left to get these offers as they are both part of a hunt by Cheeky Monkey – $25L for the strawberry bouquet and you get both a copiable AND transfer version to give away !

The wearable & rezzable box of roses and chocolate covered strawberries are on offer for only $50L, and of course you get copiable AND transferable versions ! You’re looking for a little red heart inside the store – hit up the red heart on the Cheeky Monkey hunt board up for your hints (they really are easy to find I promise you!)

The Fiddlers Workshop

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Wearable FUN !

AFK Wearable chair by Impertinمnce² $150 9 male, female and pan versions available)

Sooooo I was at the Valentines Street Fair and came across this little beut. You know how I do love a wearable…and boy oh boy does this meet the criteria. Sat on my red leather chair surrounded by nekkid 3D men – how cool ! Of course as its wearable it takes no prims hurrah. Now incase you think this is a tiny bit sexist, you can also get a female version and a pansexual version – something for everyone ❤ This cost me $150L money well spent Id say. Had a peek on the market place store and already have spotted my next wearable – big pile of cash ! Ohhh btw the red splatter isn’t part of the item – I just HAD to cover the naughty bit and you can also turn the emitted hearts off.

Valentines Street Fair

Impertinمnce² market place store

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Free & Cheap For Monday!

Artisan Antiques FREE staue with poses 4Li, $10L outfit AriPari, $25L Bouquet copy & trans version TFW

I scoped out the Sinners & Saints event this morning, lovely items with big discounts plus each stand has a $10L item for us. My outfit is the $10L offer from AriPari that comes with a Hud giving options for the top and skirt. The statue is the free gift from Artisan Antiques at the Shop & Hop event – just 4Li, with texture options and a ton of poses for couples, singles and even a proposal animation aww! My Sweet Strawberry bouquet is by The Fiddlers Workshop and is one of their hunt prizes for the “Love is all you need” hunt, it also dispenses a yummy strawberry for you and your friends. Only $25L and you get a copy for yourself AND a transfer version to gift!

Happy Monday ❤

The Fiddlers Workshop

Sinners & Saints

Artisan Antiques @ The Shop & Hop

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Ionic – I just cant resist!

goat $66L @ ionic decorated tab le & chairs

As soon as I got the notice from ionic that this set was for sale at just $66L – I zoooomed over and snapped it up. ionic is one of those stores that just about everything is SO very buyable ! This decorated table and chairs set is the item for this weeks G.O.A.T event – and its just adorable. The table is pre-decorated with bowls of heart shaped pasta, cutlery, candles, the chairs are literally packed with poses. (doggy is mine btw) Table fully loaded is 9Li, chair is 3Li. The only thing that’s not included is the heart shaped arrangement in the glass jar (info below its free)

ionic details $66L

Close up for the edibles ! Absolutely delicious – I’m such a sucker for good food in Second Life. If you fancy this dash on over and try very hard not to look around you – or it could be an expensive visit if you have no resolve like moi ❤


Kraftwork heart wreath jar – FREE

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Treat The Princess in your life – PROMO!

$99L PROMO ArisAris Optimism Dress fatpack

Absolutely gorgeous dress is on limited time offer from ArisAris ! Just in time to treat the ladies in your life eh? This is the “Optimism” dress and for just $99L you can grab a fatpack – what’s not to love? Actually Id buy this for myself – why wait for the guys !

ArisAris Hud

You get a massive Hud with so many options, complete looks to colours & patterns for the ribbon, belt, top & skirt – the options are endless. From sheer laces, to satin plains, and cute patterns – thanks ArisAris ❤

Optimism Dress PROMO.

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Kissing Booths – with added fun!

Kissing Booth Evergreen, BDSM, PG, ADULT VERSIONS

Ever Green have some fantastic Kissing Booths out on sale for just $50L until the 14th! Not only kisses, but versions for BDSM, Adult, Cuddles. I tried out the cuddly one which is just stuffed full of glorious kisses & cuddles… and just 6Li ! Every part of this piece is customisable , lots of wood colours so it can fit in with your romantic scheme ❤ This is a limited time offer so get your skates on.

Ever Green