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I never noticed! (Freebies).

This dress is a reblog BUT I don’t know if the hud it comes with has been added since I did that post and I just missed it or it’s been added since.

The colour I used in that first post was the black shade which totally highlighted the scales of the dress and with the flared skirt a very dramatic look but I think you can see the pink makes it a pretty dress.  I can’t remember how many shades are in this hud as I’m logged out and in fact, I’m speed typing this post as I need to RL for a bit but I just want to get another good post out……deep breath in.

The reason I’m using this dress is that the other Group Gifts only come in the 1 size and I won’t be betting any money on which size that is.  So even though this is not my fit you can see it is of a style that I could wear to show you and also I was lucky in that as I got there one of my initials was up on a lucky chair and the romper I won is not only really good with a hud but I could also alpha enough of my bits out to make that wearable.

You will find this, the other gifts and the lucky chairs upstairs and if you have some free time there is some nice thing in those chairs.  BUT you may be a bit confused as there is a set of shelves under the Group Gift sign and all thats on it is a pair of earrings, yes the are also a gift, but you will find this outfit and the other gifts on the wall near to the lucky chairs.  Honestly, you will see what I mean when you get there.


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On route.(Dollarbie(s)).

I’d picked up some Dollarbies from the “Revelations” shop and after trying them on and feeling pleased with them I’d planned to hop on over to my fav beachy sim to take some snaps when for some reason I called into the Kuro shop first to try some demo AO’s out.

My AO comes from this shop and even though it’s as old as “Sculpties” it’s still perfect for me as it’s movements are subtle but time has moved on and maybe so should I and update my AO to a Bento AO.  I have to say that I’m still not keen on most Bento poses/AO’s until I hopped on this one.  Again they are more subtle than most and the hand movements are as natural as natural gets in SL.  This particular AO does cost 600Lds and I am not too up on AO prices so I’m not sure if this is a high or reasonable price to pay but when I log back in I think it’s time to waste some time and check out AO shops to see if there is anything better than this even though I think I will probably end up returning to buy it.

If you look behind me you will see the non-bento poses, these are much more reasonably priced esp if you’re not into Bento.  The prices start at 200Lds and average 300Ld for those.  There are also male AO’s as well.

As for this Dollarbie outfit, you have to join the free Revelation group and then pay 1Ld, not returned, and I’m more than happy with not just this but also the NEW Bikini.  I have possibly shown you this particular outfit before butttt I’m not sure.  You get a hud of colours and I’m loving this orange colour, plenty of fits.  As mentioned there is a new Dollarbie plus other outfits which have been blogged before and on the wall behind the GG’s are some Lucky Chairs.



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Lucky Lucky Chairs.(Freebies).

I have such a long “to do” list today but my “to do” has got up and gone so I’m going to prevaricate for just a bit longer and then log off and sort out RL sh*t.

I’m not a “camo” sort of girl not even if it’s pink lol but for some this little number is right up their alley.

This is not a lucky chair win it is a free group gift but if you do have time to loiter I did spot some decent gifts in those lucky chairs and enough loiterers to hopefully cut any waiting time down.

There is a new Group Gift in the LSR Moda shop but I think that it didn’t have my SLink P fit for that one and I couldn’t be rat arsed to change my shape so I went with this one.  If you don’t like this still go over, I remember blogging the sporty dress and another one and I’m really pleased they’re still out so again pop over and check out all the GG’s as well as the Dollarbies and Lucky chairs.

One more “Teasing Post” to come and then I’m going to log off.

LSR Moda

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It’s simple. (Freebies).

Sorry only one picture of the skirt, I did take more but they were absolute rubbish and I’d logged out so I couldn’t retake them.

I don’t think it really matters as even from this distance you can see the skirt has a really good knitted texture.  The close-ups were just to show you some of the other colours as you get a 10 colour hud pack as well as plenty of sizes.

Before I went upstairs where you will find this, other gifts and a row of lucky chairs I spotted that some if not all of the makeup’s downstairs come with “wearable demos”.  I only grabbed the 2 I think are wearables demos but there may be more.   I also did a little walk through the shop and there are some bargains to be had.


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I wanna tempt you.(Freebie).

The dress is a freebie from Alma Miranda and it’s pretty nice but I want to tempt you to spend.

I always wanted to be a ballet dancer but big bones, big boobs and the grace of a dead swan meant that it was destined to remain a dream but if I’d only known about belly dancing, because if you’ve got it you may as well jiggle it.  Anyhow, I was over at the Alma Miranda shop and spotted that they have some bloody good Belly Dancer outfits and just like my Ballerina outfit I was/am tempted to add it to my invent and make my AV jiggle like “no one is watching”.  So I’m using this freebie to get you over to check out the non-freebies but if you just want freeness then there is plenty of them and some lucky chairs.

The reason for the 2 LMs is that I couldn’t find the Belly Dancing outfits in the shop which had this dress as one of the GG’s and in the shop with the Belly Dancing outfit I couldn’t see this freebie.

PS.  There are some really nice full outfits for sale ie shoes, dress, hat for not unreasonable prices and if you are tempted to spend you will see that there are 2 prices obviously the lower price is for group members and since the group is free to join it’s worth it.

Alma Miranda (GG’s and Belly Dancer Outfit)

Alma Miranda (For the dress I’m wearing)

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A non tiny, tiny home ‘n’ stuff. (Freebies).

I love it when I just go wandering and then stumble on a really lovely freebie.

The shop is one I know, ChiMia, I did a quick search in my invent and have things from here either bought or picked up as freebies from many events but I’ve not seen this cabin before.  It’s actually a decent size with stunning texturing inside and out, it’s even got gutters and a covered porch which I’m not showing you because I’ve just slapped it down on my platform and it’s not going to show it off at it’s best.  Only 59(ish) prims.

Perfect timing for this little wrapping set.  Only 1 prim, perfectly proportioned and when I TP home I will be rezzing this under the Christmas tree….it’s rezzed now.  The lamp is the last gift and I did take a nicer picture of it but that picture didn’t capture the nice and light glow this one gives off while you can see it in this picture.

The ChiMia group is a VIP one but that doesn’t mean you have to pay to join, you will have to pay 1Ld to “buy” each gift.  So when clicking on the gifts make sure to wear your VIP tag and click on the 1Ld payment option and not the full price option.  Fortunately for me since all I have left to my name is 3Lds and I’m not buying any more Lindens till after Christmas you get your 1Ld back so I’m still in SL credit lol.

PS.  A little bit further on from the LM there are also Lucky Chairs.

Chimia(on the stand to your left).

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Lucky me, Lucky you!(Freebie).

I am in quite a few paid to join groups but I’m lazy in checking them out for new gifts, and that reminds me I have to go to !gO for their latest gift.  So I ended up at Moda and although the Moda group isn’t free these most certainly are.

These FREE FOR ALL boots come in 3 mesh body fits and 6 colours/textures.

I’m not sure how much the group costs to join but it’s about 400Lds, I’ll do an update later when I get back inworld, but you might just find it’s a price tag worth paying as in the Group Gift room is a whole load of shoes, 3 lucky chairs and the icing on the cake is a massive 1000Ld gift card!  So I snagged that and because it’s trans instantly gifted it..because do I really need new shoes!

So update later as to the full group price but I now NEED FOOD!

UPDATE.  Oooo it turns out the Moda group is only 250Lds and I spotted that there is yet another Gift card on offer, this one is for 500Lds!  I must have grabbed this one when it was first put out as it’s limited to 1 gift card per person.  The wall of GG has a lot which are Christmas themed and some clothing but the ones in the 4 not 3 lucky chair are much more relevant and have an “edgy” look to them so if you have some Lindens to spare you will vertainly reap the rewards from this group.