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It’s getting hot in here! (Freebie(s).

First the freebie then the waffle.

This has turned into a very handy pose as this new gift only comes in a Maitreya/Legacy fit and if you squint you can just about make out the dreaded neckline! Now ignore the neckline and quint your eyes on that lovely bikini. Shame it only comes in either a Maitreya/Legacy fit but that’s only because I now use my Legacy body when I have no choice.

You may just recognise the plushie I’m holding as that is the delivery box that  PCP, Pink Cream Pie uses. I would have sworn that it was a paid-for group but for now, at least it’s FREE and if you head on upstairs you can find not just and other recent gift but also 3 boards which will give you ALL of the past 3 years worth of gifts.  I’ve tried a few on and they do come in more fit options.

I will probably do an UPDATE to this post but I want to check something out first.

Here’s the “UPDATE” yes there is a hunt going on but it’s not a free one.  I found one of the hidden plushies which is what you’re looking for and it’s priced at 99Lds.  If you want to see the prizes for this hunt then on the wall behind the receptionist is a picture of the 4 prizes.

PCP. Pink Cream Pie.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Cheap, Cheap & Repeat. (Freebie & Cheapies).

I was having “SL issues” earlier on today so when I logged in this afternoon I thought I’d do a few test purchases of both free and cheapies and it looks like my issues have calmed down.

I went over to the Emerald Couture shop to see if this dress is still out as a freebie and even though it’s one of my “keepers” I joined the free group and had no problem having another copy sent out to me.

So far so good so I went hunting for something new and ended up in the Tentaco shop which doesn’t have any freebies but in the “Outlet Gacha” room enough cheapies to make me smile and again I had no issues.

In that Gacha room, they’re only 25Lds a try and I won a cute game console, a pond plant and in the picture, the bike and wearable(rare) tulips were the other 2 prizes.  So all in all for just the total of 100Ld I was more than happy with my prizes and I was even happier I’d not had any issues.

UPDATE: Just a reminder that the dress is also for sale as an old Hunt item and priced at 10Ld but when you go to the Emerald Couture shop turn left and the last isle is full of old and new Group Gifts and thats where you pick this dress up for free plus when I was LM grabbing I spotted 2 other outfits which inc shoes which if I had spotted them on my first trip there I would have shown them to you..maybe I will tomorrow.

As for the Gacha room at Tentaco, turn right into the Gacha room go to the back wall and turn right again and you will see the Outlet room.  Not as complicated once you get there.

Emerald Couture


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Ankle Breakers! (Freebie(s)).

I think these will be the ONLY Mosquito’s Way shoes I will be binning and any reg readers will know why.

Yup, super-stacked soles which are just not my cup of tea, or rather coffee.

Don’t worry if these aren’t yours either as on the entrance wall to your left as you walk into the Mosquito’s Way shop are some of the old/recent Group Gifts and on the wall to your right is 3 Lucky Chairs with excellent shoes as prizes and I know that because I’ve loitered long enough to win them all.

Mosquito’s Way.

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EeeK! (Freebies).

Today is the day I have things to do, places to visit, people to see and I’m so excited that even though it’s just visiting the supermarket, dropping shopping off etc it’s just nice to be able to walk outside with the sun on your face.

Mouse is the shop I got this outfit from and much more.

I know the pants are the “Stay at home club” can’t remember if the sneakers were as well but I do remember the top is a Group Gift…anyhow there is quite a selection to pick and chose from inc lucky boards.

The Group is free to join and once you do that click on the gift boards and select “Buy” and don’t worry you don’t get any money taken.

PS.  Hint, one of the Group Gifts is a fat pack of old gifts, thinking about it I think the top I’m wearing came from that pack.  You’re suposed to unpack it the usual way ie wear and click on the icon but it just sends you the fat pack of gifts and not the actual gift.  Easy to resolve, just rezz each item and unpack it that way and you get the item and not just the fatpack resent to you.


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Check out my Oooooo! (Freebie(s)).

Obviously, a lot of what I blog has been or is being blogged by other blogs it’s just the way it is so when I find something that I know hasn’t been widely blogged AND is bloody good I mentally say “Oooooo”.

Check out my “Ooooo”.

Just look at that frill on the skirt!

I was going through an old folder with stuff picked up along the way and I came across a dress from a shop called Emerald Couture and although that dress isn’t now out for us this dress makes up for it.  Just love it, simple halter top, those pleats, that frill and a colour I love.

NOW READ CAREFULLY! There are Lucky Chairs are on the back wall and next to them are some pictures of 10Ld offers and this dress is one of those offers…IGNORE IT! Because just around the corner from the Lucky Chairs and these 10Lds offers is a whole selection of FREEBIES and that includes this dress.  You do have to join the Emerald Couture group but thats free and then pay 1Ld which is returned to you.

Emerald Couture.

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Don’t Stay At Home! (Freebies).

It’s Monday, I know that because “Alexa” told me so. I’ve been a bit lax in taking advantage of our allotted 60 mins outdoor exercising and so I blew the dust off my shoes as walking in slippers is still frowned on and took myself off for a long walk.  I walked and walked and walked and then caught the bus back home, I ain’t that sanctimonious!

What a lovely “Stay at home gift” from Whimsy.  You get a lot of different packs of patterns and I did see at least 1 plain colour, I chose cats as I’m a cat person.  As for that hint of a breakthrough, I think thats simply because of my pose.

This dress I do believe is one of their newer Group Gifts, there are others.  You get a big hud of lovely summery patterns and also the ability to mix and match the top, belt and lower skirt.

AH! That explains it, looks like “Whimsy” was known as “Amisar” so that why especially on the Lucky Boards you will see that name being used.  Those lucky boards have some fine prizes in them and a very high turnover, I won 2 items in minutes.  I also noticed that numbers are just as frequent as letters so if you know someone who has a number as their first digit then


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Your last day to dream. (10Ld Gift & Mention of other goodies).

Good morning and let’s hope for a good day for all of us.

I only picked this TeleportHub Group Gift up so I had something to show you, 10Lds to join, in the end I’m loving the colour.  It’s their Valentines gift and I thought it was going to be the standard red but as you can see it’s a very orangy-red which is just my cup of tea.

Dreams is the shop it came from.  The Dreams Group does costs 50Lds to join but for that there are not just Group Gifts and Lucky Chairs but also a very generous 500Ld Gift Card to celebrate their 4th year in SL.

BETTER YET is that upstairs is the men’s section.  Obviously, I don’t check out men’s shops so I don’t know how often they get treated with Group Gifts etc so it was nice to see.  So send your fave male friend/alt over to check this offer out.

The reason I’m doing this post so early is that today is the LAST day for this offer so as you’re slurping your morning beverage pop in and check it out.