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The party is over!(Freebie).

I’ve falling into the “rabbit hole” which is the wearing of fleecy pants/joggers as I’ve eaten/bloated myself out of my jeans. The pair I have on now are so big I could do the “Hammer Time” dance. I’m not going to wait till the New Year and today I’m back on track with healthy/yummy food and no regrets.

A nice simple oversized snowflake sweater from the Emerald Couture shop.

You should recognise this shop as I’ve blogged a few items from here but if you don’t, turn left and the last isle has walls of Group Gifts and promos. On the wall at the back are also Lucky Chairs.

EC (Emerald Couture).

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It’s all downhill from here! (Freebie(ssssssss)).

No way did I expect any freebies but not only did I find freeness I found a LOT of freebies.

WOW, what a brilliant colour combo! I initially thought the skirt had a cut-out bit to it to show the blouse through it but it is, in fact, a belt and both items, the blouse and skirt can be worn as separates.

This one got me humming with happiness, this is my “find of the week” and anything else this week has a lot to live up to as I just love everything about it.  This is also a two-piece and both outfits come in a LOT of fits.

These and the other Freebies come from a shop called Virtue.  As soon as I walked in I knew this was going to be an interesting visit as just in the entrance is some examples of the sort of clothing you can buy and a stunning full-sized dress on show. If you look at the artwork on the walls they’re pictures of the items for sale in the shop that have been framed by the shop owner and look more like decor rather than ads.  I’m inspired to take pictures of my favourite outfits and actually frame them to use as artwork in my own home.

Then I went wandering and in the room to your right is a small selection of gifts for different groups and that’s where I scored these two freebies. I could have grabbed more but I just knew that these two would be potential “keepers” and you have to leave something as a surprise for others and that inc the FATPACKS of Freebies upstairs.

Upstairs on the wall under “Group Gifts” are two posters with small pictures of older Group Gifts, I zoomed in on them I absolutely recognise a couple of items that I blogged a long time ago and yes I saw items which were a bit dated but I also saw plenty of potentially good stuff.  What I do know for sure is that when I log back in I’m going to have a very relaxing afternoon of working my way though those goodies.

PS.  I slapped the Mina Mania boards and no luck on lucky chairs this visit.




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Mondays are never any good! (Good Vibes Hunt & Mention of Freebie).

It’s not much fun waking up a sweaty lump after a hot stifling night.

Since I decided I should try out BOM skins I figured that this offer from WOW Skins was a perfect way of getting a super bargain priced skin and so I went hunting for either number 1, 2 or 3.  After a while, it dawned on me that I’m an idiot as of course, this hunt is not shop based but sim based! So I’m going to give you the link to both the Good Vibes Blog page which although is a Facebook link you don’t have to have a Facebook account to look at the details.  Also the link to the actual sim where you hunt for the stars.

It wasn’t a total waste of time because in the WOW shop on the entrance wall to your left is a FREE “Stay at home club” gift of a free BOM skin.  It looks really pretty but for me personally, I can’t show you it as it’s not compatible with my older Lelutka mesh head.

WOW skins.

Good Vibes Blog. (Pictures).

Good Vibes Hunt Sim.

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It’s the right address for a “crazy cat lady”(Freebie(s)).

It’s been one of “those” mornings which is why I’m so pleased that the freebies I found in the “1313 Mockingbird lane” shop are so blogworthy as it has made my morning SL visit a pleasure.

This dress on its own is really lovely and the little roses are just a nice touch. The sleeves are an add on and I rather like them.

There are a total of 4 gifts, 2 on each entrance wall, plus a very sexy strappy “stay at home club” gift.  ALL top/shop/quality but because of them being limited in fits I can’t show you them esp the sexy one lol.  This dress though is a pretty good fit with just a little bit of breakthrough on the back and a nice long hair would easily cover that up if I was “bovered” and I ain’t “bovered” so still pick the gifts up and give them a try even if you’re not a Maitreya fit.

The owner of this shop is very obviously a “crazy cat lady” since I too am a “crazy cat lady”  I wholeheartedly love the decor she has in her shop.  I’ve only had a chance for a little look around but I have spotted some fun stuff in those tempting Gachas and upstairs a couple of Lucky Chairs.

Can I also mention about Mina’s hair products? I did a long post yesterday about the NEW one at the FaMESHed event but I forgot to mention that you should always check her other hairs as often lovely features are used in more than one hair.  So, for example, this hair, which isn’t that old, also comes with those lovely tendrils and a style hud so you can change the way it looks what you can’t see is a lovely realistic plait down the back.

1313 Mockingbird Lane

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Looking forward. (Dollarbies & Freebies).

A classic SL style dress in Autumnal colours.  Looking out of my RL window as the rain chucks down it’s no wonder all I can think of is Autumn, jumpers, boots and hopefully even more easing of the Covid rules….we can only wait, see and dream.

Turns out this dress comes with a hud as I thought you only get the one shade.  It’s the same pattern but in pretty strong bold colours, and even though there is a green version this orange/red one is just so warming.

This comes from a shop called Poeme and I’ve had some decent stuff from this shop previously, check next picture, but I’m sure that the Group joining fee wasn’t just 1Ld. I’m possibly wrong about that but I don’t think so lol. I might actually check the group when I log back in to see if there is any mention of it being a limited time offer.

This top I know I have blogged before, I suspect looking at it especially that line on the bottom that this has maybe been updated since I last blogged it as that was years ago and it’s such good quality that it’s either been updated or has just aged so well. I  LOVE that old floral pattern which is why I remember it so well.  The top, as well as the sneakers/flatties I’m wearing, are “Stay at home club” gifts.

Go behind the main entrance wall and you will see more Gifts for different free groups.


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This makes me sad! (Freebies(?) & lots of 10Ld Old Hunt Prizes).

As I’m pulling poses for this picture I have the sounds of seagulls and crashing waves coming out of my computer and it makes so wistful for the time I could just throw a few things into a bag and head off to the seaside.

Until then I am just grateful that those I love and care for are fit and well and I have my own little plot of heaven in SL.

This is a new La Perla Group Gift, the group is free to join but you need to pay 1Ld to get this and the other gifts which you will find upstairs. I should have paid more attention as I can’t remember if the 1Ld you pay is returned to you so they may be free or dollarbies but the 3 items I picked up I was totally happy with.

If you’re in the teleport hub group then behind the reception desk is a gift for us and just outside the shop are some Lucky Chairs and Gacha’s.

Added to all of that there are some shelves on the ground floor which are covered in pretty boxes, each box costs only 10Lds and inside is an old hunt item.  Since there is no picture and even going into edit mode doesn’t really tell you what’s in the box it’s a bit of a Lucky Dip as to whether you will love the prize.  Cheap enough to try though and I may just do that when I next log in.

La Perla.

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It’s getting hot in here! (Freebie(s).

First the freebie then the waffle.

This has turned into a very handy pose as this new gift only comes in a Maitreya/Legacy fit and if you squint you can just about make out the dreaded neckline! Now ignore the neckline and quint your eyes on that lovely bikini. Shame it only comes in either a Maitreya/Legacy fit but that’s only because I now use my Legacy body when I have no choice.

You may just recognise the plushie I’m holding as that is the delivery box that  PCP, Pink Cream Pie uses. I would have sworn that it was a paid-for group but for now, at least it’s FREE and if you head on upstairs you can find not just and other recent gift but also 3 boards which will give you ALL of the past 3 years worth of gifts.  I’ve tried a few on and they do come in more fit options.

I will probably do an UPDATE to this post but I want to check something out first.

Here’s the “UPDATE” yes there is a hunt going on but it’s not a free one.  I found one of the hidden plushies which is what you’re looking for and it’s priced at 99Lds.  If you want to see the prizes for this hunt then on the wall behind the receptionist is a picture of the 4 prizes.

PCP. Pink Cream Pie.