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Excellent Credit. (Not Free & Mention of Freebie(sss)).

I’m so glad I waited to spend my Bumblebee shop credit because as soon as I saw the ad for this new jacket/jumper combo it was going to be mine.

I think it costs 250Lds.

In this case I just wanted the jacket/jumper combo but like a lot of shops now if you want the whole outfit, top, jacket, jeans, boots etc you can buy the fatpack or even the meggapack version.

The main body of the jacket stays the same colour but the hud allows you to change the colour of the collar/belt and also you get a full colour option for the sweater under it. There is a demo for you to try.

As for the freebie I’ve banged on quite a bit about the Bumblebee shop/gift/lucky boards and even better the 200Ld free shop credit but it’s only for NEW group members so most of us have already gotten a lot of these but for anyone new reading this post I totally recomend you check Bumblebee out.


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Horror and Chillaxing. (Freebie & 15Ld Hunt).

On a sunday at some stage I turn off my phone, computer and brain, pull down the blinds and Netflix/Prime and chill some tacky horror B movies or “straight to TV” ones…don’t judge me lol and now I’ve found both a Freebie(s) and a cheap hunt I can do just that.

The dress comes from one of Seniha’s small satelite shops, I’m pretty sure that there is a big shop. You get this plain colour and the same colour with a floral pattern over it. The other group gift is a sexy bunny girl outfit.

Next door to the Seniha shop is the Pink Charcoal shop and that like many shops has an Easter hunt going on.

I didn’t buy anything this time but I do appreciate the much bolder colours used in these items. Each is only 15Lds so it wasn’t because they were over priced that I didn’t indulge it’s because of lack of time and as you will see from the date on the bottom of the poster today is the last day of this hunt.

So if you want to spend your day relaxing in SL then check out not just these shops also all the other shops on this nice shopping sim as I do know that more than often if one shop has a hunt on then others will as well.

Seniha/Pink Charcoal & Other Shops.

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Small and perfectly formed. (Freebie).

I need this bag in my RL! So much so that when I click “publish” I’m checking eBay to see if there is anything similar.

Fortunately, I got the heads up about this subscribers gift from Promagic as I was already a subscriber and hadn’t had it sent to me automatically.

So haul yourself over to Promagic and TP to the shop. You may have to slap to unsub then slap to sub again and it will be sent to you.

PS. I forgot to count how many but you do get a decent hud of colours/patterns.

Promagic & Gaury.

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It’s monday, it’s the morning and it’s a FREEBIE.

The only drink I have in my hand at the moment is an oversized mug of coffee!

Doing a quick post to start off a new week. This leather dress comes Elisea Carter Fashions. There are a couple of other gifts, mainly body con gowns. This shop is very much high fashion in style so this more hard core leather dress was a nice suprise.

Now I’m LM grabbing I can see other shops on this sim so once I’ve finished my coffee and dragged some clothes on I will be logging in to check those out.

Elisea Carter Fashion.

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Maybe this? (Free Gift Card).

Eleven Eleven have a free group gift card out for us.

A generous 300Lds and even nicer is that it is trans so that means I won’t be buying anything for myself and I will be passing it on. So this outfit is just a random zoom and click of an item in the shop but look at those bright lights, right next to them leaning against the reception desk is the board you click once you’ve joined the group to get the credit.

PS. Once it’s calmed down I will be returning as in the same small shopping area there are 3 other shops and one of them is a Gacha resale shop.

Eleven Eleven.

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Staples. (10Ld Marketplace Gift).

These “classic” pants are a prime example of how someone can take a common place template and make it their own with new and quality patterns.

I know I already own at least one of this style of pants and I think most people also have at least one pair but this one with it’s 12 excellent patterns is really good.

I got these from the Patty C K Fashion marketplace shop and they cost me 10Lds. I’m going to log back inworld in a few mins and if these are in the inworld shop for less than 10Lds I will add a quick update to this post.

UPDATE: I changed the inworld LM as if you use the one from the Marketplace shop you end up at the wrong place. Now I’ve had a wander around the shop I can say that these are not free inworld I can also say that there are some tempting offers as well. A pair of floral sneakers and a dress for 35Ld, in the discounted part of the shop there are again some nice bargains plus group gifts which do cost you 1Ld. Also in the main part of the shop it looks like there is a regular 2Ld offer which is out for 2 hours only. First time I’ve seen this so I don’t know if it changes every hour or is just a once a day thing.

All in all VISIT the inworld shop and have a walk around and price check as you may find a bargain to tempt you.

Patty C K Fashion. (Marketplace).

Patty C K Fashion. (Inworld).

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Cute but not keepers. (Freebies).

I almost forgot to tell you about these cuties.

Picked up from the Yugen shop, only 1 prim each, nice and small so perfect for shelves, mantlepieces etc.

Now I’m landmark grabbing I remember that there is another gift of a photo album which is for decor and you can also add your own photos.

Although a lot of what is for sale in this shop is child oriented not everything is and I spotted some nice plain sewing decor items. I also spotted something which is a “blast from the past” for me as I think a lot of us when we were small children were taught how to make paper lanters and there are some in this shop which made the RL me smile.