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It costs nothing to try. (Freebie).

I wasn’t finding much inworld so I started to scroll through the Marketplace and found this freebie from the Renbrand shop.

You do get a skirt and pantie set as well as this jacket in black what you don’t get is any other than the Meshbody fit. So those aren’t wearable and yet the jacket it’s actually a pretty darn good git and I suspect it will fit other mesh bodies as well. Since it’s a freebie it “costs nothing to try”.

I can see a link to an inworld shop so I will be checking that out when I log in and will put the LM to this post then.

Renbrand. (Marketplace).

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I lied to Faith! (Freebie(s)).

The last thing I said in my daily Spam note to Faith was that I’m gonna log out and head off to the pool to get my exercises over and done with but of course, I had to do my almost daily S@bbia check and look what I, and the others who were there, found.

Absolutely love it and the skirt and scrunchy jumper come as separates.

The other group gift of boots is still there and I wear them all the time so make sure to grab those as Jury Gothly is so good at putting up 2 gifts for us each month and since the boots have been out for a few weeks make sure to get them as they just go so well with everything.

Ok, I’m definitely logging out to go and glug glug in the pool.


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I had to tweak. (Freebie).

I’ve had a lovely day off in RL and when I logged inworld I wasn’t really looking for a freebie and yet still found one in the Hurl shop.

These boots are quite black so I “tweaked” the photo just a little bit to enhance the details as they are pretty detailed. I did check to see if you can mod them to highlight the straps etc but you can’t and for me thats a shame as they are

The Horl group does cost to join and there are some nice gifts but also next to the front door is a small selection of gifts for other free/cheap groups and these are the “Fashion Sales” group gift.


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I name this post “Tada”. (Freebie(s)).

Yesterday I went to the Midnight Order Event and picked up quite a lot of the freebies. Most seemed to be accessories, tattoos, wearables etc and just one pair of shoes and a rather good fur stole and I’m showing you none of them instead look at this really good bookcase.

Pretty good texturing and only 4 prims. Obviously, not everyone will have a home let alone a wall big enough to place it against but to find one this big, this quality and a 0Ld price tag…I’m happy. Look for the Dirty rat stand as that is where you will find it.

I may not have found a lot that I personally consider to be “keepers” for me but as I unpack I get the LM’s and spend as much time checking those shops out as well.

PS, I’ve only put myself in the picture so you can get some idea of how big this is.

Midnight Order Event.

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Hats off to me, FREEBIE.

I don’t often get to do hats so I was pleased to find this rather good one from the Wicca’s Origional shop.

Lots of attention has been paid to the detailing of it and its mod so will fit any noggin.

The top is from the same shop and it’s the TeleportHub gift (10Lds) as good as it is this post is mainly for the hat.

This is a subscriber’s gift and the board you slap is the one next to the skeleton figure.

Wicca’s Original.

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Feeling it. (Freebie).

The freebie is ONLY the blouse.

The blouse is a new group gift from Vinyl and it’s not the only group gift but I am pretty sure you will have seen the other gifts many times before. I’m also pretty sure there was a token price to join the and now it’s free.

Just love this retro blouse with its puffed sleeves and a little bow to finish it off. Comes in just this one pattern but you do get a choice of tucked or untucked and a small colour option for the bow tie.

As for the skirt, prob an old freebie and the hair I bought because sometimes a girl just gotta splash out.

PS. The blouse is white when you first put it on, click the black button which says “Click here for texture”.


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I’m wearing the wrong shoes. (Freebie).

A quickie as I got stuff to do.

Not gonna lie, this slinky “latex” dress needs a pantie layer as it’s a bit open for me however some may love that peekaboo effect. Although called Latex to me it’s more satin.

Freebie from. Vizziani then join the free group pay 1Ld and it is refunded.

Whatdafu! So when I logged in to LM grab the shop which was quiet is now full of AVs. Since I’m outta time I’m not sure what’s up but it’s probably a weekend offer?

PS. The gift will be behind you on the wall.