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Pacific sun. (Freebie(s)).

I’m waiting for my working day to start and was lucky enough to find freebies..worth blogging lol.

The dress is from the May24 shop. There are three group gifts, I never got around to blogging one of the dresses which is still in my invent and I will now leave that one as a surprise for you and show you this black one instead.

I nearly ignored it as often black freebies can be rather flat and ok in the pictures I’ve not really caught any of the folds and seams but they’re there and since it’s a free group then free for you to check this and the other two gifts out for yourself.

Then I went to the Asian Pacific Heritage Event. I spotted that there is a list of different talks and performances scheduled as well as stalls and of course Freebies.

The gold fans behind me are just one of the gifts as well as the pretty hair accessory. I didn’t spot any clothing which is why I decided to blog this dress in the same post. Personally, I’m chuffed with the food accessories/wearables and then I unpacked this.

This is labelled I think as a “Traditional Clothes Rack”. It’s really good. I should have stood next to it so you can get some idea of the size, I think since it’s called “Traditional” it’s designed to hold Kimono’s so that gives you some indication of how tall it is. Lots of us don’t even have a Kimono in our invent let alone a hangable one, but you can use it not just as a clothes rack but if you have some sort of draped fabric such as a flag, wall hanging etc that will look so good.


Asian Pacific Heritage Festival.

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Lazy Monday. (Blueberry Anniversary).

I’m hoping that by the time I finish my coffee I will have perked up a bit. Till then here is a lazy post.

Can I moan! Blueberry really needs to open more than one shop as yet again the shop is heaving. I can’t really blame people as not only have they this great new group gift but they’ve recently been very generous with gift cards.

For only 20Lds , I think it’s that as I have been in the group for so long I’ve forgotten, you get not just this but the other group gifts and of course any future gift cards.


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It’s been a long, long, long, long, long day but it’s FRIDAY and I have FREEBIE(s)).

I will say that although it has been a long day it has been very productive and now I can sit down and SL.

The jacket/undershirt is one of two gifts in the Kitz”une” shop. You can’t really make it out but the leather jacket is really good and has leather strap detailing. The undershirt is linked but you do get I think it’s a “white” option which is really more of a metallic grey.

The other gift in the Kitz “une” shop is totally different as it’s a cute boobie flashing top

It shares the same platform as the two other shops in the LM link, I’ve not checked them out so you never know whats there.

PS. Yet another couple of gifts on the wall at the bottom of the staircase.

Kitz”une”, Torment, Selene.

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Fake it till you make it. (Freebie).

As I was trying to think of what backdrop to use I came across this aeroplane one which reminds me of the fake ones that Instagrammers/influencers use. Since I couldn’t think of anything better I just pulled a pose and here are the details.

The top is a freebie from the C!L Boutique shop but is for one of the BIG Freebie groups. I think the LM will take you near to them but it’s not a big shop so if it doesn’t then just look for the wall with “Events” on it.

Lots of fits and nice sheer sleeves but have you spotted them? Yeah, SCRUNCHIES. Can’t remember the last time I wore one in RL. I didn’t have to edit the wrist one and the hair one was easy to edit into place.

PS. That overlay is the first time I’ve been able to use it and thats only because it’s almost a perfect match to the pattern on the top.

C!L Boutique.

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Let’s have a quickie. (Freebie(s)).

At the LRD (Loud Rebel Design) shop, you will find on the wall at the bottom of the stairs some free group gifts.

I remember blogging one of the outfits but now it doesn’t come in my fit so all you’re going to see is these shoes.

I’m done!… I’m not “done” as I’ve just realised that these shoes are inc with a rather good sparkly dress and not on their own.

LRD (Loud Rebel Design).

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Aww Hell YES! (10Ld Noble Creation/TeleportHub)

These creepy assed wearable snakes are right up my alley.

They whip around you hissing and fighting each other. The double-headed snake has a single body that wraps around you and the tail is behind you. You get a male, female and a big boobie fit.

They’re a TeleportHub Group gift and you find them in the Noble Creation shop. As many will know it’s 10Lds to join the TeleportHub group and I love that group so stay in it as you get such random gifts.

The Noble Creation shop is a free group and has a mix of decor and wearables out for us. I must check my invent to see if the “Hunters Harness” fits as it’s such a quality leather wearable.

NC. Noble Creations.

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My reward. (10Ld Group Gift(s)).

When the sun was shining I was out doing some RL gardening work. I would love a water feature like this in my own garden which is why I have a ridiculous amount of wells, fountains and water features in SL life.

This isn’t the only gift in the Insurrektion shop so your 10Ld group fee gets you some great decor items. Once you’ve joined you do have to pay 1Ld which is refunded.