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I feel better. (Dollarbie(s)).

I found this Dollarbie top & shorts (not worn) on the marketplace earlier and I’ve only just got around to trying them out and I am really pleased.

Sadly this and the other dollabie, check out the pink “Reni ruffled top and Capri” only come in the classic free mesh body and that’s why I’m not wearing the shorts. This top makes up for it as it’s a really nice fit, lovely pattern.

The Dollarbies are the same in the inworld shop so you can buy them from whichever link you want.

PS. It did feel a bit funny posing in a lovely beachy setting while in RL the rain and wind are howling outside.

Freda. (Marketplace).

Freda. (Inworld).

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Too much fun and a whole load of bargain bin stuff.

I logged back into the SLMarketplace for a bit of rummaging and I was shocked to come across The Sea Hole!  A lot of SL old timers will recognise this name as it was a BIG shop in SL but the owner decided to shut down many, MANY years ago but before she did she slashed the prices and people went bat shit crazy.  You could not move for people clicking away like mad.  This stuff was so nice I STILL have a couple of pieces in my invent.

There is a total of 246 items priced between 1-10Lds and 280 between 11Ld and 100Ld so many things so I basically loaded 10 items into my basket paid for them and logged out.

This home cost me only a single Linden and it’s packed with unique character.


A completely retro tailor.  Although I’m showing paid for items I’m going to picture edit because just like the items I picked up it’s fun to do LOL but you can see the actual colours for everything on the Marketplace pictures.


It’s a big and oversized build but that’s in keeping with its character.


It has an open plan, bedroom, livingroom and kitchen.  As far as I can tell the only pose in it is a simple lounging one on the bed.  This is primmy, sorry I can’t remember the exact count but it was just under the 140 mark.  But as I said this is a unique build, I know that a lot of people like to make their SL homes like perfect reality but then there are those who like to be a bit out there and this is it.  If I found this house in SL I would click on it to find out who made it because it’s refreshing to come across something with a bit more “oomph” to it.

The outfit is another one of Drinkinstein Sorbet’s creation.  If I remember correctly The Sea Hole closed it’s doors not long after mesh appeared on the scene but it’s non mesh and sculpted clothes still stand the test of time and again if you’re not a Mesh Head then this is a great place to get some new clothes and again since everything is so cheap, this dress cost 15Lds, you can really splurge.  Plenty of colour choices as well.

Check out my second home.


Again another big and primmy home and again I’ve forgotten the prim count but I think …OH I’ve checked and it’s 223 but for all of those prims you get a big house fully furnished and with the same “oomph” as the first home but this one called “Fall Comfort House” is warm and woody, I’ve not put many of the pictures in this post but like the first house some really nice touches such as the hanging bed.  Primmy for sure but definitely designed for those who like to stand out.


I ran out of space in my basket for a top so I just used one of mine but the skirts is a Sea Hole one which means even though that texturing is as smooth as a babies bum this is a prim skirt.


So many things in this Marketplace shop from clothes to full builds and little itty bits and although there are some items at 50Lds most seem to be priced between 1-30Lds.

The Sea Hole Marketplace Only

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All Wet (Free n Dollarbie).

This is the dream…


…this is the reality…


The lovely white outfit is a Freebie from Brii Underground Wear, you simply join the group and grab.  It also comes with SLink High Shoes and those great glasses.  Sorry the hat isn’t included as it sure makes this a stunning complete look.  I will be honest and say I wasn’t keen on the shoes but the long loose pant legs cover them up and in any case you of course you can wear your own.  It also has one of those rounded butts which again is not my personal fav but the backless top and stark whiteness create such a great cool look.

Oops it looks like I’ve missed out a couple of items, the back of this outfit is strappy and it also has a mesh bow which is a real nice touch, you also get bracelets and a tattoo make up layer.  I plead tiredness and a laggy computer for forgetting to put them on LOL.

The second outfit comes from the Marketplace and is a Dollabie.


This is what I’m looking forward to this afternoon but even as I type I can see out of the window and I will be lucky if I managed to get to the post office and back without drowning, in fact I’ve not even bothered to wash my hair and as for putting make up on! Pointless as I will look like a drowned rat in any case.

OK moaning over…for now.

PS there does seem to be a hunt going on at the moment at Brii but I didn’t really check it out  you certainly may want to as I believe a lot of the Brii Underground Wear items come as clothes packs.

Brii Underground Wear

Sea Free Dollarbie (Marketplace).

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Have you ever tried to go to tea in a denim Bustier? (Hunt Giftie).

I popped back inworld to try to distract myself because I’ve eaten too many peanut butter on rice cakes and now I feel sickly queasy.  Shaddup we’ve ALL done it!

As it happens I did notice that although there is a whole list of Hints for the Time For Tea Hunt there isn’t LMs.  So I came inworld to check out the start point and joined the Sour Pickles Group to see if I could find a list of LMs and nope.  Then I spotted that American Baazar is involved in this hunt and the clue, which is also the title to the post, made it so easy I went and grabbed it and also the Free to join GG of a lovely top.

Then I TPed over to this amazingly lovely and relaxing sim to take a quick pic.


If I had more SL time I’d love to show you the top but I’m doing this post as a quickie before I’m either sick or have to get back to work.

American Bazar

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Just a few more quick Sunday Freeness.

So I was meandering SL and walked into Little Llama and almost walked straight out as this is a children’s clothing/furniture shop and not something that really interests me but since I had time to kill I thought I’d checked it out.

I found 4 freebies and although I’m only showing you the 2 of them the others a big wearable beach bag and a set of Flamingo items a dresser, a lamp with adorable Flamingo legs and a wall decor item of a framed Flamingo head are really worth picking up I’m just showing you the 2 items I’m going to squeeze in my home somewhere.


Adorable fat bunny bums.  They’re “looking for Spring” which isn’t far off what I’m doing now as it’s chucking it down with rain and so cold from the wind in RL!  Each pot is only a single prim.


More plant theme here, the 3 plants are linked which means they only come to a single prim. Gorgeous colours and like the bunnies they are mod.

As I’ve said this shop is a child orientated one but IF I was child friendly I would love this shop, there are some lovely and very realistic items of furniture.  There is fort made out of a settee and the cushions and a little play kitchen which anyone who has visited a RL children’s toy shop will recognise.  Absolutely adorable.  Check out the Marketplace as it has these 2 gifts, but I can’t see the Flamingo items, and also some bargain priced childrens clutter and books.

Little Llama

Little Llama Marketplace

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Never fear my Mojo is here.

Fingers crossed but the RL and SL “crumminess” seems to have passed.  Which means I can finally show you my great goodies.


I popped into OrsiniRed to check out an outfit that I’d seen on another Flickr post and it turns out that that outfit is only available at an event but what I did find was not only a new Dollabie but Hatili Ishtari has slashed the prices of her clothes in her OrsiniRed shop.

The top I’m wearing was only 10Ls and the jeans 15Lds and just look how good they are!  Taken in if I remember correctly my fav nams setting but I could be mistaken and it’s my sim setting but the quality remained the same no matter what setting it was.


Another 15Ld bargain, a simple wrap over dress with bow belt.  You can actually see the texturing of the fabric.  Honestly I was so pleased with it and everything here has a choice of colours if you don’t like the one I’m wearing.


As soon as I put these pretty’s on I had to show Faith and yup she TPed over to grab herself a pair although I’m not sure which colour she chose.  At 10Lds a pair you could treat yourself to a few.  Absolutely adorable and check out the cute tail!  They look like SLink but don’t worry because they’re not which means you don’t need to have SLink feet.

There is also a lovely Dollarbie and a Group Gift but you do have to pop over to the OrsiniSun shop for those.  You will also see pictures of outfits which are only available at this moment at special events (it’s the boob flashing winged dress from the Fantasy Collective event I was originally after.

A whole mix of items in her OrsiniRed shop, jumpers, bikinis, dresses, jeans, poncho and on and on so no matter what season you’re living your SL life in there is something here for you.

Even just standing here I’ve gone and snagged myself some Corduroy flared pants everything is just so reasonably priced.

PS of course I am wearing the NEW PumeC skin, NEW Anna shape and an OLD Mina hair lol.  I’ve got my greasy mitts on the new Mina hair for the up and comming The Arcade I positively drooled when I put it on but I’m saving that for another day.

OrsiniRed(Bargains galore)



Splash out (dollarbie & SALE!)

coldLogic martin - Pollen Giselle hair MG marbella bangle & earrings SALE!

More news from coldLogic, make the most of the last remaining days of summer and treat yourself to this sweet little frock. Its called “martin” and comes in a few lully colours. I opted for white as I was feeling all pure & innocent this morning *wink*. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique body, as you can see it really is thee perfect fit ! My hair is from new-to-me store Pollen , it’s located inside the Maxi Gossamer store , only a handful of styles at the moment but I really liked them all ! Fingers crossed for more to come. Of course while I was in MG I had to take a peek at the flash sale items. It said for the weekend, but as of 10.30am GMT its still on – so dash if you wanna pick up some real steals – I certainly did !

coldLogic NEW! Dollarbie dining set - KoiKoi shoes NEW! Mina hair llse

This is “sanders”, also from coldLogic. Id call it a day dress but if you wore a hat and glammed up it would also make a lovely partay outfit. I’m prancing about in the lavender tone which is sooper pretty and feminine, teamed up with my new KoiKoi shoes “candy snake”. I’m wearing one of my all time fav hair-do’s from Mina, its called llse, such a natural style which makes it über useful.

Dollarbie dining set

The sweet dining set is by DH, really low prim and only 1L – it also gives out a cup of splosh to wear – love ! Perfect for a smaller home or to brighten up a dingy corner.

DH minimalist dining set


coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place


Pollen (in the back of the MG store

Maxi Gossamer (sorry if the sale has ended by the time you read this!)