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Try The Best. (Info only for FREE Mesh Head).

One of the reasons I’ve been avoiding blogging all the big events is we all know the big events which are going on. If you’re not too sure I will give the link to the Seraphim Blog as they are just the best source evar(sic) for events and weekly offers, updates, hunts etc and althought they don’t do “freebies” or even mention them we know a lot of these events do have gifts for us.

As for the “Free mesh head” again chances are you will have heard that “Lelutka” is giving away FREE MESH HEADS! Not only is there a male and female head they’re both the latest “Evoluntion” heads. I wear nothing but a Lelutka head, I will not bore you with the details but I for one am absolutely in love with my head lol. Sadly so far I have totally struggled to get into the shop as it’s packed and thennnnnnnn I find out the free heads are NOT in the mainshop and there are 3 satelite shops(?) which means when I can log in I can grab the goodies.

I’m going to get both, I may not wear the new “evo” head as I see no reason to change my Lelutka origional head.

PS. Also think about joining the TeleportHub Group. Sorry I can’t give you a link to join the Group but you will all know inworld you can find there gift board in a lot of shops, inc Belle Epoque. For only 10Lds you get a lot of good heads up on gifts/freebies/promos etc.

Seraphim Blog

Lelutka Sim 1

Lelutka Sim 2

Lelutka Sim 3

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A coffee break quickie.(Cheap, Cheaper, Free).

I mention a TeleportHub gift in my previous post so I dusted mine off to see if it was reblogworthy and it is.

Since you will be going to Amui, check out my last post, then on the wall with the other Group Gifts is this top. This is not an Amui gift but a TeleportHub one which is why it has a 10Ld price tag as that is the cost to join this group.

You can see on the TeleportHub board the fits and the colours/patterns you get with this top.

Then I needed some shorts and found these ones in my invent. Only 5Lds and they came from the Furtaco Marketplace Shop. You will see from the link the fits and colours/patterns you get and for once those “breakthroughs” are not breakthoughs they’re cutouts.

Now for the ” FREE”.

These are a “Stay at Home Club” gift which sad to say a lot of us are still doing that! To get these then you have to visit the Furtacor inworld shop.

Furtacor. (Marketplace for shorts).

Furtacor. (Inworld for boots).

Amui. (Inworld for top).

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A full basket. (10Ld & Freebie).

As I was slurping my coffee I scrolled my way through the Marketplace and filled my basket up with mainly demos.  Then I spend the first 30mins in SL unpacking, trying them on, TPing to the shops to check them out and after all of that all I have to show you is a 10Ld TeleportHub gift and a “small” freebie.

This bodysuit has a light suede texturing and with lacing down the sides and butt flattering wedgie behind REALLY nice indeed.  As you will have to pay to join the TelelportHub Group here is the list of sizes, Freya, Isis, Venus, Legacy, Maitreya, SLink P and HG.

As for the small freebie, it’s the glasses.  One of the shops I picked a demo up for is the “Freda” shop.  If you don’t accept the gift when you walk into the shop don’t worry as you can join the free group, get the glasses and also a wearable umbrella which comes with a wet/dry version and different poses, you can see the round gift boxes in a couple of places.  Then check the rest of the shop out as there are some interestingly textured items in this shop and that’s why I decided to visit in the first place.

New Enigma Apparel 


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What a cinch! (10Ld Group Gift & Mention of FREEBIES).

I adore the very cinched in look.  I remember when it was “bang on trend” and that was back in the days before mesh bodies and you have to wear the alpha to make them fit.

Although this is a Maai shop gift it’s a TeleportHub Group Gift and so comes with the joining fee of 10Lds.  You all know I’m a big fan of that group and it’s the only one of the freebie groups I remain in all the time.

This corset does come with matching panties which are really good but I couldn’t get away with those panties so I just popped a pair of my SLink ones on.

There are Freebies in the Maai shop but again because they’re Maitreya/Lara fits only I’m just showing you this TeleportHub one.

All of these are right at the LM but the board with the TeleportHub gift is on the wall behind you and if you don’t know what you’re looking for you might just miss it.


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If I could I would. (10Ld Jeans).

I LOVE Christmas but once Boxing Day is over I’m OVER IT!

Most people spend New Year’s Eve with friends, family or just quietly in front of the TV I, on the other hand, am ripping down the deccies and boxing up my “Ho freaking Ho” till next year.

Time to log out of SL and into RL but before I go a quickie.  These jeans are a Teleporthub gift so they cost 10Lds but you get them from the “Lurve” shop.

They did come with a top but I had this one on and I prefer this one so I’m sticking with it.  Just great jeans, I love the colour and I’ve already ditched the fits I can’t use and relabelled these as a pair to “goto” when I want jeans.

Lurve(They and other freebies/gifts are on the wall where you land).

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Feels like a Monday.(10Ld TeleportHub GG & Mention of Free Hunt).

I had a rotten nights sleep so so far this morning my RL has lagged as much as my SL life has because when I logged in 70% of my invent was gone!  Although relatively easy to resolve it did take 3 tries, then I decided to do the “Snow Queen Hunt” as it has some of the shops I love involved in it and the first on the list is “Wicca’s Original” and I hunted high and low before I gave up.  Not completely empty-handed as I did pick up this TeleportHub Group Gift and I can tell you about the boots I’m wearing.

This outfit comes in 3 pieces, top, skirt and a thin metal chain.  I did spot that there are other colours in the full-priced section so if you want to try it out before you grab it then just try on one of the demos.  As it’s a TeleportHub Group Gift that means it does cost 10Ld but well worth it.

Special mention to the boots.  The Wicca group cost 99Lds to join and in the main entrance are new Group Gifts but you will see a TP in the floor which takes you to the older Group Gifts which inc these boots.

I’ll put the link to the Snow Queen Hunt Blog for hints and LMs, no pictures so hopefully, some nice surprises to be found along the way.

UPDATE: What a little smarty I am, I checked out the Wicca’s Marketplace shop and typed in “Witch” which is part of the hint given and it came up with a selection of items which suggested to me I should look in the SHOE department and I did and I found it and it’s Maitreya only lol.  So no I can’t show it to you but at least you should be able to find it for yourself.

Wicca’s Original 

Enchantment, Snow Queen Hunt, tips and LM’s

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It’s not Black & White. (10Ld Group Gift).

The notice came out and I dropped everything to TPed over to “monaLISA’s”  just to picked this dress up.

I’ve had to tweak the picture just a little bit to lighten it up so you can see the detailing.  The dress is pretty black but not a flat matt black.  In some windlight settings, it has an almost latex/leather light sheen to it.  You get 3 fits, SLink P, Slink HG and Maitreya.  There is a little issue with the SLink P which is why I’m wearing the Maitreya and that is there is some white breakthrough of the blouse under the boobs.  Nothing major and the 2 other sizes are pretty good for most mesh bods.

You have to join the TeleportHub group to get this and that’s only 10Ld and it’s one of my fav groups for heads up for freebies/cheapies etc.  This is in the TeleportHub Group Gift dispenser.   The monaLISA shop does have a group which costs 50Lds to join but there is a massive amount of group gifts which I’m sure you can pick and chose some handy additions to your invent and Lucky Chairs.