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Check, check and check again. (Freebie).

I have blogged the Cosmos group gift before so I knew that it’s the gift box on the reception desk that you buy for 1Ld (refunded) but just in case I rejoined the free group and paid my 1Ld and I’m so happy I did as this top is most definitely new.

This top is pretty unique and you get this cool minty blue shade (it has changed a little bit in the edit) and an equally lovely raspberry(?) shade. Plenty of fits as well.

Near to the reception desk is a few weekly special offers/promos on the easels. I actually have a “Buy” folder and one day I will buy a very strappy top that I’ve had my eye on for a while from this shop.


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Cheap, Free & Under the Christmas Tree. (Belle Epoque Goodies).

First just one of the Belle Epoque Gifts.

I wish last time I went to do a food shop I looked as cool and stylish as my AV and not the harrassed pack horse I really resembled.

This is a freebie from one of the big SL freebie groups, I’m now in so many of them it’s hard to remember. You will find it just inside the wall to the left as you go in. It has those preformed arms so you have to alpha out your own. You do get a hud which allows you to change the colour of the skirt and gloves.

Then I spotted the 30Ld Tue offer and I’m so glad I didn’t miss this as for only 30Lds this is a classic look.

Again it comes with the preformed arms. This time you can pick a colour combo of your choice so I naturally veered to the green beige. Sometimes it’s actually hard as all the colours are beautiful.

The last item is just an LM. By the time I took both of these photos the RL me is starving. So it’s time to log off and grab some nommies and then when I return I will be TPing to the Harshlands sim to check under their Christmas tree as there are some Belle Epoque gifts as well as other group gifts.

Belle Epoque.

Belle Epoque@Harshlands (Under the Christmas Tree).

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Time for coffee & mooching. (Bargains & Freebies).

StephaneL isn’t a free group but for only 15Lds there are a lot of shoes and boots for group members. These ankle boots are just the newest gift and so I’m just going to show you these and let you check out the rest.

BTW don’t worry if tartan isn’t your fave pattern as these do also come with a hud.

There are some freebies and cheapie gifts for other groups as well and I do remember showing you at least 2 of them previously.

When you TP to the shop the door to your right is for the StephaneL gifts and the door straight ahead of you is for the freebies/cheapies.


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Hmmm! (TeleportHub Gift & Mention of Freebies).

Yeah I can’t do sitting poses as to me I just look “uncomfortable” but the advantage of this pose is that it hides the fact the panties are a see-through mesh.

The top is also sheer as well in a nice cheeky way. They’re also separate and you get a 10 colour hud.

I was going to say that I didn’t see anything new in the La Perla shop but now I’ve been back to LM grab I do think there are some new freebies so pop over to see for yourself.

While you’re there check out the back wall of sale/discounted items. I spotted some very nice outfits for a very nice price, the ones I price checked were around the 75Ld mark for La Perla group members. If like me you don’t buy anything without trying a demo on then just click on the picture and the usual pop up menu lets you get a demo delivered.

La Perla. (Group Gifts are upstairs but on the ground floor behind the desk are some shoes).

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Remember, remember the …OH I forgot! (Free, Cheap & Cheaper).

I totally forgot that it’s the 5th of November and in the UK we celebrate bonfire night with lots of fireworks, food, drink, family, friends or in our case because we forgot it’s just us two and a mug of coffee in front of the TV!

I also forgot to do my regular check at the Ricielli shop to see if it has updated its hunt prize board and to my surprise it has. Although the theme is Halloween there is nothing spooky about any of the clothes which can be worn all year round. Each gift is just 15Ld and there is an excellent mix of tops, skirts & skimpies.

The “free” is something you will probably recognise and own as these pants from Evie are a classic staple which have been well blogged by everyone inc ourselves. Plenty of fits and the addition of a great hud of colours means they just go with everything. I didn’t see any new gifts in the Evie shop but check out the backroom with these and all the other group gifts for yourself.

As for the FLF (Fifty Linden Friday), it’s those glass bottles. They’re from the Pitaya shop and they’re perfect for my home. I’ve not decided where they’re going to go as yet but then again it’s half the fun is rearranging the clutter around you.

Ricielli. (Hunt Prize).

Evie. (Group Gift).

Pitaya. (FLF offer).

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Join me for tea, cake and cheap gacha’s.

I’ve been random LM hopping and ended up at the “Sugar Pink Cafe” and as soon as I landed I remembered that there is a bit of a hidden treasure to this place…and its hidden behind the wall in the background.

Normally I only show you gacha wins when all the prizes are the same and it’s only the colours/patterns which are different but in this case I’m making an exception because each try costs just 5Lds. There is only about hmm maybe 5 gacha’s but they’re top shop brands and as you can see from this dress just lovely prizes.

PAY ATTENTION because as it’s actually easy to miss the room with the gacha’s as I suspect the LM is set to take you to the reception area with a lovely fountain. Simply walk outside and turn right and head into the second set of doors as the room with the gacha’s is in the same build you just can’t access it from the actual cafe area.

PS. It should go without saying that this lovely posh “cafe” is also a hangout place or a perfect backdrop for a nice picture and it’s on the same shopping sim as some big named shops are so I will be checking those out when/if I get some free time today.

Sugar Pink Cafe.

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I took a chance. (5Ld Hair & Sale & Mention of Freebie).

How cute is this hair and I can’t believe it’s only 5Lds.

This hair is called “Mono” and it’s only available on the EMO-tion’s marketplace shop. I do know this shop well as yet again one of my “fav” hairs comes from here.

Honestly, I think this hair just looks so nice on me and even though I hate trying to get backshots of hair I managed to do it as I really wanted to show off the lovely messy hair bun.

If you do check it out you will probably think it’s the wrong link as this hair comes with some very steampunk accessories such as a top hat and monacle. It was a happy suprise that those accessories are add-ons which means you can wear this hair with or without them and wear them with other hairs you may have.

I also picked up the “Bianka” hat hair with a nice summery hat. I can’t remember how many colour options you get in the hud, I believe it was 3 for the hat, 3 for the hat band and yes 3 for the flowers. I haven’t as yet bought the Medusa hair which I will be as we all need snake infested hair in our invents. All of those are just 5Lds each.

The next stop was to pop to the inworld shop and I totally recommend that you do that. There is a big sale on with the fat packs I think it varies between 199 and 299Lds. There are a few gifts which does inc an afro as well as updated hairbase and some jewelery.

The EMO-tion range is very braided, afro, beaded and scarf led, some stunning styles for the “Queens” of SL. The hair I’m thinking of buying is just a hair base with a long simple plait down the back and a big fat bow, my reasoning is that it will be a perfect “hat hair” so when I can log back inworld I’m going to pop the demo back on and try on a few hats.

PS. I will mention the small “dot” in the picture. You get hair bases, Catwa, Lelutka and Omega and it didn’t really work too well. There was quite a white line down the parting, so I alpha’d out my head, which is a function in I assume all mesh head huds and it worked apart from that small dot. Honestly it is nothing and its only because there is no demo for you to try that I’m even mentioning it.

EMO-tions. (Marketplace).