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Free, Cheap & Maybe.

The boots are the freebies, very Christmassy and if you like the style but want another shade then those are for sale in the ADD shop.

Chances are you will already have the leggings as I do believe they were an old “shop ‘n’ hop” gift from the Vision shop.

If you missed them then join the ViSion(sic) group for just 18 Lds and pick theses up from inside the shop on the free standing easel. They’re just such good quality and with the addition of a big hud of colours they can be teamed up with so many other tops.

You will find them on the free standing easel and you will also see on the entrance wall a lot of other group gifts which have been shown to you many times so I won’t show them to you again but they’re shop quality as well.

As for the “maybe”, this top maybe free or it may just cost. I have shown it to you many times before and it was probably free when I first got it so I will check that out and do an update as this has been one of my “goto” tops for a long time and is yet again surviving another culling of my invent as I just love it.

UPDATE: The top is still a freebie from the Revelations shop. There are 2 area’s of freebies and the LM should take you near to the wall with this one on it and not far away are some lucky chairs plus a lot more gifts for other groups.




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Info only.(Mention of Freebies).

NOT Free but for doggie lovers such a heartwarming scene.

I just love this little scene and if it wasn’t for the fact CATS WIN AND DOGS SUCK I’d buy it. At only 350Ld and 31 prims I think not only is that a fair price but such reasonable prims for so much details means you can plonk this on even a small patch of land.

This is very much an animal and prebuilt landscapes shop Best of all from my run around the sim most of these little scenes have animals in them, the Sunflower garden was my fav.

There is a lot of single animals you can buy, everything from bears to fish and it’s spread over I suspect the whole sim.

PS. Almost forgot the “freebies”. The group is free to join and there are 6 gifts out, all with cute animals but also all very Christmas themed and since I’m culling my invent I didn’t get any of them. There seems to be 2 main areas and 1 doesn’t have the Group Gift but you will find the area with the Group gifts close by if the LM I’ve given you doesn’t take you direct to the gifts.


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QUICK! (400Ld Gift Card for 10Ld Joining Fee).

Mooching has certainly paid off for me.

As you can imaging I joined, snapped this piccie and now I’m doing a quick post as this generous offer could be gone by later today, tomorrow etc

Sadly not trans as I’d happily hand mine on so I will be FORCED lol to buy something and from the brief glance I’ve had around the shop it’s not going to be hard.

BTW what a lovely smile the AV has in the poster…my AV just looks either manic or stoned when I use a smile hud!

Little Foxes.

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Cheap, Cheaper & Mention of Freebie(s) & Hunt.

One of the events/hunts I like to do is the one outside of “The Artist Shed” shop. Everyone will know this regular event and on these stalls is a lot of cheap, cheaper and a few freebies as well to tempt us.

I find this event & the sim wide hunt so relaxing. I just love how the whole sim has been changed to fit the theme, so much so I had to log back in to take a couple more pictures.

The icicles you’re looking for are very easy to spot and each one costs only 2Lds. I picked a couple up and then I found this free outfit.

One of the sponsors of this hunt is a shop hidden in that cave behind me, I think it’s “The cupcake clothing company”. Spotted this full “Nerdy girl” outfit on the wall inside. It only comes in the old standard mesh fits so it’s a bit more basic but I think it works as a “nerdy girl” costume.

The Artist Shed & “The Long December Hunt & Cart Sale”.

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Start on day 1! (Freebie).

I won’t moan, too much, but SL has for me at least, been Borking Mad. I couldn’t see anything about it on the SL “Status Update” page but I am 100% sure the problems were with them and not me.

Since I’m planning on a day out tomorrow I was relieved I managed to log in to snap a couple of pictures before I logged out again as I hate not blogging at least 1 item a day.

As for the freebie it’s the pants only. I had already been checking the SL marketplace when I spotted the Baby Monkey shop. This is a name well known to Faith and I and any longtimers in SL as it has been around for so long. It was nice to see that it has a lot of up to date designs.

The Baby Monkey group does cost, only 20Lds, and for that there are new and old gifts, plenty to make that token payment worth it but I spotted something even better ie cheaper and thats the FREE for all Advent Tree.

Whats so nice is that Pixieplum has set the calender not just as a FREE for all but after the day is over the gift is still set so you can get it at anytime. It is a 12 day calender and so far 2 of the gifts are available, these pants and an Omega applier top. The pants come with a 3 colour option hud, the 3rd colour is a zingy yellow. Plenty of fits as well.

You do have to pay 1Ld which is returned to you and it’s day 1 & 2 which are open.

PS. If you’re after some really good bargains then there are a lot of 19Ld items on her Marketplace shop and some excellent roller skates with a big colour hud. I wonder if there is a pair of ice skates listed as well…I might check that out.

Baby Monkey. (Inworld).

Baby Monkey (Marketplace).

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“Stay sexy”, stay cheap.(10Ld Gifts & Discounts with mention of 1000Ld Gift Card). UPDATED by Faith.

What a clever girl Faith is as she’s done a bit more work than I and has left a very informative comment which people may miss so I’m putting it here.

“SO happy to say I collected my gift card – LOVE CULT! Anyway join up before you enter the sim, if you cant enter drop a notecard to xjetx chrome stating your name and the card will be sent to you via IM. The offer ends today btw”

 Spent alllll my free $1000 , I could also use the remnants on the Saturday Sale items outside – thanks SO much Cult”

As you can see today is the last day so I’m rushing back in to get my free credit and then going on a spending spree.

The #staysexy event has a very recognisable format, lots of stands with full priced items, discounts and 10Ld gifts for us which are easy to spot as they have red lip prints and a 10Ld price tag showing you which ones are for sale at that price.

The planter in the middle is NOT one of the discounted items, I just flew over to Faiths home to use it as a backdrop as it is very mediterainan in style which suits the style of the 2 planters in the front. You actually get 4 of them in total and I cannot for the life of me remember which stand it was and I’ve logged out now. I may add the name later but it’s not a massive event and I’m sure you will find this stand easily enough. I’m only showing you 2 of them but you get a pack of 4 in total and there is another colour pack on sale for the same price.

They are not editable but as you can see one of them is smaller and thats because they do come with a menu and you can shrink them down to a table top size. The prims are 4 for the as rezzed size and 3 for the smallest.

There are a lot of clothes and other items of decor for only 10Lds.

As for the “1000 Gift Card” all I can tell you is that the “Cult” shop has for a limited time FREE Group Membership and a FREE Group 1000Ld Gift Card.

As you can imagine the shop/sim is heaving! 51 AV’s alllll trying to grab the credit so I’ve not been able to squeeze in yet and since this is only for a limited time I’m just going to tell you about it and I will keep on trying to get in.

Stay Sexy.


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Sorted! (Ricielli 15Ld Hunt & Update on missing pictures).

Ricielli is another place I regularly visit and finally the hunt has changed from Easter to Halloween. As always an excellent mix of clothing from dresses to lingerie and only a hint of halloween as the theme of this range is classy and elegant.

There are no demo’s for you to try I am pretty sure that since these bargains are shop quality all you need to do is wander around the Ricielli shop and find the other colours on sale for full price and you will be able to try a demo.

I think most of us know the Ricielli brand so I’d say as long as you check the colour code used to show which sizes the items come in then you don’t need to try a demo as its all Ricielli quality.

In this picture the blouse and shorts are seperate purchase and I did have to buy them in my SLink HG fit. I will of course try them on my SLink P and I’m keeling my SLink Fingers crossed that they will fit that one as well but no loss if they don’t.

As for the “Update”. I worked out why some pictures are missing from the blog and thats because some how they were accidentally deleted from the media library.