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Update.(New Mina Group Gift & Freebie).

The first thing I did when I logged inworld was to swop out the S@bbia skirt for my fav jeans to see if the really good top I’ve just blogged can be worn with them and it’s a really lovely fit. Then I went over to Mina’s as I knew there is a New Group Gift out for us.

“Annie” is one of her newer/older hairs. You do get only the “essentials” colour pack which is a decent size and although I’ve forgotten to count how many I would estimate maybe 18ish?…anyhow you get all the shades you really need from black, brown, blondes and whites. You do also get the style hud which allows you to change the fringe and the bun at the back.

As always though there is a demo even for the group gift so you can check out how it looks on you.

The Mina group does cost, I think, 200Lds to join. It may have gone up by now and even if it has then this hair on it’s own it worth every linden and of course you have a wall of older gifts. If you’re after some bloodied hair for spookiness then there are some on the group gift wall as well.

You also get a 10% off when/if you treat yourself to a new hair. Just make sure to wear your group tag.

Mina’s Mainshop

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I have to show off! (Includes a Freebie & Update on Mina Hair).

The Halloween Shop n Hop Event has calmed down enough for me to start trawling the gift/goodies and discounts. For some reason out of all the gifts I’ve gotten so far I’ve only opened the “Insomnia Angel” gift and LOOK AT MY HAND!

OMG I love this severed hand and look closer you can see my bandaged stump! This screams to my inner freak! I absolutely LOVE this and I’m going to walk around like this for ages as it comes with that holding pose!

Going by memory only this comes with a hud so you can change the colour of the sleeve and bandage stump. If the stump isn’t to your taste then you don’t have to wear it.

I’m so sorry that I can’t tell you which section the “Insomnia Angel” stall is situated on. If I can I will try to locate the exact LM and do an update.

Now for an update on this hair as I didn’t realise something. This picture is just such a good one which allows you to see the subtle shading/texturing of this hair strands, it’s so silky smooth and now her hairs have a light satin sheed to them which catches the lights as you head moves which is just stunning. This new hair is called “Chiara” and is only for sale at the Fetish Fair.

As far as I can work out what I’m showing you in this picture is the basic hair which comes in a single style, and I think it’s the one I’m showing you but it does include the MASSIVE colour hud. To get the “Style Pack” which obviously allows you to change the way the hair hangs and also give you the beautiful colour streaks then its another 150Ld and I personally would pay for that as I just think the streaks are gorgeous.

The mask, which is the “kink” part is a totally seperate item. This has been designed to be worn on it’s own with any hair you have. At first I thought is was annoying to have to pay even more for the mask till I realised that a lot of people may not have wanted to buy the hair just to get the mask. I’m not sure how much it costs BUT as always, try the demo on. You can get the full demo from her shop and just see how much or how little you like.

Shop n Hop.

Mina’s Mainshop

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I need a break.(10Ld and Freebie).

A couple of reblogs before I log off and I know I wasn’t going to say when something was being “reblogged” but since it costs 10Ld I wouldn’t want you to buy what you may already own.

The skirt comes from OA M.E.O and I did pick it up from the Marketplace where it costs 10Lds. Just a really nice skirt with a useful hud of both plain and patterns. This might be free inworld but SL was struggling to rezz for me so make sure to check it out.

The top is the freebie from Arata If it looks familar to you then so will the other freebie I’ve blogged before which is a most interesting shaped skirt.

OA M.E.O (Marketplace).

Arata (Inworld).

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It’s a slow, slow, slow, start. (25Ld Tue).

Blimey even after 2 coffee’s I’m still pooped.  I will say that looking out of my window it looks like a beautiful day so once I click “Publish” I’m off out for a refreshing walk.

DRAT! I won’t mention it if you don’t notice it lol.

Plenty of fits and you can try the demo.  This is the 25Ld offer from Paper Sparrow.  You only get a choice of 1 colour and it was hard to choose which one. I could have paid a bit more, 120 or 125Ld for the fat pack.

Check out my link to the Seraphim blog so you can see everything for sale and get the link to both the inworld LM’s and the Hud.

Paper Sparrow.


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Found it!!! (37Ld Gotta Getcha).

Faith also spotted that Mina was doing some sort of promo and fortunately this time on my LM grabbing visit I spotted it.

Only 37 LINDENS!! That’s all!

TBH even at the full price of only 75Ld the Gacha’s at Mina’s are cheap and a great way for you to get quality hair for a bargain price.  I will say that as a yard sale addict I have only once seen a Mina Gacha prize up for resale so people really must be happy with whatever shade they win.

As for the hairstyle, the difference in the styling is pretty minor just how high or low the headband and you can wear it with or without that “braid” which in the UK we really call it a “plait”. It’s nicer with the plait showing as it just has a subtle hippy chic feel to it.

The event is a brand new one called “Gotta Getcha” and I had seen it on the Seraphim blog and I’d even scrolled down the pictures and yet somehow managed to scroll past this Mina Offer.

The reason I don’t blog many of the BIG events until they’ve calmed down, is that if you don’t then you should follow the Seraphim blog.  They don’t really do “freebies” what they do is have the most comprehensive and up to date list of events and even more than that PICTURES and LM’s! The amount of time and work that the people behind this blog have to put into getting all of this together cannot be underestimated and I for one am truly grateful for their hard work.  So make sure to bookmark their blog and check it out regularly.

PS.  BTW I just pointed and clicked at the picture in Mina’s shop because these offers are only out till the 28th so plenty of time to get it but I didn’t want to be any later getting this info out to you.

Mina’s Mainshop.

Seraphim Blog.

Seraphim Blog Gotta Getcha Pictures.

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Totally ignore this until the 10th….and I will repost it.. (25Lds Gifts).

Ooooo I snuck in lol way too early lol. Methinks someone forgot to put up ban lines as I was able to TP in with no problems but I’ve had a lovely message sent to me as it turns out this event doesn’t even start till the 10th of October!

I now feel naughty but not guilty lol.  So check the gifts out but I’ve removed the LM and will do a reminder on the 10th of October.

A new event has just started and it’s called “Samhain: A Pagan Festival” and this is what Google says about it.

Samhain (/ˈsɑːwɪn, ˈsaʊɪn/; Irish: [ˈsˠəuɪnʲ] Scottish Gaelic: [ˈs̪ãũ. ɪɲ]) is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year. Traditionally, it is celebrated from 31 October to 1 November, as the Celtic day began and ended at sunset.

Never ever heard of it but I do know one of the Gifts set out for us as I already own it but I ain’t mad at paying the 25Ld …Group Joining Fee for it and the other Gifts at this event.

This is a dark and foreboding black cube to have hovering over your home and inside is just as dark and foreboding.

I’ve had my copy of this for years and even now I’m stunned at the use of texturing and lighting to create such an atmospheric look and feel.

EDITABLE! Although so far all I did was remove the chair in the middle of the room and replace it with this other gift.  Super poses in it great attention to detail etc.

Also, some great poses in this set of luggage as well which make it look like you’re a weary traveller waiting for the next train out of town.  It is a bit on the big size for shoving in my home so I checked and you can shrink it which of course may affect the poses but it makes it much easier to use in a home.

The traveller’s journal set isn’t the last gift I picked up, they are a set of old portrait paintings which again like everything you’ve seen are just excellent so I’ve already relabelled the folder and next time I have a darker home they will go on the wall.

Let’s talk about prims, the skybox around the 50 ish mark, chair and stool 24 ish, the suitcase set definitely 7 prims and the notebook set 4prims.

You will find these and maybe other gifts, I think I got them all, to your right when you walk into the event.

PS.  Think “outside of the box”.  I’ve mentioned that the skybox is editable and although I’m not sure how much you can edit once that chair is removed think about changing it into a dark and decadent bedroom!!!! For those of you who enjoy a bit of kink in SL it’s a perfect room to play in.


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Oops. (10Ld Outfit).

This outfit should have cost me only 10Lds but because I accidentally rejected it when it was sent to me I had to buy it again….my bad lol.

I will admit I bought it mainly for the bottoms and the “clogs” or as we call them, crocs. Plenty of fits for the outfit and shoes.

I went to the Patty C.K. Fashion shop to check out the 35Ld Saturday offer, very tempting, and then I noticed the “promotion” room which has some 10Lds offers in it and for that price it was hard to decide which one to show you so I picked this up since it’s a 3 piece and I think I will be keeping the bottoms and the shoes and binning the top.

PS.  I only noticed my feet peeking though when I was doing this post otherwise I would have done a simple tweak and moved them.

Patty C.K. Fashion.