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Free Transport For Your Inner Witch

Free Broom with multiple poses & effects

I was still ploughing through those pink gifts from the Beauty Factory when I got a message from a lovely reader of the blog to go grab this broom. W-O-W its amazing ! Probably the best broom I’ve ever owned – multiple poses (9) and effects if you touch the broom part. You’ll find this at the Birth store – group is free to join.

Happy Witching ❤


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$25L W – O – W!

$25L Dress Cross Optional many colours

When I saw this dress by Belle Époque “Akiko” I knew I was going to grab it – just $25L and only at this price for today! I chose black but there are lots of colours on offer, the cross is optional also via a Hud.

What you waiting for? ❤

Belle Époque

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Get Your Free Group Gifts

Free Group Gifts @ Belle Epoque

Oo Belle Époque has some new group gits out for us – and the group is free to join ! I know Zan usually does Belle Époque and I am really treading on her trotters BUT I couldn’t resist. Head over to the group gift board, its on the right as you enter the store. You’ll see some new items added for Halloween. This gorgeous cob web style lingerie and a blood dribbling necklace (that comes in a few colours).

Free Gifts @ Belle Epoque

This totally dramatic and over the top veil is also one of the pressies! Gosh I love it…there’s an add on barrette of black roses too. Btw the lingerie is Maitreya fit only.

Belle Époque

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Ever Green @ Next Up

Menu Driven Stone Snake Garden Set Ad

New round of Next Up has begun and Ever Green have some awesome snake themed items for you to play for (or, if you’re not patient, you can buy the fatpack straightaway)

Its a bit like the old gacha machines but you can see “what’s up next” – simple really!

Ever Green @ Next Up NEW!!!

You really have to see this piece in the flesh so to speak – the snakes tongue eerily slides out randomly…great poses built in and of course a huge menu of textures for every section.

Ever Green @ Next Up NEW!

One of my favs is this throne, I choose the mossy textures to fit in with my garden but check out the menu, you’ll find plenty of other options for your space. Again lovely animations for single pringles and couples.

Ever Green @ Next Up NEW!!

I can never ever not buy a bird bath! This one is just so cool. I’m going to have to rearrange my forest area to place a couple of these items in for the Autumn season!

Next Up

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Ever Green is Bouncing @ Up For Grabs!

Ever Green @ Up For Grabs

Had SO much fun bouncing around on my pumpkin! All thanks to Ever Green as bouncy pumpkins are their item for this round of Up For Grabs. Just add them to yourself et voila off you go, the bounce animation is super cute. Only $50L a pop! Im going to bounce around ALL the events I go too until Halloween lol

Menu Driven Bouncy Pumpkin Set @ Up For Grabs

I’m showing the ultra rare No1 pumpkin, but each pumpkin has a re sizer menu andddd multiple textures – so whatever you “grab” you’re bound to have fun.

Happy Grabbing ❤

Up For Grabs

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The Mad Circus 8 – $10L Items

$10L Dress Emerald Couture

Oh wow if you’re looking for somewhere spooky to go and take photos – go to this event! The surroundings are really really well done – great shopping to be had also. Anywayyyy each designer has a $10L item for you – and above is the dress from Emerald Couture. A pretty take on a Halloween theme – personally I’m not a huge fan of Halloween, I try to throw myself into it each year with mixed results – so this dress is perfect for me!

The Mad Circus 8

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All For Free !


Oh my days ! There is a mahoosive box of Halloween decorating items from LOVE out to collect at the event being held at The Isle of Helenos, Helenos. Lots of cobwebs, twinkling lights, sign posts, pumpkins and more! As usual with this designer everything is low low Li hurrah! Im about to take a peek at the rest of the event, looks promising – Thanks LOVE store!

Update: Looks like there are loads of free gifts at the event- just click the pumpkins at each stand – no group required.

The Isle of Helenos