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I’m a WINNER! (Freebie Hunt & 10Ld Group Gift).

A nice quick post as I’ve had a lovely morning looking at RL snow and removing our sims snow landscape lol.

This wearable sword is a prize from the Cassie Lustre shop which has this out as a “The Princess Bride Hunt” prize.  I will admit that so far I’ve found nothing else in this hunt, not that I did many of the shops but after visiting 4 of them and this was all I found I decided to call it quits for now at least.

Although the sword does come with a hold pose this pose is one of mine.

The T-Shirt is a Group Gift from the Sass Shop, only 10Lds to join and there is another Group Gift in the cabinet next to the 2 lucky boards.  Also a couple of Lucky Boards.

I’m logging back inworld to continue on landscaping our sim and will leave the rest of the hunting to you.

Sword.(Cassie Lustre Main Shop)

Sass. (T-Shirt)

The Princess Bride Hunt. (Blog, LM’s & Hints)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

URGH!!! (Freebie Hunt Item).

The title of this post just about sums up how I feel when I look outside my window.  It’s dull, cold, wet and URGH!

As I’m waiting for my house to get warmed up I did a quick log in and had the same “urgh” thought about the free outfit I’d picked up so I binned that but this bouquet is a keeper.

Not sure how I ended up at Naminoke but I know this shop well, esp the Gacha’s so as soon as I spotted it had a Hunt Prize I knew it was going to be MINE!

It’s a “Snow Queen” prize and it means it’s a snowflake you’re looking for.  You can touch the snowflake on the poster to get a hint and it was easy enough even for me but I will give you another hint, follow the sound of the bells.

You get two shades of “Frozen Poppies” this pale pink and a pale blue one, they come as wearables but without a pose and 8 prims rezzed.

PS.  Try the TP system…it’s fun.


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Golden Autumn Fair Freebies !

Get yourself over to the Golden Autumn Fair – so much to see and so many free gifts! You’re looking for a little pumpkin picture, just click on it and you get your prize – most stores are participating, and they are very easy to find – in fact so easy I’m not going to help you with who this amazing easel set up is from – its bloomin awesome and super clever so find it if you can.

My lace butterfly top was from GGVG and the only reason I am telling you that is I also visited their inworld store and collected this sweet little frock as a free gift (no group to join)

Both top and dress come in a huge amount of mesh body sizes. My Remembrance Day Poppy is a group gift from Dench Designs and its very much appreciated – thank you Amanda ❤

Golden Autumn Fair


Dench Designs

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Bloddy Cats! (25Ld Hunt & Little Freebie).

ARGH You’d think that black cats, even if they are small, will stand out more in a light and bright shop but it took me forever to find the one cat with the prize I wanted.

This isn’t the cat you’re hunting for, he’s just a prop.

The Paper Sparrow shop has a little paid for hunt going on and each prize is 25Lds. The picture of the prizes is small but it’s there on the entrance wall. Unfortunately, because they’re not numbered to find the prize you will have to click on the cat go into edit and then contents to find what’s in that cat.

I was hunting for either the leggings or this top and this top is the one I found first.  I would have sworn there was a small number of fits so I was a tad annoyed when I found that this particular prize is only a Maitreya fit and it’s probably the same for the rest of the prizes but luckily for me both the bra and jumper turned out to be totally wearable but if you want to try then the full-priced ones are in the shop and you can try the demo out first.

Bra/sweater can also be worn as separates and I do have to say that it’s more grey than this grey with a hint of brown.

As for the “Little Freebie” it’s that delicate drip of blood coming out of my nose.  This comes from Izzies and it’s a free for all, you will also see some lovely black lippie which is the one I usually wear when I’m feeling all Goth like and it is also a free for all gift.  Just a heads up though, don’t be tempted by the cheapo boxes.  I’m going by memory but I think the contents just haven’t stood the test of time, I could be wrong as they may have newer old stuff in them buttttttt…resist.

I have to say that Izzies is a shop I LOVE for their AV touch-ups, this is the place to buy sweat, tears, scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, moles and pockmarks to make your AV as beautifully imperfect as we really are.  I often take advantage of their FLF offers.

PS.  The claws are a DRD item, God knows when or where I picked them up but I don’t think they’re freebies.

Paper Sparrow


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Change Of Colours Hunt

Love when Loordes of London are in a hunt – always a fantastic and generous gift that’s simple to find! I trotted over to find the gift for the Change Of Colours Hunt – and wasn’t disappointed with this parka coat. Mesh size XS – XL – I found the small fitted my Maitreya body just fine. Worked well over a Neve top and a pair of leggings.

Change Of Colours Hunt Blog for landmarks and pics

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Flower Power Hunt

Skipped over to check this fair and hunt out while snarfing my porridge oats – bit of a blast from the past ! All you have to do is find the dandelion flowers and click them for a free gift – it even says above them “Click for a free gift” so you really cant miss them! This complete outfit is by Emerald Couture, pants, applier top and shoes brill!

Flower Power Fair

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CroM Hunt

A fantastic little hunt going on at CroM – just right for doing during your coffee break ! Five items to hunt down, a board to show the prizes and just $5L a pop ! I found all five but these three are my favs.

There is a bedazzling array of mesh body fits in each box – I did use a fair few alpha’s on the outfit above but once Id sorted it out I thought it looked super – two piece so you can wear them as seperates.

The textures on this dress are SO lovely! The fit is perfect too – oh and! There is a free to everyone gift at the front of the store which is rather sweet. I’m heading back after I have completed my adult world today as there are some really lovely bits I’ve now got my eye on.