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I swear I only popped over to check out a coffee-house gacha and I found myself hunting for skulls in DRD’s reanimator hunt. Bit of fun, just grab a hud from the main store landing zone and go off searching for skulls. You have to find them all to win the main prize BUT – each skull also gives you a neato gift. The smaller gifts are 1Li – 4Li. The main gift is 9Li – if I can find them all SO can you! Absolutely perfect prizes to utilise for your Halloween decorating.


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Strictly come dancing – Zombie style

Zombies dancing ! Found these two couples dancing around at Dench Designs – Goretastic! Absolutely perfect to decorate for Halloween. The couple on the right has sound effects and really move around and cost $60L, the couple on the left cost $40L – I think both couples emit sounds and both are 5Li – Amanda has all sorts of new Halloween goodies out on display including a REALLY frightening kitchen – I mean seriously scary and disturbing – proceed with caution! Some items are discounted for group members and the group is free to join – if you join don’t  forget to collect this months group gift – its fantastic fun!

Dench Designs

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How long? (Freebies).

This sign is sadly too much like my RL lol.

This and the next item you may probably have seen before but I’m not sure if we have blogged them or they were just blogged by others but they are “old” and the inverted commas means they’re old but still new if you know what I mean.

This stunning tray set is only 1 prim and so metallic it makes me want to get out some brasso!

This is new, I could be wrong but at least it’s new to me.

Again a metallic sheen and the colours really pop and stand out.  I’ve shrunk this one so it will fit on my doorstep but as rezzed it too is only 1 prim.

That’s me, that’s the sign and that’s Faith’s house up on the hill, “how long” do you think it will take before she feels paranoid that she’s done something wrong or will she think I’m just taking the pish out of her?

There are a lot more random gifts from Kresendo and you don’t have to even join the group as they’re free for all.  Approach the rest of the shop with caution as there are some unique designs in this shop everything from big builds to teeny tiny thing for your home and sim.

PS,  Faiths done nothing wrong I’m taking the pish lol.


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4 for 4 (Dollarbies).

As soon as I saw the Dollarbies I went for them instead of the GG’s.

I suspect some of the 3 items I’m showing you, you may have seen before, sometimes it’s hard to remember what I or Faith has previously done a post on so sometimes I suspect I’m doing a repost but when it’s a goodie it’s worth it.

This simple summer top and short set comes in lots of mesh bod fits and as separates.  Although you can’t really see it I am wearing a bracelet which has lovely flowers on it and you get a choice of colours.

DOUGHNUTS!! I’ll make a confession, I try to eat breakfast as late as possible but as soon as I saw these I logged off for a while and had my brekkies as I was just starving and doing a close up of those made me drool.  The dress is the Dollarbie.  I don’t know if it was this one or the other dress I didn’t grab but I’m pretty sure it may have been blogged by Faith, doesn’t matter if I’m right or wrong though.  It, believe it or not, is a KEEPER, the blouse part remains the same but you do get a hud of 6 patterns for the skirt.  I don’t have a similar designed dress and this is really just a dress I think I could use as one of my “go to” outfits.  When I went back to LM grab I almost grabbed the other dress but controlled myself.

I literally just changed clothes then TPed to 3 different sims to take these pictures. This is obviously a skin-tight latexy dress but what’s not obvious is that it has a pattern over it.  You can see it just about on the chest part and in the picture used by the seller.  The low back is very sexy and this floor-length black gown is perfect to create a dark Mistress/Halloween look.

I picked up these at KiB and these are the Dollarbies but the Group Gifts are right next to the Dollarbies and although I didn’t join the group, 50Lds, I do remember blogging a couple of the gifts, the socks and sweaters.  So check the group out as there are quite a few gifts there.

PS. If the LM doesn’t take you right inside the shop just head to the ladies shop and turn left when you go inside, very easy to find.

KiB Design

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Im in Trouble (and a dollarbie hair!)

Fancy something bang on trend that’s multi functional? Neve have got it ! Pop along to the latest round of TLC and snaffle up the new “Trouble” coat. Now they say it’s a coat but I’d say its more of a coat / dress. You can opt to wear the coat on it’s on, or with an inset top , skirt, or both – its pretty amazing tbh. Above I’m showing it in the red tone with patterned insets, you can have the lower portion of the coat sheer if you wish – as I did. If you want to alter the set combo’s fiddle with the Hud et voila.

You could also wear more everyday seasonal colours as above – almost showed the plaid selection as its so darn delicious! But I went with an Autumnal browny red. Oh the hair ! It’s a dollarbie from adoness, lovely little style with a sweet pumpkin scene on the top – just the one colour but what a great colour it is.


Neve blog (for all product info)

adoness hair

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Sunday Dollarbie

I’ve long been a fan of Maya’s – everything is just $50L, that includes fully furnished homes ! I like to cherry pick the furnishings from each build and stash them away for future plans – such a savage ! The builds are great fun, and always stuffed with animations for single pringles and couples. Anyhooooo I saw this little treat for Autumn for a single $ and thought Id share it – you get everything in the photo …well apart from moi – and trust me, Player would tell you that’s a blessing 😛 Maya has some fantastic items for Halloween too – all for $50L take a peek.

Maya’s Autumn Dollarbie

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I’m getting hangry!(Dollarbies).

Going to keep this simple, and a bit primmy.

40 Prims to be exact so for a lot of people too primmy but this is a real statement piece.  

I didn’t want to stand next to it to show you how big this thing is so I dug out this ruler so you could get some idea lol.  Sadly it’s non-mod so not only could I not TEAR IT APART but I couldn’t even shrink it.  Not that I think shrinking it would reduce the prims that much and it does need to be kept big as it is rather bold statement piece.

There are a few other Dollabies and cheapies in the “Diabolical Alderson Creations” marketplace shop.  Check out the first pumpkin set which is pretty stylised, large and thats only 9 prims, and the small one is just 1 prim.  Feeling a bit annoyed with myself that I didn’t bother taking a picture of that to show you but again just follow the link and check out the MP shop.

Diabolical Alderson Creations (Marketplace)